Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sharin’ of the Green ♣♣♣

If you'd like some music as you read, scroll down and click it on..:)


table 3402

Top of the Mornin’!

And welcome to the 2nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Crawl!

Kathleen’s in the kitchen cooking, so she asked me to get the party crawl started…

So off we go!

table 3447

Pump up the volume…

Strike up the band !

Big Paddy’s going to lead us

As we party through Blogland..

table 3458

Please show us your Irish dishes..

table 3371

Your cloths and napkins too….

table 3427 table 3309 Whatever bit of Irishness..

We want to see, ‘Tis true!

table 3460

table 3443 

Maybe it’s  your family picture..

table 3456

A book, perhaps a song?

table 3439

We’ll clap our hands and tap our feet..

table 3459 

And gladly sing along!

table 3442

Eat lots of Irish Soda Bread…

table 626With slabs of Irish butter…

table 3396  

Have a glass of Irish coffee,

table 3463

If your energy starts to sputter!


I know you’ll have some corned beef..

table 695Washed down with Irish suds..

table 3461And what’s an Irish party?

Without some Shamrock Spuds! 

table 3304(You knew those were coming right? :)  )

I hope you’ll pay a visit…

To  all the blogs you’re able…

And when your done, please come back

For dinner at my table!

table 3421   

table 3422

table 3444

table 3412

table 3415

table 3410 table 3416


table 3413

Battenburg cloth over black cloth liner,  white napkins with dark green sheath. Waterford lismore crystal stems, pitcher and decanter, Indiv butter dishes and salt and peppers, stainless flatware trimmed with gold, green footed bowl Villeroy and Boch , Black wicker top hat centerpiece, sheer dark green ribbon and shamrock coin initial place markers.

Mikassa candlesticks, white plates and soup bowls, Gofortun, Israel.

table 3426 Shannon Crystal shamrock..


A little Irish prayer for you..


May you always have these blessings..

A soft breeze when summer comes-

A warm fireside in winter-

And always-the warm, soft smile of a friend..

table 3445

The party is over, so off of your keister…

Starting the 18th, It’s all about Easter…..:)

Thanks so much for coming to the party, I’ll be over to your place soon! 

Please take home a loaf of bread..I made it for you!

table 629

Good night….

table 657

I am joining in Susan's Tablescape Thursday...Please visit the other entries at her place..

To join the party, please leave a comment first, then your link.
Please be sure to link back to this blog in your post.
Leave the light on at your place, we'll be right over...


  1. Oh, dear one, you have outdone your sweet self with this one!
    Everything is just PERFECT...I love your decorations, bread, potatoes, ....EVERYTHING.
    Your table is stunning..and, as always, I adore your humor.
    You sure have made this a HARD ACT TO FOLLOW for me!! :O)
    hugs and blessings to ye,

  2. Thanks for a big giggle and a beautiful tablescape!! I may be late but I do plan on joining the party!


  3. Kathleen, everything looks perfect at your house! I LOVE those shamrock spuds!!! Your corned beef looks delicious! Wish I was eating some of your Irish soda bread! :-)

  4. So beautiful Kathleen!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Happy St Patricks Day

  5. Hello Kathleen! I do not have a lot of St. Patrick's Day goodies but I never like to miss a party. You have some fabulous stuff and as usual the food is amazing! Thank you for hosting this and may you have as many blessings as there are shamrocks!!

  6. Thanks for hosting this party. I found the dearest hankie with shamrocks in one of your pictures. And I love your Waterford crystal. My MIL gave me the same Lismore pattern.
    Thanks for stopping by Applejack Lane.

  7. Love it all, especially the table of crystal...stunning! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess!

  8. I love every wee bit of this beautiful post, Kathleen!

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  9. What a celebration! You are truly a March Angel :-) Thank you for hosting Kathleen!

  10. Love your post, Kathleen! The food looks mighty fine - wow, the corned beef - YUM!! Your tablescape is super too - I really love it all! Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

  11. Top of the Evening to you Kathleen! Your post was so charming and so thorough...what a St. Patrick's Day tour! The green people made me laugh! Also loved the green and white socks! I better get a move on and get some corn been and cabbage a cooking. Fun post! Joni

  12. everything is so pretty and delicious!! green s my favourite colour btw :))

  13. What a fun party! Thanks so much for hosting it!

  14. Kathleen, this is just unreal. It is so much fun and I would love some corned beef. Your decorations and table are perfect. You really did go all out. I love it all. What fun. Hugs, Marty PS. Thanks for hosting such a fun party.

  15. Great post! I love the green people! They are so funny! Don't be surprised if those green and white socks have disappeared by tomorrow! I love it how you do so much for the Holidays! Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Love your green tablescape!)

  16. I have to say Kathleen, you sure know how to throw a party! I think that may be one of the most beautiful tables ever!!! The crystal, the battenberg lace, I adore it all! Great hostessing girl, these pics are over the top awesome! Cindy

  17. Kathleen, you throw one heck of a party! You are the queen of Irish celebrations. Always love your posts.

  18. Love your tablesetting and all the Irish decor.
    that corned beef and cabbage has my mouth watering for sure.
    thank you so much for hosting this party for us.
    ~ Sonny ~

  19. WOW! Everything is wonderful! The table setting is beautiful! Love the crystal, and the hat! Now I love those shamrock dishes! The socks! Adore the tea setting, and the soda bread and potatoes cut into shamrocks! I love the soda bread so,so much! I want to take one home! Send me one! lol Such a lovely Party! I linked my Tea Time Tuesday, for I wanted to join you today! So glad I did! I have to go back and see if I missed anything, Oh, I think I forgot my soda bread! lol

  20. Oh my goodness, Kathleen! You have been a busy lady. You planned so many different things to share. It was fun to join your lively party! I can hear the music and see the dancing!

    Your soda bread looks wonderful!

  21. Oh Kathleen, what a cute post! Your poem is soooo cute and witty. Your table is stunning! Your Irish is really showing. I love that sweet little girl, dancing a jig. The Irish hat is a wonderful centerpiece. And, as always, I want some of your delicious food. And I wish I had thought to put some shamrock shapes on a hat and tie pretty ribbon on it to put on the door-so clever! Thanks for hosting all of this fun! laurie

  22. Oh my goodness look at those socks, so fun! And the butter what an awesome idea. So much Irish festivity. Love it all!

  23. Oh my gosh. You really got the spirit of the holiday. Shame on me, I barely have anything, and I'm Irish and grew up with big parties in the family. My daughter made us some Irish soda bread. I can't get enough. Happy St. Pat's Day!

  24. This is really know how to throw a party! Your table is beautiful and the food looks delectable...thanks for being our hostess.

  25. It's all beautiful! What a fun meme!

    Mine's posted too! Thanks for hosting!


  26. Kathleen-I'm sorry I'm late to the party! I've been looking forward to seeing what you had, and you did not disappoint!!! Love your table--Is that Lismore? Those candles are beautiful too. And the food, of course. Your food is always inspiring. Maybe your family is related to mine. Mine are green too, but mine are munchkins :) Thanks for a FUN party!

  27. Kathleen...I wouldn't have missed this party for nothin'! I am amazed by your lovely St Patrick's decor. Fun & festive!!


  28. Your are the poet laureate of the blogging world, Kathleen! What a wonderful post, which I knew it would be ;)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  29. Love your post. Love this blog party. Thanks for hosting. Your table looks fabulous.

  30. I want some Irish coffee now! Happy St. Pats.

  31. What a fun and clever post. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful Irish friends in blog world.

  32. Wow, I've never seen so many St Paddy's Day ideas in one place! Your tables are all the green and what a fun blog party you have hosted!

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  33. By the way....I am sitting in a room, as I write with SIX other Kathleen's..I guess you've figured out it's a family name! Just in this room we have Kathleen Flanagan, Kathleen Mechelle, Hannah Kathleen, Kari Kathleen, Caroline Kathleen, and Kelly Kathleen! We have a few more that aren't in the room as well. Thought you would enjoy that!

  34. "Oh, my goodness!" as Shirley Temple would say. This party of yours is amazing. Here's MY poem to you....

    I really love your table,with all its finery green.
    The plates, the linens, the crystal- are some of the nicest that I've seen.

    Your lucky guests are waiting for a hunk of that fine bread. Creamy, Irish butter - big slabs I sure would spread!

    I wish that I could join you to celebrate this day. But I'll have to settle for looking, 'cause you live too far away!

    Your cooking talents precede you, your pictures sure do attest. And I think you are a fine friend, one of the very best!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day, my sweet friend. many hugs, Sue

  35. Kathleen - You defintely did not disappoint me!! Fantastic post...just want to know..Are those your feet is those lovely stockings?????

  36. Oh Kathleen! You are the best hostess for this party! I loved everything and your poetry is so witty! I would LOVE to join you at that fabulous table with the perfect centerpiece of the top hat from a leprechaun! I want some of that soda bread too! I'm so happy to be joining in your blog crawl!


  37. Top o' the mornin' to you!
    I would love to come back and have dinner with you, your table is just wonderful.
    How thoughtful of you to prepare such lovely party favors too!
    Thanks for hosting a great meme.
    I've created an Irish smilebox to get everyone's toes tappin' as they crawl along today, hope you can stop by later.

  38. Hi Kathleen !
    You are the most Irish of all...I am a little green with envy...LOL !
    I don't think there is any soda bread left as I am number 47 ! What
    great success for your crawl...a little of everything too.....Love your witty post and now I am off to visit the rest of the Irish clan....
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  39. What a FUN Party, Kathleen!! You & I have to be the most decorated Irish lasses of all time. I have several of the CD's you showed as well as the books, too. :)

    Your Irish coffee looks marvelous. I have to use LOTS more whipped cream in my guests glasses tomorrow night.

    I adore that little hankie with the white embroidered shamrocks! I MUST find a similar design to do some up for my DD & sweet Caroline. Just Beautiful!!

    Your formal dining room table settings are pure joy. My eyes just danced around from spot to spot, trying to take it all in. Love-Love-LOVE the cutwork tablecloth & napkins. I am going on the hunt for something similar for next year. They are exquisite!

    I forgot to take a picture of the drapings on my chandy. :-( and I never did find any gold coins to scatter. My list is growing! I've got guests coming Wed. night & I may have to go out shopping today to incorporate all your darling ideas.

    Your rosary is especially touching & I know your guests are going to be so thrilled with their little take-home favors! I wish we lived closer so we could party together.

    Thank you so very much for holding this virtual party for us & letting us share our love of all things Irish. I had a blast!

  40. Happy Saint Patrick's Day Kathleen!

    I love everything in your mouth is now watering for corned beef and cabbgae and soda bread :-)
    I came in on the red eye from Colorado this morning ... good to be home but I already miss my grandson!

    ♣ Pat

  41. Kathleen, Thank you so much for hosting this fabulous party. You have really made it an over the top! Everything is so pretty here. You have given me some great ideas for my party next year. I love your centerpiece and the way you decorated your light. I use butter cut outs but I just love your shamrocks. You have done a wonderful job! Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Many blessings to you and your family.

  42. Everything looks so beautiful. I am enjoying the day visiting everyone.


  43. Everything you have done here is SOOO clever! The food looks incerdibly delicious. I just found you through Laurie, and I'm so glad! I can't wait to see what everyone else has done. Thank you for hosting!
    Cheers, Andrea

  44. Kathleen what an awesome post! You really went all out, and it looks fantastic!

  45. What a great party, Kathleen! I a wee bit late to the party, as Mister has been under the weather but seems much better this morning.

  46. Girl, you had some serious fun. I love the chandelier and gotta go back and see what your treat bags are. Fun, fun, fun.

  47. Wow - how lovely it all is.

    You put us to shame, as you will see we actually don't do that much here at all!!

    You can see what our local soda bread farls look like on my blog, and would love if you could link up to my carnival.

    I will add yours to my post.

    Greetings from Ireland :)

  48. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Kathleen ...

    You DEFINITELY know how to throw a party. I've come to expect your funny poems and beautiful accessories, food, china, etc., but today you've even outdone yourself.

    What a wonderful hostess you are from having the leprechaun greet us to sending us off with your soda bread.

    Kathleen, I recently read this Irish toast and thought of you.
    "Here's to eyes in your heads and none in your spuds."

  49. O My...those clover butter pats. I think I could do that. I have a heart shaped cookie cutter that you probably used. Love it!! Love the wicker top hat of flowers too. I had a sugar and creamer that you'd have loved from Home Goods/Marshall's but gave it to a dear friend. Easter fun will be a Spring Joy too.

  50. Incredible!! It's all just wonderful and inspiring. Just when I thought I was all out of St. Patrick ideas, here's this beautiful table.

  51. Wow everything is beautiful! I love all your dishes and adorable decor items. What a fun party!

    Stop by and enter my 6 dessert plate giveaway!

  52. Gaelic Park!!??!!
    Small girls didn't Irish Dance (much to my dismay)..but my boys dated plenty of girls who did!
    I live in Orland Park, and I'm guessing we may know each other!!?

    Mary Elizabeth

  53. Fun party at your house today with all the Crawls. Enjoying looking at all the different posts. I have no idea how to do a Mr. Linky and wonder if he is Irish:) Back from a whirl wind of 12 days and 4 states just in time to post and I am so sick that all I want to do is CRAWL back into bed with a shot of whiskey to cure my cough:) Can you believe my Dr. is on vacation the one time I need her? Now where is my Irish luck this week?
    Not sure I will be doing any jigs around here tomorrow.

  54. oh Kathleen, This is the best St Patrick's party ever!, to be sure. Everything is so perfect. Happy St. Patrick's day. Enjoy. Kathy.

  55. How fun, Kathleen! Loved your green family...only you would think of such a thing! lol I have nothing green to share...still knee deep in new grandbaby land over here...but I wanted to stop by and say hi! Happy St Paddy's Day!...hugs...Debbie

  56. What a wonderful blog party!!! I have been missing so much lately -- I need to get my blogging act together again!
    LOVE your table and all the green "stuff" -- brilliant!

    Happy St Pat's day!

  57. What an excellent post! You really go all out! Thanks for hosting this wonderful St. Patrick's blog crawl :-)

  58. WOW! So many goodies!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess and sorry I came to the party a wee bit late!!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day Kathleen!

  59. WOW, KATHLEEN!! When you throw a party you really throw a party - I loved it all from beginning to end, your tablescapes, the beautiful dishes, your witty poetry and of course the beautiful breads that I really do wish I could reach in and take home!

    Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to visiting with the huge group of "party goers" attending your blog crawl!

  60. Oh my Kathleen - you certainly have outdone yourself!!!! What an awesome St.Patrick's Day party you are hosting. All of your images are wonderful, I absolutely LOVE your table - Beautiful!!!
    Happy St.Patrick's Day and may the luck of the Irish be with you and yours.

  61. Too stinkin' cute!! I love it all.
    Thanks for the invitation and the sweet comments. (although Man O Mine is a Soldier, not a Marine ;) )

  62. I'd be happy to come back for dinner at that table Kathleen! You put so much work and thought into this post and I really enjoyed visiting! Thanks for all of the efforts! Judi

  63. A blog crawl, how fun!

    You certainly make an event of St Patrick's Day. Such pretty Irish dishes. And thanks for the bread!

  64. Hi Kathleen, what an amazing array of Irish-ness. Loved the limerick. Just joined the party!
    Thank you!

  65. Sorry I don't have a St. Patty's tablescape to show off but I do have beautiful napkin rings that will make any table shine! Come by and say Hi,

    Karin :)

  66. Just stopping back in before I go to bed to say this has been the most fun meme I've ever played in. Everyone just has outdone themselves and have had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for throwing a heck of a will last all the rest of the week. So many great places left to visit..
    You really know how to throw a party, sweet lady.
    Night night,

  67. Amazing! Puts me in the mood for some shepherd's pie! I've just linked my Shades of Green good ol' fashion show'n tell!

  68. It's still Tuesday on the West Coast :-) so I made it. I can't wait to visit all of the posts tomorrow. It will be my own little St. Patty's day party tomorrow. You know how to throw a party my friend!

  69. I love all your Irish things. This has been one lovely party my friend! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

    I love seeing what everyone comes up with. I guess Easter is the next Holiday coming up. After tomorrow it's time to get the bunnies out!


  70. Thanks, Kathleen. I linked because I do an annual St. Patrick's Day post and wanted to share this one with you all.

  71. I'm did so love my visit here as always!!! The party was grand as well. Your table was set in such a way that your hospitality cannot be denied. And, OH, your Irish soda bread was divine!!! Was unable to open the house this year as I've had a family project to occupy my time. You can be assured that next year I will drop by again!!! Your guests are fine company!! It's been a delight!!!!! Cathy

  72. Hi Kathleen, Happy St Partrick's Day!
    Oh my goodness, where is my brain! I am so sorry that I missed this wonderful party!!!! Even though I did not post anything, I will visit some of these wonderful entries. I love to see how creative people are.

    Let me say first, if I didn't know that you were of Irish descent, I do now! What a great collection of beautiful Irish things! And I love all the festive decorations!!!!!! How long did it take you to make all that bread, and it was wrapped so sweetly for all of your guest to take home!
    What caught my eye was the lovely little figurine of the the young Irish girl. So Sweet. And I don't want to forget, the hat centerpiece was ADORABLE! What a fun element for your "wearin' o' the green" table!

    Kathleen, I know you must have worked very hard for all of us to to be able to come to this party! Thank you for hosting. Again, I am sooooo sorry I forgot! This is a very good lesson to me, I need to write important things down. Now I am off to visit some great St Patrick's Day posts.
    Thanks for the blessing, too- my very favorite!!!
    hugs on St Patrick's Day!

  73. WOW! I just love it all! Be blessed. Cindy

  74. Hi Kathleen -
    It's Marsha's daughter Jayme. Mom had told me about your St. Patrick's Day blog party so I thought I'd share the leprechaun hats I made this week.

  75. Kathleen I could have sworn:) I'd left a comment:) Now it will be lost in the sea:)

    A grrrreat grrreat post Miss Kathleen~

    I don't know if I can catch up on your guests but what a party! Did Mike mind all the noise?


  76. I wish I had a post to share, but I'll still enjoy visiting around! More than anything, I love blogland for the chance to learn so much and, let's face it, look at pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing so many of YOURS!

  77. Absolutely LOVE your post and all the awesome Irishness! My fav has to be the shamrock dinner plates..LOVE UM! It was so good of you to put soooo much into your post and many thanks for hosting this St. Patricks Day blog crawl! May all the Irish Blessings you sent be returned to you!

  78. I love your table! I have many sets of dishes,but no green and this is one holiday that I do not decorate for,but after seeing your post I am on the look out for green dishes!

  79. Wow! Kathleen, you sure know how to throw a party!!!! What a great celebration. I don't think there's a thing missing, but truth be told, you've been celebrating for weeks. You've done so many fabulous St. Patrick's Day tablescapes I'd be hard pressed to pick my favorite.

    Hope you had a great day!

    - The Tablescaper

  80. Love your Table...So Pretty

  81. Your table is just beautiful, I loved all of it, it is just so pretty I loved the way you put it all together I loved the white with just a few touches of green and the candles are a real wow...Phyllis

  82. Popping back in to say that I saw Mr. Linky was down for a bit yesterday. I think you overwhelmed him!! LOL
    I was cooking ALL day but our party last night was a delicious success. I did Sue's crockpot corned beef (Rue Mouffetard) & it was outstanding! Your soda bread & Cathy's (Wives with Knives) version of Colcannon. Everybody raved about it all.
    Now to hand wash all those green dishes today. Ugh!
    Thanks again for holding this fun event. I ♥ it!

  83. Ahhhh Ms. Kathleen...that is truly beautiful, even a day late!!
    I hope you had a great day and I thank you for making my day today!

  84. I love your dishes and I love that crystal shamrock!! It is all too cute! Thank you for hosting the blog crawl I really enjoyed it. So glad you had it!
    Win Rachael Ray bake ware at my blog.

  85. Hi Kathleen,
    You crazy Irish lady...I love this post and I loved your party. You are the best hostess and I thank you for hosting. See you soon.
    Maryrose :)
    Happy almost Spring.

  86. Your table is beautiful and you made me so hungry. I love the clover cut bread and potatoes, what a great idea. Have you posted the Irish Soda Bread Recipe on your blog? I see that you make quite a few. I would love to try to make yours. I tried posting for the crawl but I was too late, the Mclinky thing was closed. This party was a great idea.. Hope you had a great St. Pats Day.

  87. Oh my did you ever put alot of effort and thoughtfulness into that! It was wonderful to visit. The food looks so yummy but the Battenburg lace is what had me drooling. So beautiful on that table!

  88. Oh my gosh, I smiled from beginning to end!What a fabulous party! I can't wait to join up next year!
    xoxo Pattie

  89. sure know how to do up St. Patrick's Day just right! Girl, you must have been baking and tablescaping for days! :-) I just love all your decorations...but you know what my very favorite part was? Those striped legs! :-) Those made me smile and LOL...sooooo cute! I so wish I could have participated...can I just quit work so I can join all the fun? ;-)
    One of these of these day! What a great party!

  90. Always enjoy your St. Patrick's Day post!

    Can't believe you made all those loaves of bread! And then bundled them up so nicely too.

    Sorry I missed your Irish Blog Hop this year. Hope to do it next year.

  91. I guess better late than never with my comment! I really did mean to leave one, but you know I haven't been doing all that well lately! I loved the poem, the crystal shamrock is wonderful and I really appreciate all you did to get ready for the fun event. I wish I had a loaf of that bread to take with me tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers for my mom. I appreciate them.


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