Friday, February 5, 2016

A Snowy Friday

Good evening, Ladies!  Today we got about 10 inches of snow, so it was a good day to stay in! 

Thanks to Kathe, from Kathe with an E who helped me with the Live Writer problem!  She helped me another time with a techie problem.

Rett, just download Open Live Writer.

I found something Shamrocky last week at Dollar Tree.

st pats glasses

I am starting to think about my entry for the 8th ANNUAL BLOG CRAWL here on Mar. 16th.  I am waiting for the give away to arrive from Pfaltzgraf.  As soon as it comes, I’ll share it.  You have to be in it to win it! Smile

IMG_0324Couldn’t resist this little Leprechaun for a dolllar either!  Great for teachers to take apart, make patterns and have the kids make to celebrate the wearing of the green.  I hope that holiday hasn’t been banned from the schools!  ♣

Hope you will join in! 

I promise there won’t be a bizillion entries, and people who join in are sure to visit your blog! 

It’s a cozy group, and everyone is welcome to join in, as long as the post has something Irish related!  Food, table, vignette, bring on the green!

I know some bloggers have skipped to Easter.  It is early this year, but I don’t want to skip St. Patrick’s Day!

I am playing a bit with Valentine’s Day goodies.  Might as well enjoy them even though I am not a frequent blogger!



A little chocolate chip banana bread baked in a red snowflake ramekin from the clearance aisle at HG a few years ago.  Drizzled with chocolate icing and topped with whipped cream.


Hope you are well, safe and warm, with not too much snow on your plate!




  1. Hi, Kathleen. Glad you're weathering the winter well! Looking forward to the "Crawl"! Happy Valentine's Day. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. Kathleen, glad you got the issue resolved. I'm looking forward to the party. I've passed the traveling shamrock cloth along so look for it to show up in a post.
    Didn't realize you were getting more snow. I worked in my garden today. ;-)
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. The banana bread looks so tasty!! And your photos of the snow are lovely - - but you can keep the snow!! I am anxious for spring!

  4. Hi Kathleen,

    Your snow pictures are beautiful!! You may not agree, but I do enjoy at least one pretty snow a winter. We had one a few weeks ago, but we only got about five or six inches. Yours doesn't look icy, so that's good. :)

    I'm glad you're doing the blog crawl again. We miss having you post on a regular basis. Your homemade bread looks wonderful, and so does your pretty red and white table setting. Looking forward to March and St. Paddy's Day. :)

    Stay warm and have a great weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Kathleen, I'm happy Kathe was able to help you resolve your issue. She's a gem int he blogging world! And I'm also happy to see your post - your Valentine vignette is inspiring. I have never participated in your blog crawl, but it sure sounds enticing. I'll have to see how inspired I become between now and then. Lately it's been a case of winter doldrums....

  6. Well that certainly is a good load of snow. Glad you are warm and cozy inside. Yippee for getting your technical difficulties sorted out. It's nice to see a post from you...

  7. I'm elated to find you! I'm slowly making a re-entry into blog world, and it's a treat to find old friends. I look forward to your Blog Crawl. I have almost of year's worth of posts to publish from 2015, a year spent with a whole lot of physical therapy for the two knee replacements. It's good to be up and running (walking) again. I pray that things are moving as smoothly as possible in your world. Is Alma still blogging? Her posts haven't come across in my alerts, yet...or at least I haven't caught them. Do you all still have the ability to do you amazing bargain adventures, at least every once in a while? I sure hope so! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  8. Oops...I forgot to ask how to know when to post for "Let's Dish"? Is it on a certain Wednesday of each month, or does it move around? Excited to participate! Cherry Kay

  9. Your chocolate chip banana bread (with all the fixings) sounds like the perfect way to enjoy all of that snow! We're planning a little trip to Gulf Shores next week but will be back in time for your St. Pat's Day party! I haven't posted a table in ages. Stay warm and cozy! Zenda

  10. I will see if I get motivated to bake something for St. Pat's. Everybody has already seen my entire repertoire of table settings for the occasion, so I will have turn to food.

  11. Hi Kathleen! So glad to see your post come up in my in box! I'm looking forward to the crawl and the honoring of all things "green" hahaha... We got about the same amount of snow as you did. My backyard looks just like yours as a matter of fact. So now I've had my annual dose of snow and I'm ready to let this season go, but not really ready for Easter yet. We still have Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, President's Day, Valentine's Day and so many others to celebrate. Hope we see some posts from you for each one!! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 50 degrees so I hope the spring bulbs don't wake up. Linda

  12. How nice that Kathe solved your techie problem, Kathleen. Your Valentine tea table looks so pretty and you always make the best desserts.
    Thanks for letting us know when your blog crawl will be. I'll be sure to have something to share.
    My goodness gracious on all your snow! Sometimes we have some in Texas, but not this year as of yet.

  13. We had a snow blizzard with almost 12 inches of snow right after Christmas...that's A LOT of snow for West Texas...hope it's all we have the rest of the winter.
    Looking forward to the Crawl...:)

  14. Kathleen,
    Elegantly designed place setting, dear friend!!!
    We've had a "dusting" of SNOW!!!
    I so~o~o wanted to make a SNOW Angel this year!!!
    Guess I'll have to put that on next Winter's "To Do" List!!!
    Looking forward to your Saint Patrick's Day Blog Crawl!!!

  15. I have that same set of placemats and napkins and use them for Valentine's Day as well. Nice post!

  16. How pretty your toile table setting looks...along with that yummy banana bread dessert! It is nice to see you posting...I've missed you!
    I'm skipping Valentine's Day this year for good reason. Today is his one year anniversary of passing. I'm going to the cemetery later.
    I'm looking forward to the St. Patrick's Day Crawl, though. Always a happy time!
    Hope you & M. are doing well.

  17. forgot to say 'thanks' for the heads up on Open Live Writer! I've downloaded it & hope to use it later today.

  18. I love your sweet and cozy Valentine table Kathleen, so perfect for your snowy day! I'm looking forward to the St. Pat's day fun~

  19. Hi Kathleen, loved seeing your winter wonderland pics! That dessert would have tasted all the more delicious I'm sure while sitting at the beautiful Valentine place setting - so pretty! Looking forward to the Crawl!

  20. It's a good thing most of the snow from that last snow had melted! I hope this snow goes away just as quickly and you don't have to do much shoveling. It looks so pretty but I'm ready to see some green - grass or Irish :)

  21. Brrrr....I know it's cold but isn't snow beautiful? There is always an amazing hush when it it. Your chocolate chip banana bread looks quite tempting!

  22. back by to say the heart measuring spoons are in an upcoming post...:)

  23. There is no snow on my plate but that just might change as I am heading to Maine next week for a few days of winter. I doubt there will be any table set as I will be alone and probably have meals in front of the fireplace with a good book.

  24. The snow looks magical, Kathleen. Love your toile!

  25. I posted about your blog crawl on my page... I am looking forward to St paddy's this year after our Irish tour last year....I love your photos of previous years..... so much inspiration... so I am your latest follower!!!

  26. Love your pretty linens on your Valentine's table Kathleen! I was just thinking about a St. Paddy's Day table. I think a trip to HomeGoods might be in order for a little green inspiration! I hope you're digging your way out of the snow or tucked in cozy & safe :)

  27. I thought I had commented before but didn't! I'm going to include some St. Patrick's Day deco before I go to Easter. Looking forward to the blog crawl.


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