Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries & Ice Cream

The other day while I was on the phone with Dell, I pitted 3 lbs of cherries.

I used my cherry pitter~

table 4247

Every time I pressed that thing down I released some of the stress I was feeling, because computer problems are THE PITS! :(

Suzy at Kitchen Bouquets is hosting her 2nd Annual  Ice Cream Social this weekend.  Please stop over and cool off with some cool treats!

I made Cherry Vanilla…Picture 296

We can have some out on the porch, but you will have to eat it quickly, it is HOT out!

Picture 299

I kept some as plain vanilla, and filled some cannoli dipped in chocolate with it.

Picture 291


The recipe for the vanilla is the one that comes with the 2 qt. Cuisinart .

I used those cake pans I told you about that I got at WSonoma Outlet.

Picture 285

I poured a layer of chocolate icing over  the inside of it, and then filled it with vanilla ice cream.



Picture 306

Picture 304

I made some chocolate too, but it is not set up yet.

So what will it be?

Picture 294

Maybe a little of each?

I am joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things, and The Tablescaper for Summer Sunday.

The Tablescaper and I had a wonderful shopping trip Thurs., but that is another post!  :)

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!

table 4315


  1. LOL I should have known when I read your comment that it wasn't just going to be PLAIN vanilla! Very good use of your cherries! And pitter lol bet that Dell person wouldn't like to know you what you were thinking every time you hit that pitter. Did you just chop the cherries or cook them down? Looks so yummy. And the cannoli is cute. But my fave is that oreo cookie ice cream cake. That is so neat. It would be a great birthday cake. Looks so cute with the bow. Definitely need a little of each. What a gorgeous sunset. After dinner walk? Thanks for joining me for my Ice Cream Social always do things up right!

  2. Oh, how I wish I were just next door. These ice cream treats look delicious. I think I'll start with the cherry vanilla and work my way to the giant cookie. Oink! Oink! ~ Sarah

  3. The cherries were so sweet last week, I was thinking about how great they'd be in ice cream! Your new cake pan did a great job-cute!

  4. In serious envy of the cookie cake!!

  5. Darn it Kathleen! Now I'm going to have to try to get one of those cake pans from Bill! That cake is just way too cute! You always make me laugh. Love the thought of you taking out your computer frustrations with the cherry pitter. What a great use of that cherry pitter - psychiatrist should keep a cherry pitter in their offices! Just think of all of the yummy cherries they could eat while they are encouraging use of this teraputic tool! laurie

  6. Hi, I loved your blog! I found many good ideas,your pictures are very beautiful,loved them. Now,I'm your new follower .Hugs,Fatima-Scrapart

  7. I know someone that would like that cherry vanilla ice cream...I would rather have a piece of the cake, though.
    Great picture of the sunset over the bay.

  8. Kathleen ~
    Your blog is so delicious looking in so many ways! I adore your photos and the cherries, oh the cherries are delightful. Great post! Blessings ~ Katie

  9. Oh, my goodness gracious alive, woman...every bit of this looks so so good. I am about to have a runaway for a cherry pitter. Our cherries out here in the super market are running $4.00 a lb. and I bought 3 lbs the other day. We just love them!! We ate that $12.00 bag of bing cherries before we went to bed that night.
    I love your sandwich cake...and am lovin' the BLACK AND WHITE ribbon on that one....:)))

  10. oops, meant to tell you that your photo at the bottom is just beautiful..
    Cannoli ?


  12. Kathleen, your cherry vanilla ice sounds REALLY tasty. You always get good use of your gadgets and great buys. Love the Oreo cake, but I love the idea of the chocolate-dipped, vanilla ice cream filled cannoli. Looks yummy!

  13. CV ice cream in one of my favorites. Love how your cookie ice cream cake looks. Can't wait to see what you found on your shopping trip. Stay cool!

  14. Love the chocolate covered, ice cream-filled cannolis! How lovely and tasty too. I made cannolis yesterday and will be posting about them (I'm giving away a pizzelle maker) for Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. I liked mine, but yours look even better, Kathleen! Your ice cream cake is gorgeous. Your vignette is very nicely done and I am so happy you joined the Ice Cream Social! Have a nice wknd!

  15. Now that's one BIG ice cream sandwich :) What a perfect way to use your new cake mold! Computer problems are the pits but you made great use of your time. The chocolate-dipped canoli really got my attention!

  16. That looks so awesome Kathleen!
    You really are an awesome cook, what a neat cake!! And yes, I will have both please! Are you staying cool? It's hot and muggy here.
    Happy Week-end,

  17. Hey Kathleen, I could have used that cherry pitter a few weeks ago. How well did it work? Nice job on the ice creams!

  18. Look at those beautiful cherries!! That would definitely be a keeper..I have a pitter also, but not as fancy as yours.
    Now that is one big oreo cookie sandwich! I bet the gkids will love that.

  19. I'll skip the porch and have mine inside with the AC please.
    That CV looks sooo creamy and delicious. What a great Summer treat. I love how you used the cookie mold..that, along with your chocolate dipped cannolis..are simply - a chocolate lover's dream!!

  20. ah, that would mean Dell is the pits?

    I love the cannoli, dipped in chocolate! and the cake came out so cool! but I would love plain vanilla, with those gorgeous cherries on the side!

  21. I saw the pan at Williams Sonoma. I loved it! The cake looks great!!

  22. I hope your computer problems are now over, Kathleen. At least you made good use of your time on hold. Your ice cream cookie cake is a winner! I love those cake pans and your cake is a show stopper. My kids would love it.
    Great shot of the beach.

  23. We sure get crazy when our computers are not working right. I really need to take mine in for a tune-up before it crashes for good. After all...some of my best friends are locked up in here.
    I would never think to buy cherry ice cream at the store because it would seem too sweet but to make it at home and control all that makes my mouth water. Now I want ice cream for breakfast.

  24. Got quite a chuckle out of your getting the cherries pitted...hope that your computer woes are all straightened up. Oh yes! I'll have some of everything. Thanks!

  25. At least you got something accomplished with your phone time with Dell!!!!!

    I had sooooooo much fun shopping on Thursday! I've already played with a tablescape with the numbered napkin rings.

    Friday was a LOT of fun, but they wouldn't allow any photography inside the homes.

    The Oreo cake is adorable!!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  26. I am hungry just looking at your blog, how will I ever just have cereal for breakfast this morning, now I am craving cherry custard ice cream.... lol

  27. Exquisite!!!! I'm speechless! HUMMM! Cathy

  28. Everything looks terrific! Love it! Stay cool - the Island is HOT!

  29. G'day, Kathleen ~

    Last but not least!

    Love your ice cream desserts ... save some for me, I'm on my way over! Everything looks so inviting & delicious.

    Have a lovely summer's day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  30. Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!!!

    Your blog is beautiful AND looks scrumptious too!

  31. I just bought some cheries and am trying what to make with them. This looks delicious.

  32. I hope you saved me a cannoli Kathleen! I hope you had Dell on speaker while you were pitting those cherries, otherwise your neck must have hurt :-)

  33. Kathleen, both desserts look so delicious! It is a hot day here and ice cream would be fab! Your computer problems scare me...I have the same AVG "protection"!

  34. I'm sorry you have to deal with those pits and dell :)

    I'll definitely take a serving of the cherry vanilla and the chocolate covered cannoli - I have never had one. The giant ice cream cookie is a work of art, I bet the grandkids loved it!

  35. All of these desserts look and sound fabulous. But I have to admit, I am partial to cherry vanilla. I need one of those cherry pitters. Functional...and anti-stress...can't beat that.

    Thanks for visiting Artfully Graced. Hope you like the fudge sauce.


  36. Sorry, you're still having problems with your computer, Kathleen. But at least you have that delicious ice cream to cool you off. I just bought some mix from Crate and Barrel in Dallas but I had them delivered. I can't wait to get and try them, if I can only be home. Thanks for the prayers for my friend and family, Kathleen. It really is so sad. I decided to fly there (california) for the funeral on Thurs. Funeral is on Sat. We just arrived a few hrs. ago from Dallas, so I am unpacking bags in the kitchen and packing a luggage in the bedroom. It seems like I have been traveling back to back since the middle of June....Christine

  37. Hi Kathleen

    So very yummy! Are you enjoying this wonderful heat wave? Can never be hot enough for me...I finally feel like the school year is over and life is calm and wonderul...7 yrs to retirement and I will feel this way all the time, and live radiantly just like you!

  38. My goodness, so many choices to pick from. I'll think I'll take one of each.

    Spent some time in your blog. I'm a follower now.

  39. Cherries never stay around my house long enought for me to pite them though I do have a pitter so maybe one of these days. Love the's one of my favorites.

  40. Things look delicious at your house! the cake!

  41. OH my goodness that icecream look good! And the cannoli too!! :-) The cherry pitter gizmo looks cool. My niece could have used that the other day when she made her fresh cherry pie.

  42. This is my first time here. I was invited to the Atlanta BLoggers tea too and saw your name. So I thought I'd introduce myself. I guess you are not coming this time, but would love to meet you.

    Also - which one - I want a piece of both! lol

    Great pictures and recipes.


  43. That cookie cake is just the cutest thing.
    Glad to hear you got some rain too. Wasn't it great?

  44. No one cooks like YOU, Kathleen! That is amazing. Loved everything... that food is FABULOUS! And the snails on the napkin rings... OH, how precious! Who cares if it rains and have to eat out of paper plates and plastic cups if the food is that wonderful! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  45. Mmmmmmmm...the ice cream and the cake look delicious!


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