Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When the Deep Purple Falls~Oct. Challenge and Apple Cake

Hello, Ladies!  We have been having wonderful weather, still warm enough to use the outdoor shower and spend time at the beach.

Tonight the challenge is Purple, and shades thereof.  NO Orange, and please no reposts of something you have shown already. 

On with the show…


I started with a lavender coverlet, by Ralph Lauren.  Next a rattan charger, followed by a deep purple plate, by Oneida.


A little squirrel holding an acorn is the napkin holder.  It could also hold nuts, candy or some flowers. They are from Factory Direct Crafts, less than a dollar.


Two shades of purple napkins.  The lighter ones are a new purchase from Christmas Tree Shop, a nice cotton for .69.

The purple flatware is by Cambridge and a gift from Alma. 


Purple stemware from HG.


Water glasses were my mom’s, very thin, very old. I am one of those, lol!  White butter domes are from CTS, as are the white lacey salad plates.  Purple handled bowls are from HG.


Centerpiece is a metal pumpkin from Michaels, stuffed with whatever I had in the garden.  Hydrangea tinged with purple, asters, Montauk Daisies and Dusty Miller.


I wanted to do purple kale for the centerpiece, but I forgot I wouldn’t be home Wed. and I had to photograph this early, in not the best light  either!

Here are a few Fall Purple tables from the past for the purple lovers out there!

October Witches 342Let's Dish 1652

October Witches 065

There was a great sale on NY apples, so I stocked up.

I used Ina’s recipe for pound cake, but subbed apple juice for the liquid and decreased the sugar to compensate.


Use a spring form pan and bake your cake till it is firm enough to support the sliced and sugared and cinnamon apples.  (Microwave the apples a few mins. as they won’t bake that long on top of the cake). 

Place the apples on top of the cake and return to oven till cake is baked.

Let cool, and slather some fresh whipped cream on top.



Not a piece went uneaten!

Can’t wait to see what you have purpled up!  Remember, no orange, Fall themed, and hot off the printing press!  Please don’t link if you don’t have time to visit at least 5, I know many of you visit all.  We are a small party! 

Joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Gollum for Foodie Friday

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Kathleen,
    You've set a beautiful Purple Autumnal Tablescape, dear friend!!!
    I love the purple stemware!!!
    The purple dinnerware and napkins combined with your florals
    give such a nice ambiance of purple throughout the tablescape.
    Thank you for hosting Let's Dish!
    . . .and YES!!!. . .I'm already designing November's Tablescape
    Challenge in my mind's eye!!!

  2. Hi! Have you thought about listing your blog on Bloglovin or using Instagram? I ask because that's how I read my blogs - via Bloglovin - it's similar to Google Reader, which went away. I ask this simply because I love your blog but I don't get to visit often because it does not show up in my daily feed. And I LOVE Instagram! Just a suggestion!

    1. I'll look into it Laura! Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I think you can add Kathleen's blog url to Bloglovin' yourself. I do love visiting blogs through Bloglovin also.

  3. Love your gorgeous table Kathleen. Your centerpiece is so lovely. Have to get some of those purple wine glasses! Thanks for sharing past purple tables also. I need to make something with our fresh Virginia mountain apples, your desserts looks scrumptious. No wonder none was left ;)

    This challenge was a real head scratcher. I will be visiting more than 5, but need to wait until I can take a trip to my library tomorrow. Can't wait for our new internet service next month. Thanks so much for hosting! Pam

  4. Hi, Kathleen! As always, I love your table, especially your colorful centerpiece. On my next trip to Michael's I'm going to see if that metal pumpkin is still available! After all, isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?! Many thanks for hosting this fun challenge. It is so good to get the creative juices going and then see how others have handled the requirements. Bravo on a job well done! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. Hello Kathleen!
    Love your challenges, so here I am with my purple scape. Your table for today is gorgeous and I specially love those purple handled bowls, so cute! The centerpiece is lovely as is your stack of dishes and mom's glasses. Thanks so much for this beautiful challenge, as I was going to go for purple this Tksgiving at home and now I'm so inspired from so many.
    Hope everyone is well in your family.

  6. This was a challenge for me but in the end I enjoyed it! Your table looks wonderful- especially your centerpiece. That dessert looks way too good! I look forward to seeing what everyone came up with. Thanks for hosting the challenge!

  7. Wow I sure wish we had a Christmas Tree Store near us, you always find the greatest buys, I am in ahhh, thanks for sharing, love the purple shades too perfect on the table...

  8. I love purple and have touches of it in my living room and dining room. Pretty table and those squirrel napkin holders are adorable, Kathleen. Your apple cake creation looks delicious!

  9. Your purple inspired table turned out so pretty, Kathleen. I especially love the darling squirrel napkin holders and your gorgeous pumpkin filled with fresh flowers. I don't own anything purple, but I'll be back for next month's challenge.

  10. Wonderful table Kathleen and thanks so much for the party. I am loving it already!

  11. Love your flower filled pumpkin centerpiece Kathleen! It looks fabulous and really brings out the purple! I don't have anything purple so I'm not linking today, just stopped by for the show!

  12. Thanks for hosting...your table is gorgeous! The centerpiece is so pretty with all the different those hydrangeas.
    Have a great week, Kathleen.

  13. Purple is such a striking color for fall and your table is very pretty. So is that cake! Looking forward to National Bundt Day!

  14. Very beautiful! I wish I had had time to participate. I was looking back through my photos yesterday for something else, and noticed that I had several tables using my purple stuff, but since we can use reruns, I didn't! Your cake looks luscious!

    1. that's "can't" participate -- this autocorrect thing drives me around the bend.

  15. Kathleen, Your metal pumpkin centerpiece filled with the muted fall color flowers of autumn is beautiful. The purple plates with the lacy white salad plate have a lovely classic look. The chargers are a nice break to the pretty pale purple tablecloth. Love the napkin holders. Thank you for hosting. I am sorry to be late but I really thought the party started at 7:00 pm. Guess not. Have a wonderful evening..... Candy

  16. Your table is wonderful, and I love your purple flatware...that dessert looks awesome.

  17. Yummy apple cake, Kathleen! Your table looks very pretty, my favorite are squirrel holders, so cute! Beautifully arranged centerpiece too.....Christine

  18. I was just heading to you when I saw your message....great minds, huhn? I love it when you wax poetic. Witches do have a strange impact on you! I love your purples and regret that I really had nothing that would meet your challenge. Maybe I could have pulled it off in Houston, but the Maine house is short on purple. Rain here was minimal, but the wind was horrific.

  19. First, I want to say I LOVE the purple flatware! I want some!!! The purple was a good idea, a challenge indeed! The squirrel napkin holders are really cute! Now I'm wanting apple cake!

    Thanks for hosting!


  20. Pretty purples, and I love the flatware. When I go to thrift shops, I look for purple but come up empty handed. I have my eye on that cake! Looking forward to National Bundt Day.

  21. Beautiful - I don't think I have anything purple around my home to use in a table setting! Yet, I love it!

  22. Lovely tables, Kathleen! That flatware is gorgeous and so unique. Thanks for hosting this challenge! I recently purchased my lilac plates, never thinking I'd use them for a Fall table but they looked pretty good in this setting!! Who would have thought?? Enjoy your October!

  23. Sorry for the late link up! I love your tables and header! I used my lone white pumpkin on this challenge. I had fun with it. Thank you Kathleen for this and every challenge!!

  24. Your challenge was a welcome change from all the orange and I especially loved the lavender coverlet and the pumpkin centerpiece. Thanks for hosting!

  25. THE SQUIRRELS!!! I LOVE those squirrels!!! That is just about the cutest thing, Kathleen! So perfect for a fall table, and even more so because the price was right on 'em! (I can't stand the little critters in real life, though. They tear up our yard and get into my pots on the deck, not to mention how they make such a mess when building their monster-sized nests in our trees!!!) I've never heard of Factory Direct Crafts. I'll have to Google that!

    Your centerpiece is beautiful! It really must be nice to have all those flowers in your yard that can be brought inside at your whim! The deer running rampant out here eat just about anything we plant. Can you tell I have an issue with nature/wildlife? :-)

    You clearly had a handle on the challenge. So sorry I couldn't participate. I'm busy, busy, busy working on four different "fantasy" tables for an upcoming fundraiser. They all are going to be a bit over the top, so I need to concentrate my creative efforts. I'll also be doing a workshop at the event as well as creating the centerpieces for 24 guest tables. Egads! What have I gotten myself into?!??!??!! When I type it all out like this, it seems so daunting!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  26. Lovely purple tables and that cake looks fabulous! I'm a slacker when it comes to table settings this year...and last year. We'll see what 2015 holds for me...

  27. Love the tablescapes--each one is gorgeous. Your cake is magnificent--I can smell those aromas from Tennessee. I'm going to look for my springform. Your porch looks mighty fine! The purple-themed photos in your Inlinkz are gorgeous, too. Hope you are enjoying the changing season! xxoo

  28. I'm afraid I don't have one thing in my house I skipped this fun tablescape party.
    Sure some pretty links....

  29. So pretty, the centerpiece is gorgeous! Also, the apple cake looks so very elegant, I love how the apples are arranged. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  30. I am getting things ready for the Bundt post on the 12th.....I love these parties that allow for casual presentation....
    Hope all is good in your world...hubby feeling better? Sure hope so.
    xo bj


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