Monday, January 5, 2009

My Friend Gail...

A long time ago when the earth was green...oh wait, that's a song lyric..

Many moons ago, when I first started teaching, my next classroom door neighbor was a lovely gal named Gail.

She was the voice of experience....Yes, she had been teaching 6 whole months.

In those days, there was no mentoring, you were on your own. Lots of questions, no one to ask...So we muddled through with 32 kids each , helping each other...

Gail is a very creative, artistic person. At the end of my first year,, she moved to California with her wonderful new husband..(She got married in February in one of the worst snow storms!)

She gave me all her classroom decorations and patterns, and for the next 32 years not a year went by that I didn't use her ELF pattern for the holidays.
The kids loved them, they could pick their own hair style and hat, etc, and let their creativity run wild.

A few years ago I got an email from a former student who told me her mom still has the faded elf made from oak tag and construction paper!

Through the years we have kept in touch. She only stayed in CA a year or so, but she never came back to my school, which was a loss for the district. She was a wonderful teacher...

And an excellent friend...We have both had our share of life's slings and arrows, but we are both blessed with a great family and wonderful grandchildren who fill our hearts!

Another thing Gail gave me was this recipe for sausage bread...

In her own writing...can you read it??


Start with sausage...( I really made these..pork butt, grind, spices, casings, stuff....umm.. made it once..good thing I took a pic!)

Remove the casings, and saute, take out and drain..
Saute your sliced onions



Let your dough rise...


Roll out to a large rectangle,

Place your dough on a cookie sheet, brush with egg...

Place the sausage, onion, and cheeses down the middle..


Fold one side over, then the other and tuck under...


Brush with egg and sprinkle with sesame seed....

Bake and this is what it looks like when it is done...(the one pictured is a doubled recipe).


Let it sit a few minutes before cutting...the men enjoy this tasty stuffed bread.. It can be served as an appy or a meal with a salad...


Thanks, Gail...for everything!


  1. Kathleen, sweet post ... Gail sounds like a lovely lady and friend.

    Isn't it strange that we used to be able to teach, etc. without mentoring and all those new teacher meetings?

    I think that I remember that plate... the corn is part of the plate, correct? Very cute.

    Gail's Sausage Bread sure looks tasty.

  2. What a sweet post!
    I just read an article from an author in the The Gazette I love ..

    I hope Gail's children reads your post about Gail..Your story immediately reminded me of what i read yesterday..Take one minute and peek Kathleen:)

    The bread looks like comfort food..along w/ the elf..I'd say you almost have a Kathleen Keebler story:)

  3. great story, i don't know how i missed it! i love how you write kathleen, its always a nice journey sprinkled with humor~

  4. Yesterday I came and this post only had a title and no text. I was so afraid something happened to a dear friend of yours and your title was the tribute. Today, I came back and read this wonderful story of friendship that lasted through the years and indeed it is a wonderful tribute to a friend who I am glad is alive and well and being a wonderful grandmother as well as friend!

    Now, I want to see the ELF, LOL!

  5. Great post, Kathleen! and I know that you are a fabulous teacher and friend as well, and I'm sure she got a thing or two from you :)

    and next we're supposed to meet at the outlets, bring me a slice of that sausage bread! YUM!

  6. I remember you had talked about this recipe when I posted a recipe for calzone with similar ingredients on GBs a year or so ago. Yum-yum.

  7. This looks soooo good. My husband would think he was in heaven if I fixed this. laurie

  8. I cam over from your Foodie Friday post to see the recipe for this Kathleen, and i enjoyed reading about gail. It is so good to have a special friend in our lives like she is to you.
    If my daughter ever gets her teaching position I'm going to ask you for the elf instructions! :-)

  9. This looks amazing, what dough recipe did you use?

  10. This really looks delicious!!! And your friend Gail sounds like a wonderful friend to have! Love your header photo. All your tables are ALWAYS so fabulous though.


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