Wednesday, March 16, 2016

8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl!


March 2012 058

table 2016

table 1995


March the seventeenth

Is a very special date,

So glad that you could join me

And help me celebrate!

table 1894table 1906

Though I am not from the old sod,

Not Galway or County Cork,

I was born  here on Long “Ireland”

In the great state of New York!

table 3423


 I am proud to be American

But my roots are truly green,

I can hear my daddy sing to me

I’ll take you home, Kathleen!

table 3442


Picture 1994

Let’s get into the spirit

Put your shamrocks on,

Find the pot of gold,

And catch a leprechaun!


Picture 2009

table 3475

Thanks so much for coming

I appreciate you all,

For greening up and doing

The 8th St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  THIS YEAR’S TABLE~ A Cozy St. Patrick’s Dinner

I am running out of Irish things to post, but tried a new combination of things I had!

This year’s table is full of things I have had for years!


The Irish wool placemats and shamrock ceramic napkin holders were gifts from my sister years ago.


I used emerald green plates from Pfaltzgraf and faux Belleek from CTS.  Green glass bowls hold a ceramic shamrock for the names.

Table in memory of a fine Irish friend, Judy Finn Gibbons who passed away in Dec.  May she be celebrating with St. Patrick himself!

A lacy white napkin from Horchow wrapped in a shamrock napkin, a long ago gift from my neice.  Black flatware from the clearance at BBB.


Waterford stems and goblets by Anthropologie that I got at a .99 store!

Shamrock bread plates from Alma, The Tablescaper, as well as the green pitcher.




The centerpiece started with a dollar wire ring with oasis pressed in.  Place it on a large round platter.

Fill it with greens from the yard and mini carns from the super market.







If you’d like my recipe for Irish Soda Bread, just type it in in search bar on the sidebar.

Last night we had some Shamrock Ravioli from Costco and Shrimp that I just sauteed in some wine.




A simple Alfredo sauce is on the ravioli.  I don’t know the Gaelic equivalent of Alfredo!

Time for you to show your green!

Don’t forget to be a follower and leave a comment saying you want to be in on the drawing for the Yellow and white polka dot flatware.

yellow flatware

Please link only ONE new  post, no word id, and it has to be St. Patrick’s Day related! Include a link back to this party so your readers can see all the fine entries! ♣

Thanks for coming, and…


Don’t forget to visit and comment on as many entrants as you can!

I am joining Tablescape Thursday and Foodie Friday.  Thank you Susan and ML for hosting!

Be sure to find out who got the traveling topper this year.  It went from Marigene to me to Retta to Mary to Sarah to ????Where will it go next??  Smile


  1. Kudos..on all the effort and care you have put into your posts..I have a small glass leprauchan here that always says Kathleen to me.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting, Kathleen!! I am a follower and I love the flatware and would be thrilled to be entered in this most generous Giveaway!! What a lovely St. Patrick's Day post!! Our area celebrated big time with many parades in different towns going on the entire month of March!!


  3. I've been looking forward to your blog crawl for weeks. I enjoyed seeing your tables.
    So sweet about your Daddy singing, "I'll take you home, Kathleen," to you.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  4. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for hosting this blog crawl. I learned about it from Kitty of Kitty's Kozy Kitchen. I look forward to seeing all of the different ways people decorate and celebrate St. Patrick's Day. My mom is from Cork and all of my aunts, uncles and cousins live there. Of course I would love to be there tomorrow celebrating with them.
    Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

  6. First, thank you for the generous give away and for the chance. I've always been a follower and love that flatware.
    Your table is full of eye candy for St. Pat's Day. Your shamrock dishes are gorgeous. The napkin rings your sister gave you are so pretty.
    Oh my, I can't believe the shamrock ravioli, just too cute.
    Your baking looks amazing and so does the pie.
    Have a wonderful St. Patrick's 2016 and thank you so much for the party, I've being looking forward to it.

  7. Kathleen, I'm so excited to join in your 8th but my 1st (!) St. Patrick's Day blog crawl! I love what you've done in mixing your items on this table. A very pretty centerpiece, and I do love those Pfaltzgraff green plates (also the pitcher & stems - great price!). So clever is your wordplay, you really make this fun. I've been hoping I would be inspired to do an Irish tablescape someday and join in the fun one of these years, and you're the reason why. By all means, please enter me for a chance to win that happy yellow flatware, and thank you very much for hosting and for the generous giveaway!
    Rita C. at Panoply

  8. So many pretty tables! I'd love to win the flatware, too. I follow you by email and on Facebook, too, I think - and always enjoy seeing the tablescapes. Thanks!

  9. I Love Love Love your cute poem Kathleen! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! You have so many wonderful green things to set so many fantastic tables for this holiday-and the ravioli shamrocks are such a fun find! I am definitely going to try your Irish soda bread, it looks so good. Love your centerpiece too, and the bargain goblets, wow! Thank you for this very special annual event 🍀

  10. You glad to see you back! We have missed you so much!

    Love all the tables!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  11. Kathleen, this is a wonderful look back at all your lovely dishes and special pieces for St. Patrick's Day. You always have a clever rhyme and beautiful photos. I admire you clever use of the wreath ring for the centerpiece and how you've mixed your pretty pieces for this year's table. Bravo!
    Thanks for hosting each year. It's a great tradition! I've participated since 2011, so this is my 6th.
    The yellow and white polka dot flatware would make me smile with delight. I'd most definitely like to be included in the draw. What a fun, generous gift. Thank you!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  12. Such a wonderful treat to be able to see all your *Irish* again! I loved every inch & laughed out loud at "Long “Ireland” Hahaha!
    I'm Irish green with envy over your Belleek teapot & cups! I forgot to even get out my Belleek cup/saucer & candy dish & house. I'm not even sure where they are??? Sad.
    Thank you for hosting the party again this year. I've been looking forward to it for weeks now. Off to visit everybody else now.
    Happy Blessed St. Patrick's Day to you & Mike & the rest of the clan!!!

  13. Hello Kathleen! So happy to join you for the crawl. I'm always amazed at your creativity and at the amazing bargains you find. Your centerpiece turned out so nice. What a great idea. Hope all is well at your house. My house smells so good right now as we're going to have our corned beef and cabbage meal tonight instead of tomorrow. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day. I bet the recipients of all that soda bread will be happy! Blessings...follow my link on the sign up instead of my comment link. :)

  14. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Your tables are always so pretty! And thanks for hosting your party, I've missed them.
    Count me in of the drawing! I just happen to have some yellow picnicware they would look fabulous with!
    Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day and happy Spring to you, as well! Zenda

  15. Ah so many wonderful tablescapes you have shared! I love them all. I am going to search for that recipe for your soda bread. All those loaves look so good! I would love to be entered to win the pretty yellow polka dot silverware that is so sweet. I really am so happy to be able to join the party this year. I hope you will get a chance to pop by as well. Thank you for hosting such a fun link up!

  16. I enjoyed seeing the tables from the past. Loved the poetry! I can't believe how much bread you made! Must be for a church event?
    Thanks as always for hosting this annual event.

  17. Your food always looks sooo good, Kathleen!! :-D I love the table you did this year -- the wreath is beautiful. Oh, before I forget -- love the poem. ;) Also, I'd appreciate being entered to win the polka dot flatware.

    I sure would love for you to start blogging on a regular basis again, my friend. We miss you! Thanks so much for hosting this fun blog party, and have a wonderful week!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. Hi Kathleen! Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is my 5th time joining the crawl and every time is just as much fun as the first. Your table setting collection is very impressive! And the ravioli and shrimp dish looks DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for the chance to win the pretty flatware. It would be perfect for a picnic and hopefully some warm weather will be coming our way soon. I'm looking forward to visiting all the posts. Please come back to blogging! We miss you! Linda

  19. Always a pleasure to your many pretty tables. Happy St. Patrick's day and thank you for hosting. I know life can get busy....xo

  20. Love the poem, Kathleen! Very clever! Your table is beautiful and what a great idea for a centerpiece. Love the shamrock ravioli - LOL. Didn't see that at our Costco so maybe they just sold it on the East Coast. Long Ireland - LOL.

  21. Kathleen,
    Oh, my goodness. .. your tablescapes Past and Present are gorgeous, dear friend!
    Thank you for hosting the 8th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl!
    Due to the limitation of "range of motion" in my shoulder,
    I wasn't able to do a tablescape this year, but did enter my china cabinet
    filled with my Majolica Bordallo Pinheiro Collection!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  22. A beautiful table and creative centerpiece. Such gorgeous pieces of the Belleek. I would love a slice of your Irish soda bread thank you. Please enter me in the giveaway, polka dots make me swoon. Thanks for hosting the crawl again Kathleen, so much fun. Happy st. Patrick's Day!

    :) Pam

  23. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Kathleen and thank you, once again for hosting this fun event! After checking out all the details of your wonderful tablescape, I realize how much I've missed seeing new table designs from you in blogland... though I totally understand the reason. I'm glad you "re-used" some of your "old" stuff as you have so many beautiful pieces they are like "new" to us! As always, your poem is so clever and witty! Your bread looks delicious and is all wrapped up ready for me to take home :) As much as I'd LOVE to win that flatware, I know shipping it to Canada would cost lots so I'll allow you to count me out. Now I'm off to mingle....

  24. Hi Kathleen, Wow, what a time you had getting ready for this crawl with computer problems. So glad you were able to get your computer repaired. Lovely post, so many beautiful dishes and gorgeous centerpiece. I'm happy to know I'm not the only one looking back.
    Thanks for hosting……...

  25. It's always a happy day when your Blog Name shows up in my emails, Kathleen! I love your table (what is CTS? Is that a store only on the east coast? I LOVE the faux Belleek dishes!) Your poetry is always a treat and I am grateful you are hosting your St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl. The yellow polka dot flatware is sure to add to a spring or summer table and I'd appreciate being entered in the giveaway. Thank you for all you do for inspiring tablescapers everywhere and giving us a chance to interact with each other. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  26. greetings to you, out there on Long Irland....hahha...
    thanks for the party...everything looks fine there...

  27. You have done a "few" SPD tables...all of them beautiful. ♥ the centerpiece.
    Thanks for hosting again this year...wish you would get back to doing 'scapes on a regular basis, you are missed!

  28. I'm so happy that your computer issues were resolved, Kathleen, as I was soooo looking forward to your annual blog crawl. Of course, I was oohing and ahhing my way through your post, and enjoying your witty poetry. Tasting all your yummy food would be the highlight. Thanks so much for hosting your party, and may you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day on Long Ireland, my Irish friend!! ☘

  29. Happy St. Paddy's Day Kathleen! I always smile at your rhyming and I got a chuckle out of Long Ireland :) I love your blooming centerpiece with the oasis and cute shamrock napkin rings. Thanks for the crawl! ♣

  30. Kathleen, I look forward to your rhyme, centerpiece, baked goods and green dishes each year.

    Thanks for hosting each year. It's a great tradition! I've participated in 7 of your blog crawls.

    The yellow and white polka dot flatware is so fun and I'd use it for Mother's Day. Thank you!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  31. Thank you so much, Kathleen, for hosting the blog crawl! It is so much fun to see all of the fun St. Patrick's foods and all of the pretty table decorations. Please enter me in the drawing for the adorable yellow and white polka dot flatware. It would be a great addition to the spring table!

  32. Happy St Patrick's Day, Kathleen! Loved looking at your gorgeous tablescape, every detail is so beautiful! The woolen place mats add such a nice touch and the soda bread look delicious! Thanks for hosting the wonderful blog crawl for us and for the opportunity to win the pretty yellow and white polka dot those! Happy follower! Hugs, Poppy

  33. Thank you, Kathleen, for hosting such a lovely blog party! Thanks for the DIY on how to make such a pretty centerpiece.

  34. Kathleen, your tables are beautiful, and I love the way you made the centerpiece for this year's table. Thanks for showing us how. Thank you for continuing to host this fun party, and I'd love to win the polka dot flatware.

  35. Kathleen so glad you got your computer up and running.I have been waiting a month for your Irish blog to come out I wouldn't have missed it for anything.your tables are not only stunning but your assortment of Irish dish ware is gorgeous .I love all the little Lassie and laddie figures you shared.Happy St Patrick's Day to you.Love susie

  36. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and your family. I just love those shamrock ravioli. Sorry I could not get it together enough to participate. But I love visiting. Missing a few of the old blogs, too, but found some new ones.

  37. What a wonderful post you have done. What glorious photos you have. Thank you so very much for hosting this Blog Crawl. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.

  38. SO glad you got your computer fixed! I had to miss posting tables the last two because of home renovations, but I've always followed along! I love that centerpiece! Thanks for showing how you did it! And I'm going out to look for shamrock ravioli! I'd love to be in on the drawing for the polka-dot flatware and THANKS for hosting this blog crawl!

  39. I absolutely ADORE the gorgeous centerpiece that you created. I'll making be making your Irish soda bread today. Thank you so very much for hosting this charming event.

    You should link up your wonderful post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  40. Oh, I am so happy I had a chance this morning to visit blogging friends to remind me of this fun crawl! Susan (Savoring Time) mentioned it and so I hurried over. Oh, yes, I'd love to be included in your drawing for the pretty yellow flatware!

  41. Brand new reader and follower---dropping in from your sweet neighbor and mine---BJ. I've just been sitting here, taking in all the charming vignettes and lovely arrangements and food and flowers and GREENS. I've just looked my eyes full, especially of your header photo---couldn't you just walk right into that one, like in a dream? I MIGHT just dream of that one for a quite a while.

    I'm linking today's blog below, though it's only thoughts, not wonderful photos and decorations like yours.

    Looking forward to coming back to delve into your lovely archives, and I'd love to be included in your drawing.

    rachel @ LAWN TEA

  42. Kathleen, thank you for hosting another St. Patrick’s Day crawl. Please count me in the drawing. I’ve already visualized the tablescape theme for the yellow and white polka dot flatware. I enjoyed your past and present tablescapes. The Irish soda bread sure does look good, I’ll bet your house smells fabulous. The shrimp and ravioli shamrocks look soooo tasty and are adorable. Thanks again, Janice @hotpl8zandtablescapes

  43. Thank you Kathleen for hosting a Saint Patrick's Day Crawl for all of us to enjoy again this year. Your tablescape is lovely, a perfect setting for a family of Irish lads and lasses to enjoy their Saint Patrick's Day dinner at. I do already have two sets of the yellow polka dot flatware bought from Pfaltzgraff last year. Good luck to another participant to win this fun set of flatware, it is perfect for a cute spring tablescape.

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

  44. Dear Kathleen, I absolutely love everything. Your tablescape and food reminds me of the green-green spring of Ireland (I saw a double rainbow there one Easter). The pie, the soda bread, the merry pasta--what a treat for my Irish-starved soul. I'm so very happy to join you this year! Thank you for hosting my favorite event.

  45. this has been another nice crawl...hope you come by to see mine.

  46. Since I messed up the first comment, I'll write another one. You know I need that yellow polka dot flatware!!

    Thanks for hosting, so glad someone helped you figure it out!

    Hope your St. Pat's Day was perfectly green!!


  47. Thank you Kathleen for the beautiful array of tables and for hosting your blog hop! I hope you are enjoying signs of Spring!

  48. Thank you so much for the sweet comment, I so appreciated it!
    I hope you had a great St. Patty's celeb, actually I'm sure you did!

  49. Thanks so much for your kind comment ...I appreciate.
    I hope you and your hubs are doing ok..I know health problems have been many over the years...we are getting older every minute, but both of us are doing fine (except for this cold I seem to get about this time every year..) xoxo
    Your crawl looks very successful and I've visited quite a few...

  50. It is all looking BEAUTIFUL Ms. Kathleen!! I thought of you so often as I set my table last week with the green glasses, white dishes and later YOUR soda bread and fried cabbage! I hope you are having an absolutely beautiful spring and many blessings of the Easter season!


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