Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy October! Nordic Brownie Bundlet and Harvest Bites Pan

September flew by!  We had beautiful warm beach days, so no thoughts of Fall here!  Now that it is October I will have to force myself to think about Autumn.

I haven’t been tablescape shopping, but I couldn’t pass up these Nordic Ware pans.

Nordic Ware Bundt® Brownie Pan

Item image


I’ve tried the first one.  It’s called a Brownie Bundt Pan.

It is smaller than the mini bundt pan.


I tried brushing with oil as they suggested, rather than spraying, but they did still stick a bit.


I dipped them in melted chocolate.  Half with sprinkles, and the others with pumpkin candies.


Lots of possibilities!  There’s a little indentation in the top so a dab of something sweet on a plain pound cake would be good too.

I haven’t tried the Harvest Bites Cakelet pan yet, maybe this week.  I have the acorn cakelet pan, but this has a mix of Autumn shapes.  I know I gave the acorn pan as prizes a few years ago.


Look around before you buy!  I saw the Harvest Bites pan for $88.00 on EBAY!  I paid $18.00 at Christmas Tree Shops.  I have picked up several Nordic ware pans there , much cheaper than elsewhere.  Walmart sometimes has a good deal on them too.

Nov. 15th is National Bundt Day!  Last year we did a challenge, you can see it here.  Anyone interested in doing it again?  You can always freeze your entry for Thanksgiving!

Hope you are all well and having fun Fallifying your homes. 


I was so happy to see some mums next to the outdoor shower  survived the horrible winter we had here in Southampton last year.  Lots of things perished, but these look very healthy.  This week the Montauk Daisies should be in full bloom. 

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. What tempting and delectable looking delights!! Have a grand week!

  2. Kathleen, so good to see a post from you. I have the acorn cakelet pan that I use every fall. I'll jump in and join the challenge. ;-)
    Hope you are well and enjoying some pretty weather. It has been gorgeous here in TX.

  3. How fun to see a post from you pop into my Feedly this morning! The brownie bundtlettes are so cute, especially the way you've decorated them! I have a weakness for shaped cake pans. I'm about to break out the "finger" shaped one to bake Halloween cookies with my grandkids. Have a great week!

  4. It's great to see your post appear, and I hope that means all is well. I'm up for a bundt challenge so let's go for it.

  5. Beautiful fall day here today! I'll jump in and bake a bundt for the challenge. Might have to dust off the bundt pan!

  6. Hi, Kathleen: sooo very happy when your post popped up today! You've been missed. I most certainly will attempt a Bundt challenge: I've been recuperating from open heart surgery, and only now feel like I've got the energy to go back to tablescaping. It will feel wonderful to get back to doing something "normal" instead of medical related! Thanks for initiating this! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. I was happy to see your post pop up in my email, Kathleen! You always find such great deals, and your mini bundtlet and mixed shapes pans are wonderful. Yes, I'd be up for a bundt challenge!
    Enjoy your Fall in Southhampton!

  8. What a wonderful surprise to hear from you today. I was just thinking about you the other day and how much I'd enjoy another one of your challenges. I'm in on it, if you're game! Hope you are enjoying a happy and healthy Fall.

  9. Love your new pans Kathleen and the goodies you've baked! Yes, please have another bundt challenge, I need an excuse to get a new fancy pan! Thanks for the shopping tips, you always find the bargains :)

  10. Those are such cute pans! I have a couple of Nordic bundt pans and would enjoy doing a cake in Nov!!

  11. Hi Kathleen! So happy to hear from you! I'll be looking forward to the Bundt challenge! Linda

  12. Thrilled to see you posting, dear heart....
    I would LOVE to take the fun...and a good way to get a cake or two in the freezer for Thanksgiving.
    So hoping things are good there.

  13. Hello dear Kathleen! I'm always excited to see a post show up from you. Those pans are all great and the goodies you made look good, too! Those mums are so pretty...

  14. Love the little brownie bundlets…perfect for a couple of bites of something sweet.

  15. How pretty everything looks, Kathleen! Both your new header table as well as your Brownie Bundts are BEAUTIFUL. So are your flowers!!
    Soooo good to see you blog again. Hope you're feeling better each day.

  16. How adorable! What a fun way to usher in fall. These would be perfect at our AAUW Fall Coffee.

  17. We've only had two rainy days in the last few months, the rest of our days have had temps in the hundreds, unreal! Your bundts look beautiful...thank you for sharing!

  18. Oh my, the brownie bundts dipped in chocolate look so sinfully good! I have a few favorite bundt cake recipes and would to join in a challenge this year.

    So good to see your post Kathleen! :) Pam

  19. It was good to see your post! I love the little brownie bundt cakes. Last year was my first bundt cake attempt! It wasn't real pretty but it tasted wonderful. I have been a blogging recluse over the past few months, but I would dearly love to do a new bundt cake post.

  20. Somehow I missed this post from you Kathleen but so happy to find it now. That brownie pan looks perfect especially how you've done your magic with it. My mom has the bundt one but they seem a bit big - better size on this one. I'm so NOT a baker so I'll have to forego the challenge but would love to check out those that link up if you have it.
    Take care,

  21. Hi Kathleen,

    It's so nice to see a post from you!! I've really missed you here in blog land! I've had a hard time visiting everyone like I should, and I've meant to e-mail you just to check in; I'm glad to know things are going well. It sounds like you had a wonderful September. We're ready for fall here in N.C. because it's just been way to warm here for months now.

    I love your Nordic Ware pans; I only have a few, but they're such good quality. I'll have to pay a visit to the Christmas Tree Shop soon. ;) The bundt cake challenge sounds good to me -- hopefully I can participate this year. Have a great week, Kathleen!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  22. Hello Kathleen!
    I'm so happy to have found your post and to be able to visit it. I've missed you around blog land with all the fun and beautiful posts you always provided us, specially your party challenges. Hope I can make the one coming up. The bundts dipped in chocolate look so yummyyyy!!! I was just looking at what I did last year's Bundt challenge. I love to bake, so more fun!
    I love pans for baking and now that I'm going to Miami for the birth of my daughter's baby girl, I had that one with the acorns right on my list of purchases. See you there.
    Have a wonderful week.

  23. Welcome back! What a fun idea to dip them in chocolate. I always use the Pam with flour and never have anything stick in my most complicated Bundt pans - like the sand castle pan. I just love the little pumpkin pan. I have so many pans - have to store half down in the basement!

  24. Hi Sweet Lady.
    It's great to see your post appear !! It's been a long time coming over to see all of you. I am doing well and miss doing my Tablescapes, hoping you and your family are all well God Bless.

  25. Glad I stopped by today! I have the brownie bundt pan and make banana bread in it! I also have a few more....I guess I will have to dig them out and get baking in them for the holidays! LOL! To be honest I forget what I have since we are empty nesters and I seldom bake for company. We are trying just to have desserts on Sunday only! I can eat dessert all day long! I have been missing my blogger friends. Keep in touch!
    Blessings My Friend,

  26. Yummy and so pretty, Kathleen. Yes, those mums are lovely...Christine

  27. Love those little brownie bundts, so cute with the candy pumpkin in the center! Dipping them in chocolate is a great and delicious way to cover up any missing cake parts :) I bought a cakelet pan I STILL haven't used that I got at WS for 75% off at the end of the season a couple of years many pans so little time :)


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