Friday, April 16, 2010

Burning Bloggy Questions


Did you ever wonder….???

What Susan does Between Naps on the Porch?

What Pat is Musing about on her Back Porch?

Are Bill’s Accoutrements really Affordable?

Can I spell accoutrements without looking?

If I had overbite would I name my blog One Perfect Overbite? 

Is Miss Janice at Etiquette with Miss Janice ever rude or rowdy?

Is Wives with Knives a blog about a new reality show???

Does Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie have a trailer behind her house to hold all her props?

I know these are very thought provoking!  I visit all of the above blogs so I hope they don’t mind me pondering about the names..:)

So I ask did you come up with your blog name???

Did you ask for suggestions or think it up all by yourself?  A quick, or a long and agonizing decision..:)

Me??  I tried a lot of names that were taken that had Kathleen in them..and finally found one that was available.    And since it rhymes with my name it helps me remember!

One of my Favorite Things

table 1303

Shopping..oh, I know you are shocked!  

Please go see Laurie for the other entries this week..

table 3717 I am also fond of this casserole dish I got at Villeroy and Boch a few years ago…50% off day sale..and I was the first one in the store!  I was watching it in clearance, and it was marked down to 30 or so….I think I paid about 15.00!

table 3716

Have a wonderful weekend…

Some more burning bloggy questions next week…


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am going to peruse yours this weekend!

  2. Cute post girl...
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...
    Always been a morning girl...
    Happy to wake...
    happy to get up...
    and happy to get going...
    Most of our mornings are pretty sweet around the North...
    Just seemed the the right name.
    I don't think I pondered very long.

    Love your new find...

    Shopping is theraputic...right?
    I've just come back from 4 days of Therapy....retail therapy!
    I think we both love shopping!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. What a great question! "Happier than a pig in mud" is a saying I've used my whole life! I'm "north of Philly" so my grandparents were Upper Bucks County rural and I'm glad they were!

  4. Yes I do wonder how people came up with their names. When I first started to blog I was in the process of redoing several rooms in my house. I've always wanted to live in a Cottage and so My Little Cottage in the Making was the name I picked. I now don't really think that name fits my blog sometimes but oh well. It is what it is :)

    Can't wait to read what everyone else writes.


  5. fun post! My blog name is also my business name. Originally it was European Dreams - most of my store comes from Europe, and my business motto is "importer of all things dreamy". Then I realized that I also use "sweet" quite often in my vocab, when referring to vintage finds, so all the words just came together at that point. oh, and that casserole dish is quite dreamy itself!

  6. Kathleen, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that casserole dish! It is now one of my favorite things, even though it is your dish! I tried to link your post to Favorite Things and couldn't get it linked either. I've sent an email to see if they know why it won't link up. I'm so sorry it won't work. I think someone else linked after you tried. Hopefully, I'll hear back from Linky soon. I came up with my blog name. I was Bargainhunr on the Rate My Space site, so when I started my blog, I just used that idea. Then, somewhere along the line, I realized I was doing more chatting on my blog than bargain hunting, so I added the chatting part. OOOO, that is a great idea - a trailer out back for props! I'll let you know when and if I hear back from Linky. laurie

  7. Are all those shopping bags still living in the trunk of your car?

    If you moved from Phoenix to a farming community in east central Kansas, where you have to travel an hour to find a TJMaxx, wouldn't you name your blog In the Middle of Nowhere?

  8. Hi Kathleen! Oh, I love this post! You're so clever to think about this. I love music and sing and play the piano, so this was just me. I can't think of anything clever to say like you did! :)
    Love love love that casserole. It's fantastic! Oh, I would have grabbed it in a heart beat.
    Hope you'll come to my party on May7th!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  9. I love your beautiful casserole and you made such a funny post. I thought your next question was going to be "Is Blondie really blonde?"!!

    I came up with my name because I wanted to keep an online journal and had no idea that people really came to visit. Or if they did, they surely had journals of their own to share. Well, it's still a journal and my nickname is Blondie, so all is good! :-)


  10. How funny! Loved your questions! My name on rms was santamaker, so I decided that my blog would be based on my far I've only been to "fake Germany" seen on my latest post...he he...

  11. I got a fun little chuckle out of this post. I often wonder about blog names. My is the address of my first single-girl-alone apartment where I "grew up." Thanks for stopping by 504 Main.

  12. Very clever post, Kathleen! Spell check would take care of accoutrement, I'm sure! It did for me:)

    I remember when you were thinking up names! I came up with No Thyme to Cook, and amazing how when I deleted that blog after all the unpleasantness I found that "There's Always Thyme to Cook" :)

    and your title is so you, "the table is set, come in and eat!" Perfect description!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. As far as naming it, the first choice was taken. "Contemplating My Navel" did seem as lady-like and I wasn't sure what direction my blog would go & since I haven't taken over the camera from dear hubby, I didn't know if I would have pics of my sewing. (Never really been a photo person.) Contemplating my navel was an expression from my youth & I don't know if my brother or my dad started it. My dad was hilarious at times & kept me giggling during meal times, frustrating the heck out of my mom.
    Fun reading other bloggers comments.

  14. Hi Kathleen! I have something similar to that covered server, got it from a V & B outlet what was closing in Fort Myers when I was visitng my daughter. a great deal! My blog name is self explanatory because I blog mostly about my home and travels. BTW, I love shopping too!.....Christine

  15. How funny, Kathleen & what a great question! My blog name came from the fact that we live in a development that is sort-of up on a hill & ours is the only house around with a gazebo. When welcoming new neighbors or giving directions to visitors we would also say "look for the Gazebo House" or "we live in the Gazebo House". Its even on my address cards now!
    I can't wait to get back out to dining in it.

    ♥ your VB bargain casserole!!!

  16. Hi!
    My blog name? Because my blog just happened! I was going to make scrapbooks. It was Serendipity.


  17. Great post - so clever! I named my blog North of 25 A because I am just a girl (OK, so I am an older girl) from Jackson Heights, Queens who offen wonders how she ended up on the North Shore of LI...

  18. I love those bags..and the store that gives those bags..
    Nana's table:)

  19. Such a great post. I can't wait to see what all is in those bags. Some real treasures for sure.

    As for my blog name. Well at this point I am just taking "A Stroll Thru Life". Hugs, Marty

  20. Hahahahaha...Wives with Knives as a reality show. I like it!

    I also like your lovely casserole, Kathleen. And your super, duper shopping skills.

  21. Hi Kathleen,
    of course I share your love for CTS and that casserole dish is beautiful!!!!
    I left my mom's home as a rebellious teen and moved MANY times and that's when my mom nicknamed me 'Gypsy' it stuck and was my nickname ever since then, hence that my little space of the blogging world is 'The Gypsy's Corner'.
    Have a great weekend,

  22. I do genealogy research and it became very apparent to me that......Family Trees May Contain Nuts.

  23. You. Are. So. Funny! lol. Cute post, you are very clever. I love your blog name, never realized they rhymed, think I was putting too much 'e' in Kathleen and not enough in Cuisine. You have now changed how I pronounce both (probably forever:).

    Holiday Haven came about after asking a few people. I loved that Holiday could mean both 'the holidays' and 'vacations' and Haven could be either mean 'heaven' or 'safe harbor' (sort of a haven FROM the holidays). The regular HolidayHaven blogspot was taken, by a trailerpark (of all things). So I had to put a dash in the name, but that doesn't seem to throw too many people off.

  24. Cute post!! For me, the name choice was pretty easy - I think there is always something sweet and beautiful in life, so La Dolce Vita it is!

  25. Oh Kathleen, what a clever post!!! When I scrolled to the photograph of the overstuffed Christmas Tree Shop basket I laughed so hard!!!! ROFL!!! That is one of my favorite things too.

    How ever did I miss that bargain at V&B????? And now, sob, sob, they are gone.

    The Tablescaper was my oldest daughter's brainstorm when we were first designing and creating my blog. It's perfect!

    - The Tablescaper

  26. You are so funny, Kathleen!

    Can I honestly say I savor ALL the time I spend in my kitchen - NO!

    I remember that shopping cart and beautiful covered dish ;)

  27. Love this post! So funny and cute. I'm so happy other names were taken in blogland- Cusine Kathleen is perfect for you!
    StoneGable is the name of our home. For some reason I name our homes. We have a big stone gable in the front of our house, so it was fitting!
    And I wanted to blog about home things, so it just seemed to fit.
    You are a fabulous shopper. If we went shopping at a bargain store together, it would like locust had been there! Love the Villory and Boch. Good, no, great eye.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  28. I appreciate your sense of humor! I'm afraid our minds work along the same line - I wonder about those things, too. My question is, why, no matter what color the soap is, the lather always white? My blog name -- people wonder just what planet I'm on so I've decided to make my own.

  29. Hmmm ... I don't have my name in my title, so I don't really know how I fit into Color Outside the Lines. I never want to rhyme things with "Artie" though because inevitably ... Thank you for stopping by and looking in on the garden projects, and for your always kind words! :) Hey! Come by and enter my giveaway for $100 to CSNlighting. You can use it for any lighting products on their website! Hope you'll stop by for a chance to win! :)

  30. lots of fun questions, especially the
    overbite one.

    i always overbite at dinner!

  31. I always wished my parents had named me Kathleen. After all, I have red hair and green eyes, however, I guess all non-browned eyed babies you can't tell. I love your blog, keep up the good work.

  32. Hi Kathleen....I laughed when I saw the shopping cart from CTS...boy, you like to shop even more then I do!! as for the blog name...I really would love to change it to "Lady in High Tops"...but I'll stick with what I have because it does bring back memories of spending the summer in Paris with daughter and where I use to go to shop everyday for our meals...on the Rue Mouffetard.

  33. Fun post, Kathleen!

    When I started this blog three years ago I didn't think anyone would read it so I wasn't thinking of an easy or catchy name to use. I chose "Mille Fiori Favoriti" because I wanted to use just "Mille Fiori" but it was taken, so I added the "Favoriti" part. It means a "Thousand Favorite Flowers" in Italian, and I thought that each post would be a flower I was giving myself -- sort of remeberance journal of where I went, what I did, what I liked.
    A wonderful unexpected bonus was meeting so many nice people through my blog! It's fantastic how blogging has expanded in the past year.
    ♥ Pat

  34. PS Beside the fact I can't spell, I love that covered casserole dish! So perfect for Spring!

  35. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL! So funny that you should post about blog names. I know people question my food blog, Big Black Dog. When I first started blogging BBD was supposed to be about my Rottweilers and I got carried away with cooking and baking and I can't change it now.

    But one thing is for sure, no one ever forgets the name! ;)

    Love the casserole dish! So pretty and such a great price too!

  36. Kathleen~ pretty soon you're gonna need a trailer like Laurie's. I think Gollum and Susan ( Between Naps on the Porch) have got to own some type of storage unit the size of a warehouse to store their inventory of dishes and stemware. How I'd enjoy to take a tour.
    I'd loved to know how my fellow bloggers came to their names, cause I'm sure there's a story behind each one.

    I thought long and hard about my blog name. I wanted it to describe what I'd hoped you'd not only find by vising , but also what you'd leave with.

    Sweet wishes,

  37. P.S. I want that gorgeous dish. It's beyond a casserole bowl.

    Sweet wishes,

  38. Hi Kathleen, This is a great topic, as the only thing left for me to launch is a name!! My family, amused by it all, is "trying" to help but the sense of humor in this house is warped and questionable !!!! Maybe
    I'll go with that! Linda

  39. Love this post Kathleen and your new covered dish. My blog was named for what I do alot of when I should be working, creating or doing something constructive:)

    Sonny DayDreams

  40. Cute post...I think most Bloggers describe themselves a little..or maybe their maybe more reality...or I should have called my blog Gigantic Mansion in the City...LOL
    I love your covered dish and your shopping basket is a hoot - I fill one of those up at least once a week too !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  41. Hi Kathleen

    HAHA! So funny, I do wonder about these things--especially about Susan! That dear lady's blog is so lovely--does she really have down time??

    Love the pic of you CTS basket--I'll tell you, you do seem to find the best stuff there, i do not always have your eye when i get there, the place can be a little overwhelming! But it's a nice inexpensive way to lend some fun to the house!

    You are an inspiration! Love your home and your humor!!

  42. Hi Kathleen,
    I've missed so much in the last couple of weeks. Love the garden. I'll have to catch up later. Already got yelled at for being on the
    Yes I wonder about how ppl got the names for their blogs all the time. As a matter of fact I've thought of doing a post on it too.
    I really don't like the name of mine but after all that what we're called.... it's not very imaginative....boring even. I think I should have called it "Dazed and Confused" that would be more appropriate. haha

    Have a nice week!

  43. Very clever Kathleen! I love your sense of humor. Your a good shopper too, you find great bargains! I loved the one about Laurie, I have wondered where she stashes all that stuff. But, I also wonder where you stash all of yours! hehe. Hey, I hear you about the surgery, I was a bit pooped today. Oh, and of course you know my blog name came from the name of our home. Very handy! Have a great week,

  44. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are so funny, I will be back!

  45. The very day I started THINKING of my blog, I bought a tiny sign with SWEET NOTHINGS on stuck!!

    Love your pretty casserole dish!

    I have been knee deep in trying to get an account on Flickr..then, I got my photos uploaded for DBG's Food Mosaics contest and now I don't know how to get them to more time to do it today, tho..gotta get to the hospital and visit my friend....

  46. Love this post! Mine was super easy to come up with...I moved to the Carolinas about four years ago...everyday I still wake up and say how much I love where I live...hence debbiedoos loves livin in the Carolinas.....debbiedoos was my nickname growing up giving by my dear grandfather, who I miss so much, so I wanted him to be a part of my blog:)

  47. Cute post!
    Thinkin of Home came to me when I was going through my first round of chemo...I couldn't do anything, barely think, but when I did, I was always thinking of my home. So that is how I came up with the name!

  48. I didn't give enough thought to naming mine, I just thought of my favorite flower. I wish I had used something else now and even know what it would be.

    With Yellow being the first word, it is always the last blog on someone's favorites! LOL!


  49. Kathleen, I named my blog with the same name as our sailboat. The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure. We continue to cherish the extras of life as food for our souls.
    Living on the bay, do you sail? We no longer own a boat, but ours was for lake sailing. I know it's a whole different experience in the bay or on the ocean.
    This was a clever post. I so enjoy your sense of humor!


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