Sunday, November 5, 2017

November Nibbles

Hello, dear friends!  I wanted to stop in and say hello and thank so many of  you for your thoughtful messages.  I am touched you take the time to write!  I think of you and even though I may not leave a comment, try to keep up with what you are up to.

I have been cooking and baking, it keeps my mind occupied!

I belong to a benevolent organization and have been doing dinners twice a month for about 35 people.  Nothing fancy, supper before our meetings.


Orzo spinach salad with feta, red onion and bacon was well received.


Usually, it’s soup, and chili, pork fried rice or an Italian dish, bread , salad and desserts.



I forget to take pictures most of the time when I make something remotely interesting!  I had 4 widow friends over for dinner and set the table but forgot to take a picture! I have some on my phone, but haven’t figured out how to transfer them to my computer.

I do get to do the tables, 8 of them for the club, but they are simple, not worthy of being called a tablescape!


Simple flowers , tablecloth and napkins and maybe a few scatters.

Two of our members are relocating to NC, so a little going away party to wish them “Happy Trails.”  I haven’t decorated a cake in a year, my skills are rusty!  Half vanilla, half devils food, filled with chocolate cream, iced with melted chocolate and piped with whipped cream. 


This week at the supermarket they had local cauliflower for $1.49 a head.  They weighed about 8 lbs!  More like a head with a body!

I have it in my Copper Chef simmering now for cream of cauliflower soup. IMG_0255


It was one of the last things Mike encouraged me to order, so I hope he is happy I am using it!  Anyone else jump in and buy one?  It is easy to clean, I haven’t used it enough to write a review though.

November 15th is National Bundt Cake Day.  Anyone planning something?  I keep adding to my collection, not buying dishes, but Bundt pans, maybe!


Thanks for stopping by, hope all of you are well.  I am taking it day by day.  Some are ok, others, not so much, but I know so many of the widows  know exactly what I mean.

Have a good week!


  1. You are just such a good soul...making food and setting tables and baking for widows. A really good soul!!!

    One of the guys I worked with ordered a whole set of those Copper Chef pots/pans and all he does is rave about them. LOL. You would think he invented, apparently SOMEONE likes them!

    I just reread you last sentence and think I missed something. Going back to check your other posts. xo Diana

  2. Oh Kathleen, I was just thinking about you today and now, your blog post popped up on my sidebar! Thank you so much for filling us in on what you have been up to. Glad to see you are keeping busy and using your culinary talents - that cake looks and sounds so delish! Even though you didn't take pics, I'm sure your tablescapes have been lovely too. It must be so hard going on without Mike and I feel for you. I'm certain he would be happy you are using that Copper Chef pan! Take care Kathleen.

  3. Hello Kathleen, you are on my long list of widows that I pray for. I'm sad that it grows longer each year. That rectangular bundt cake is really cool. Hmm...I might have to look for one. So glad to see you pop in with a post!

  4. Hello Kathleen, I'm glad you have been cooking and baking. I always do a post for National Bundt Cake Day, and would love to see your entire collection of bundt pans :-)

  5. Everything looks tasty!! I find the easiest way to get pics from my phone is to email them to me - then I open up the email on my computer! I just bought a new bundt pan, will have to remember the 15th!

  6. How nice of you to check in and tell us what you are doing..a busy mind ..a just soothes things albeit for a short while.You are such a courageous girl..Mike is loving you using that cooker.

  7. So glad you blogged and updated us! You are SOMETHING, making dinner for 35 people twice a month and calling it "nothing much"! That orzo salad looks amazing, and I would love one of those little chocolate glazed bundt cakes!

  8. glad to see you posting..and saving grace has been to stay busy. That and a tiny pill I take ea night that allows me to put one foot in front of the other ea day.

  9. It's so good to hear from you today, Kathleen! You certainly are keeping busy and what a wonderful way by cooking for others! Everything looks delicious! Sending you hugs. Zenda

  10. Always happy when I see a post! Thinking of a move so I am trying not to buy any thing (less to pack!). Your food looks so fabulous. The cake looks perfect. Amazing that you prepare two wonderful dinners every month.

  11. So wonderful to see you pop up in my email! I have retired my blog, but still read a few, and I have thought about you so often. Your baking skills are awe inspiring, and your collection of cake pans is astonishing. I don't bake as much as I used to, but today I made cranberry orange sauce. There are a few jars to tide us over the winter. 😄 The chicken and dressing is in the freezer, too, so I am making some headway.

    Don't be a stranger!

  12. I'm so glad your name popped up on my email today, Kathleen. You have been sorely missed, and I often reminisce about the challenges you used to offer. They truly made the hobby of tablescaping fun and made for a fun, creative challenge. You have been often in my thoughts. I lost my first husband from cancer when he was 35 and I was 33. I was left behind with 2 daughters, aged 3 and 5. I know the challenges you have had to bear and I am so proud of you for finding purpose in your life and absolutely making a difference in the lives of others , while bearing unbelievable personal sadness. I promise you that these efforts will be rewarded and you will get to the other side of this grief. I am now 70 and will be celebrating 29 years of marriage this year. I do feel my first sweetheart led my present husband to me, and I will forever treasure the memories he left me with. There is no easy way through this, but you are on the right track. Know that your blogland friends have you on our minds and send prayers and strength to you. I wish you could feel the hugs we all send to you.

  13. It was so good to see a post from you today. I had forgotten just how much I miss your blog. Please keep doing it if only quarterly. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I am also duly impressed at how well you are able to bake in decorative cake pans. Generally only half of my cake will come out which, as you can imagine, makes food photography a bit difficult! Take care and don't stay away too long next time.

  14. So nice to see your post pop into my email Kathleen....I am glad that you are keeping busy doing the things that you do best, especially helping others in need. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers. Tell your friends that they will love NC ... such a friendly state!

  15. Hey there, sweetie pumpkin pie! So good to see you out here, if only for a moment. I think about you often, especially when I see polka dots! You have been cooking up a storm!!! To transfer the pics from your phone to your desktop, you can simply email them to yourself, open the email from your desktop, save the photos to your desktop! I do it all the time! Let me know if you need further instructions or help. I love and miss you. Please close your eyes and feel the hugs I’m sending across the miles straight to you!

  16. I love your rectangular cake pan. Can you tell me where you found it? Your Blog is very beautiful.

  17. So glad to know you have found a way to keep yourself occupied. I’ve been watching two people close to me working through their grieving. One thing I’ve learned is that keeping busy helps a lot. I love the bundt cake pan molds- so many fun ones! The cake you decorated looks wonderful. It’s become very brisk here and nearly all the leaves have fallen. Take care and I’ll keep an eye out on Facebook for things you post there too. Big hugs, Liz

  18. I was so glad to see a post pop up today! Yay! I do hope you are doing well. Your cooking looks amazing girl and that dessert. You are so precious and what a wonderful gift of ministry there you have. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Hi Lady! I'm so happy to see you blogging and I hope you continue, if only occasionally. What a nice thing to do, cooking for widows! I'm sure they loved it all! That bundt pan is great!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog too! If you are interested in doing a tablescape setting meeting at your church, (or anywhere.) I can get some instructions for you from my daughter!

    Take care! I really miss you!



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  21. Everything looks positively delish! Enjoy your week.

  22. I'm glad that you're staying busy, Kathleen. It sure helps, and so do friends! I haven't bought any of the copper pans yet, but I like that Mike encouraged you to buy it. I often "hear" Rich say to go ahead and get something. Your cornucopia cake looks so pretty in your header. Stay strong, Kathleen. I have several widowed friends that I pray for, and you're one of them.

  23. I'm so happy that you are involved and busy, Kathleen! Everyone you know is lucky to enjoy your cooking and baking and everything you do is delicious. How sweet that Mike wanted you to get that Copper Chef pan and glad to see you using it so well. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, Kathleen. I know the holidays will be tough but praying for your continued strength ♥

  24. Kathleen, I've been away from the computer and just now seeing this post tonight. It's great to see you here! I haven't been adding dishes for a few years now. Just no more room, and I rarely set a table. That said, I am hosting a dinner party here in December. I've pulled out several things to decide what I want to use. It's like visiting old friends!
    I know the holidays will be emotional. Let the love of your sweet family fill your heart. Hugs from Texas.


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