Sunday, October 19, 2014

National Bundt Day Celebration is Coming!

Hope you had a relaxing Sunday!  I have been browsing around the web and thought this might give you some ideas for the Nov. Challenge .

 Nov. 12th post your Bundt ilicious cakes and show us your pans.  To link up, create a dessert setting featuring your Bundt.

You can go here for some great recipes!

I’ll be showing my collection of Bundt type pans, way too many, but I can’t resist!

Bargains 621

The Heritage is one of my favorites!  It’s like a little black dress, always looks wonderful!

Although this isn’t a Bundt, it is a Nordic Pan, and a Seasonal Favorite.

Picture 933

These little acorn cakelets are good for this time of year, too!

Let's Dish 1676

I gave one of these to Alma and Yvonne several years ago, but I never saw anything they made.  Tapping my foot, waiting! ;}

Acorn Cakelet Pan - Photo

Although I got them several years ago in the WSonoma Outlet for a good price, I was surprised to see they are still available on Amazon.

Hope you are digging out you Bundt Pans and recipes!  A package arrived yesterday with something new to add to my collection, but I am saving it for the party!

Today I made Apple Sour Cream Streusel Pie, I have made it a few times now.  Perfect for a family dinner!




Happy Bundting!  Put it on your calendar!



  1. Will put it on my calendar. I have the acorn cakelet pan and use it every fall. Want to get one of the heritage because I've always liked that one. Also have the bee hive pan but have never used it. Maybe I'll get brave and make that. '-)

  2. Your pie turned out pretty K! I've never added sour cream to a pie but think it sounds good:@)

  3. Kathleen,
    Haven't used a Bundt pan in years. . .nor do I own one (yet).
    I asked my son if he had a bundt pan. He pulled out the Angel Food cake pan.
    So~o~o. . .a shopping I must go!
    I love the Heritage bundt cake pan you featured on today's post, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for inspiring cakes and pans.
    As always, looking forward to another Cuisine Kathleen challenge!!!

  4. Sounds like a great challenge with sweet benefits!!

  5. I love your challenges Kathleen, and I am looking forward to "tasting" all the bundt cakes! Your pan collection is awesome!

  6. Kathleen, the apple pie looks fabulous. I have been looking at bunt cake recipes for a month now. I think I know what I will be baking. I will be giving it a trial run Sunday when my sons come to dinner.

  7. I love my Heritage bundt pan too! The thing I like about bundt pan cakes is the cake always looks beautiful even without any frosting. Your apple struesel pie looks wonderful!

  8. I don't have a lot of Bundt pans!!! :-( In fact, I think I only have 3 or 4. I pretty much use the "traditional" one and bake the same cake over and over and over again. I'm going to try for this challenge, though. It will give me an excuse to bake something sweet (guess I should thumb through my Pinterest board?) that I can share with our neighbors. I'll bet you will win hands down with the sheer number of available pans, and I know there are a lot of really unique shapes goin' on there, too!

    1. No, I know some gals that have an amazing collection! I snag the Nordic pans when they have a good sale at the WSonoma Outlet. Some people have a wall full of Nordic pans.
      The cake is only one part, the dessert setting is the other, Go for it!

  9. OH Kathleen I have it not only marked but my counter is full of everything I am going to post with except the made bundt cake that I am going to make right before the challenge. thank you for coming up with these ideas for all of us. I know I can't wait love the Heritage pans such detail. Susie

  10. Kathleen, I found a spider web and spider today. Have you seen that one? Fun!

  11. What fun Kathleen! I'll be unearthing my pans or maybe using this an excuse to buy a new one :) Your pie looks delicious and splurge-worthy!

  12. That beautiful cake made with your heritage bundt pan!! There are no words, so pretty! What a fun challenge, I can't wait to see......

  13. Love all those beautiful shapes! The cakes all looks delicious....Christine

  14. I just wish I had one or two of these beautiful pans...*heavy sigh....anyway, while my pan is plain vanilla, I have my post up ready to publish on the


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