Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Table Preview

It’s Wednesday, but in blogland that means the tables go up for Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch, Susan’s   lovely blog..

I can’t share my whole table yet, but I will show the finished version in my post for Foodie Friday.  We had a terrible storm with flooding and wind, and we have been busy taking care of the damage..

Plus, my centerpiece is live, and I didn’t want it to punk out before Sunday…

table 3580I am using a pale sagey green cloth and napkins, and my wedding china, Heather by Noritake..Little silver basket tealight holders by Sylvestri..

table 3582 

The chargers are from Noritake.

table 3579A dainty basket at each place..

table 3591 With the name, or initial to mark the place..They were 50 cents each at Cts!  :)

table 3572Stems Waterford, Lismore…

table 3585    From Villeroy and Boch, tiny porcelain nests..salt…horseradish, or..

table 3586

a soft green egg…

table 3587

Down the center of the table I used live viola , nests, and muted color eggs…surrounded by spagnum.


table 3574

Here’s the finished table..

table 3592table 3613

table 3601

In the center is a large nest.  I planted viola in cleaned egg shells..

table 3596 table 3609


table 3606 Edited to include the finished table..more in Foodie Friday post..

Wishing you all a very blessed Easter!


  1. Kathleen, sorry you are having flooding have had quite the spring, this year.
    Your table is going to be beautiful, as it always is. You have the best decorating eye. Very pretty china...will await tomorrow, patiently, this time!

  2. It looks lovely so far!!! Can't wait to see the rest! What's on your menu?

  3. So pretty and elegant! Love it! The napkins are gorgeous!...Christine

  4. I love what I have seen so far, Kathleen! Your centerpiece is so pretty! Sorry you have had some damage. I have been wondering how everyone is doing after those terrible storms! Have a wonderful Easter...hugs...Debbie

  5. So soft and pretty. Just lovely.

    Sorry to hear you had damage. They say this is the most rain we've ever had in March!

    Happy Easter to you and your family. I'll be back to see it finished - but it looks pretty finished right now.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Oh dear- can't believe you're dealing with water issues! I have nightmares of flood damage whenever it pours here. Hope it all gets rectified soon.
    Looking forward to see your table tomorrow. I never set a tablescape for TT, but I got a wild hair and set a table yesterday. tee hee gotta do something with ALL my free time..... :-)
    We will have Dan's g-friend visiting from CA, so we'll have a late breakfast Sunday morning. Hope your Easter is blessed. Things are going pretty well here. Must be all those good thoughts and prayers being said.
    xo Sue

  7. I've been thinking of you Kathleen when I see the pics on the News about the horrible flooding in the Eastern US. I hope you weren't hit too hard!
    That centerpiece is one of your best ideas and you've created it wonderfully! I like how it is "live" and with the addition of the nests, eggs and spagnum, it is perfect for Easter! I like that it is low lying and spreads out from the center.
    The sage tablecloth is gorgeous and your china goes well with it. I can't wait to see the whole thing come together tomorrow night.
    Best wishes for a Blessed Easter to you too!


  8. Ooooh, this is very pretty and elegant! Can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for the teaser! Your china is lovely!


  9. Love what I see so far Kathleen..
    Looks like an elegant setting.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.


  10. Your tablescapes are always so lovely! Your china is so beautiful. I'm sorry about the bad weather and flooding you have been having. I hope everything is back to normal for you soon. I hope you and your family have a very blessed and special Easter.

  11. Love that centerpiece..Happy Easter!

  12. Love the centerpiece and can't wait to see the finished table.

  13. What a beautiful Easter table! I love your centerpiece with the live Viola!


  14. Kathleen,

    Love the sneak preview! Your centerpiece is going to be wonderful and I can't wait to see the finished product.

    So sorry about all the flooding.


  15. Love your wedding china! The table looks beautiful so far..can't wait to see the final reveal!

  16. Beautiful table. Hope you are starting to dry out - we didn't get a lot of damage here, but were still drying out. Hang in there! At least we'll be dry for Easter!

  17. Kathleen, I'm sorry to hear you are having to deal with Mother Nature. Hope all is OK. Your table looks most elegant. Love the individual chocolate eggs at each place setting and the Johnnie Jump Ups are so sweet. I'll definitely be back to see the finished table. Happy Easter Weekend to you! Hugs ~ Sarah

  18. Beautiful and elegant table, Kathleen! My Easter table consists of just putting the leaf in so far. I have lots to do!

  19. Well, you are further along than I am! Can't wait to see your finished masterpiece. Love the little baskets at each place. Will certainly be back on Friday to see what's been done!

    You have been in my thoughts, as I watch the nasty weather reports! Sorry to hear you had some damage, but hope everyone is safe. Happy Easter!


  20. So pretty, Kathleen, a perfect Easter table. I have Lismore also and love it. I'll be back tomorrow to check out your finished table.

  21. Our wedding china is so similar. Mine is Noritka too and I never tire of it (well almost). I plan on using mine on Easter since mine has all the pastel flowers on the plate rims. If I decide to make one more thing my fridge is going to explode! Happy Easter.

  22. Ooh, so pretty! I really love the little baskets at each place and the centerpiece. I can't wait to see the whole thing! Happy Easter Kathleen!

  23. I hope to come back and see the finished product. My table is still morphing into it's final stage :0)
    I had to add all the leaves and get a longer cloth etc., etc. Sorry to hear about your flooding issues..
    Have a very blessed Easter!

  24. Gosh. I can't believed this is what you consider to be an "unfinished" table.
    The centerpiece is so pretty. I can use this idea this summer when I have my teacher friends over for lunch. It has such a pleasant, restful look to it.
    Happy Easter
    P.S. I was able to get 3 chick dishes like the ones you are using on your grandchildrens' table. Yippe! Mine are going to love it.

  25. Oh your table looks wonderful and elegant. The foods looks delicious! Happy Easter.
    My Foodie Friday entry

  26. What a lovely table. I admire that noritake china for its delicate flower decoration and the unusual platinum rand. This platinum rand goes perfectly with silver flatware. Makes the tablesetting very festive. I like that all very much.

    Wish you a happy Easter.

  27. Love the table runner, such a great idea and it would be so easy to make with what I have on hand!

    The Egg Cakes are too cute!

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  28. Kathleen...I love your tablescape! Your centerpiece is beautiful! I am going to have to copy you on the eggshell idea...soooo cute with the violas! Love your chocolate eggs with the monograms...darling! :-)

  29. Kathleen, I'm so glad you linked your wedding china to my impromptu party! I remember "Heather," and it certainly sets a beautiful table. LOVE the flowers in eggshell idea. I'll have to remember that...


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