Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skate and Eat!

I prefer no  music on blogs, so I won't subject you to that, but if you could hum the Skater's Waltz, it would be good!  :)

Picture 1317

This was the starting point, love the fluffy around the edge!

I saved that white shaved paper, knowing I wanted to use it for this!

Picture 1336

I used a silver tray, put the paper on the edge, then set a round mirror on top.

Picture 1325

An icy blue under cloth with a snowy white cut work cloth on top.

Silver charger, the common Gibson white plates, I got mine in Linens and Things when they were still in business.Picture 1329 Etched stems from many years ago.

Icy blue napkin, held by a silver snowflake from Dansk. Votives are Italian from Fortunoff's years ago.

Picture 1332

Individual butter cloches from WSonoma Outlet.

The flatware is new...yesterday.  Calypso by Towle. Christmas Tree Shops.

Picture 1337

Little silver sleds are by Gorham.

Picture 1323

Kisses by Hershey.  :)

Picture 1334

Picture 1320

The skates are from Christmas Tree Shop, and The Tablescaper bought them too.  I am sure she will leave me in the "ice" when she does her table. :)

But I am so done with Christmas tables!  Snow and Ice, well, we will have that till March! I have a Snowman table I am thinking about, and then we will all be sick of snow!  :)

Picture 1328

And now the Food part!

Chicken Pot Pie

Picture 1304

I used my Revol chicken shaped casserole.  A few years ago several of us on a cooking forum got Revol fever.  I actually find no difference roasting a chicken in it than in a pan!

table 169

Cute, but pricey.  I rarely use it.  Save your money!

Roast a chicken, brining first is nice.  :)

Let it cool, and allow your dh to eat the legs if you are so inclined, I was, I don't like dark meat!

Make a pie crust, double.

Press the crust into the pan, and fill with the cooled chicken.

 Picture 1304

Strain the drippings.

Put in a sauce pan, add some water and soup base.

Cook your celery, onions, parsley, carrots and potatoes in this.

Spoon out the cooked vegetables and add to the chicken.

Picture 1306

Now thicken the sauce the liquid that is left in the sauce pan.  Pour over the mixture.

Picture 1307

Because you cooked your vegetables in the stock, you will have a very flavorful gravy. 

Place the top crust on your pie, and make some vent holes.

Brush the top with egg wash.
Picture 1308

Bake till golden brown...remember everything is cooked, so don't over do it!

Picture 1309

Let it sit for a few minutes...then dig in and enjoy!

Picture 1312

And that's it for tonight!

We skate (d) , we ate.  :)

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, and Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday.  Thank you, ladies.

And thank you for visiting !


  1. Delightfully decorated table...And oh my how wonderful your chicken pot pie looks!! Wishing you well! Cathy

  2. What a creative table Kathleen! Love the little sleds. The silver and crystal and blue and the little shavings are all perfect for the Ice skating theme :o)

  3. For me it's sleeping time...but seeing your chicken pot I'M HUNGRY!!!!! :D

    Hugs , Flavia

  4. What a fun table. I love the little sleds with kisses on them. The chicken pot pie looks delish.

  5. "Delicious&Delightful"!!! The skates on the table are wonderful and I'm humming The Skater's Waltz as I study your table and would LOVE a Slice of that Pie!!! "Oh I LOVE the thigh best"!
    Hugs to you,

  6. It looks like a winter wonderland! And your chicken pot pie looks delicious! I never made mine that way - I roast my veggies with the chicken and then make a roux for the pie. Your way seems a little simpler and looks delicious.

  7. Oh Kathleen!
    I just adore this table! My daughter was a competitive figure skater for many years and this would be perfect! I want that skate!
    Why couldn't they have a CTS near me!
    The blue and white works just perfectly and I love the silverware!
    Great food too, so sad that my hubby has to eat pizza tonight! hehe.

  8. That was so pretty and original. Loved the Chicken pot pie recipe. Perfect for this time of year.

  9. This looks delectable! I want a plate too! You make the prettiest tables. A work of art. I adore the flatware. Going to go back and check to see if you said where you got it.

  10. Kathleen, chicken pot pie is one of my husband's favorite meals. I'm studying all the details here. Who knows, I just might surprise him. ;-)
    Your snow and ice and skating theme is great. Looks like a cozy table for a winter's night. ~ Sarah

  11. I love this tablesetting! Those skates are adorable and I like how you carried the furry edge theme with the crinkled paper around the mirror. Are the skates a vase? I also love the new silverware - it caught my eye immediately before I even read that it was new to you. The kisses on the sleigh are a special touch - such a great winterscape all around.

    I find that I use my chicken roaster more as a chicken themed serving dish for salads & casseroles than I do for roasting chicken as well. Your pie looks good in it though.

  12. An adorable tablesetting! Love the skate idea & your new flatware. Pot pie looks delicious too! I was going to get creative with DH old ice skates, fill them with greenery, etc. & hang them on the porch but....maybe next year!

  13. Very pretty Kathleen! Love the white, silver and crinkly paper! The chicken dish is too fun! They're saying about 3" tomorrow night, but are calling it a "nuisance snow" cause you know, we're SEASONED now:@) Oye!

  14. I love the theme of this table -- those ice skates are soooo cute. Your new flatware is so beautiful and your chicken pot pie looks fab! I just love this table! Joni

  15. Fun tablescape. I love the little sleds.

  16. Love the whole table - especially the skates and the new flatware! Your chicken pot pie looks delish!

  17. Love your table! I have to tell you that at one of my favorite decorating/Christmas shops they had a beautifully decorated figure skate for sale- I looked but didn't buy as I remembered I had some very good figure skates (from when our girls took lessons) in the attic and thought I could do that next year!

    I do love the look of my Revol and got such a good price but I agree - it's the cute factor rather than taste factor :)

  18. LOVE the ice skates, kind of skates with the little bit of fur trim! Your table is lovely!
    Happy New Year!
    ;-D Kathleen

  19. Adore the chicken pan! In love with the skates, silver, the place cards! Oh, everything! Just love how you used the paper!! Great idea! This is just wonderful, wonderful!

  20. Kathleen, I absolutely adore this table. It's so creative and so pretty, and that food looks great, too! Great job!

    Hope you are having a great start to what will be a wonderful New Year for you and yours...


    Sheila :-)

  21. Kathleen, I love icy, winter-time tables! The addition of the blue is especially nice. So welcoming!

  22. Great table!!! Love how you used the skates. The mirror is perfect and that cut work tablecloth with the icy blue peeking through sends a shiver down my spine. I just love the whole table.

    Wish I had been on that Christmas Tree shopping trip!

    - The Tablescaper

  23. What a great table. Love the theme and details on the table. What a perfect after Christmas table. I love how you put the chicken pot pie in the shaped baking pot. I am going to try your recipe.

  24. This is enchanting! I am so jealous that I don't have a Christmas Tree shop here. I love the skates and the mirror is so perfect. I shall be humming "The Skater's Waltz" the rest of the evening.

  25. I love the white skates on the table and the crinkly paper. Your new flatware is pretty darned cool. I LOVE the tablecloth!!! and the blue napkins are perfect. Your chicken pot pie looks really really good...

  26. Love this table, Kathleen, It's so sparkly and wintery! The skate and sleds are adorable {wsih we had a CTS} and I love the butter cloches. Have to look for those just to have a bit of fancy at the table!

    Thanks for the recipe, it turned out so beuatiful...I love your decorative pie crusts! Nicely done!


  27. Those skates are adorable, but I have my eye on that beautiful cut lace tablecloth - yummy - just like the menu! As always, beautiful.

  28. I don't even know where to begin, Kathleen! What a fabulous table scape ... love the skates & all the details. So inviting ... & what a delicious casserole.

    ~ Pop over for our CSN Giveaway, if you haven't ~
    Have a beautiful New Year ~
    TTFN ~

  29. Beautiful table Kathleen, and so appropriate after all the snow we got recently! I saw those skates and was sooo tempted to buy them. They look so pretty as a centerpiece!

    Did you go to the WS outlet in Riverhead after Christmas? Any good deals?

  30. I love the 'ice blue' with your wonderful white cutwork cloth. The tablescape is perfect for a winter day or night. Thank you for sharing your wonderful design and your glorious recipe. Cherry Kay

  31. What a beautiful wintery table...You must have had a ton of snow where you are. We hardly had any up here in upstate NY until yesterday. I bought those same white dishes at Linens N Things. I especially love the little sled!! And your food looks fabulous.

  32. What a cute whimsical table...the skates make a great centerpiece. I like your new flatware, reminds me of little snowballs all lined up ready to be thrown!
    Happy New Year!

  33. Hi Kathleen,
    What a darling table.....I love your creativity and am always delighted at the scrumptious dish you have waiting for us at the end.

  34. I love this table! So creative! Best yet, I think! But have to say, I really miss Fortunoff's, what a great place. The housewares and dish dept, AWESOME!

    Pot pie looks delicious! I love the chickie dish! Cleans up nicely, too!

  35. Your table is stunning, Kathleen. I love the bling and the originality of the skates. What? No antique turkey? LOL! Your food looks delish and the pot pie is so pretty...Christine

  36. Gorgeous wintery and icy blue table. I adore your new flatware, so fun. I have been really. into new flatware for Christmas and my birthday. I guess I got bored with just one or two to tablescape with! Your skates make such a statement. I am sick of the snow already but I love the snowy tables (snuggled in a nice warm home!)

  37. Although I know she is very talented, I can't imagine how The Tablescaper will top your 'scape using her skates! I LOVE how you created your centerpiece with them. The mirror and shredded paper are perfect. Good call to use the blue touches too - adds interest rather than an all white look. Your new flatware goes wonderfully as well. The chicken pie would be perfect on this cold snowy day we are having!


  38. I LOVE those skates! What a perfect winter table setting. Thanks for being so candid about the chicken casserole. I have been eyeing them for some time.

  39. Oh what a pretty table, Kathleen. Love how you layered the ice blue tablecloth underneath so it shows thru the cutouts. And what a cute skate centerpiece, too. It is really early in the am and I am up, don't know why. So I'm catching up on reading. I have been cleaning and purging while putting away Xmas. It has been nine days and I am still not completely done with two rooms. I have WAY too much stuff and need to get rid of it somehow and someway. Have nothing to blog about- who wants to see pics of messes and boxes? Not me- but there are those out there who post it~ haha and then get 409 comments about it. What gives?! So I'll be back to bloggy world as soon as I get my mojo back. Just wanted to check in and let ya know I'm still plugging along, and trying to stay with my resolution. Not easy.... Take care! Sue

  40. Oh, the little sleds are adorable. And your idea of putting the kisses on them - like that too.
    You're serving the BEST food to accompany your tablescape.

    Hey! I like the fuzzy stuff around the top of your skates. I have an old pair and whenever I get around to using them for a tablescape, I think I'm going to add fuzzy stuff.

    Wonderful tablecloth. Love how you've shown the blue cloth underneath.

  41. Hello Lady?
    This is incredible amazing table. Love your winter theme.

    It's early in Sweden & not have my breakfast yet, but while looking at your dish, I feel that goodness in my mouth. It's watering now.

    TY for the recipe & I would love to try this, however don't have that Trevol form. Minus of the taste §;-)

    Happy TS...
    Greetings from freezing Stockholm,

  42. The Sarah Hughes placecard is perfect for the skates and this tablescape!! Thanks for sharing...

  43. Cute table! We rarely see ice skates in Alabama, though I would love some to decorate with.

    The chicken pot pie is calling my name. I think I know what I will be making for dinner!

  44. Another beautiful table, Kathleen. You were so clever the way you created a wintery ice skating theme. Blue, white and silver set the mood.

    Love that chicken pie!

  45. Beautiful table! I love the winter-y-ness!!! That chicken pot pie(which is a fam fave here)looks ultra yummy!

  46. Well Kathleen you certainly hit a home run with this table and dinner choice. Three of my favorite things in one: winter white, Christmas Tree Shop AND chicken pot pie. I'm in heaven this morning and its not even 9am.

    Your table is so much fun, I love all the detail and every element of what your theme is resounds on this table. I was out east last month and went to a Christmas Tree Shop,I love looking around to find a treasure or two, unfortunately I was flying so the thought of bringing much home on a plane was pretty much out of the question with the cost of extra bags. Thank you so much for sharing your Skating Table with us, I truly enjoyed it.

  47. I would have bought those skates in a heartbeat:) Love them..

    And the potpie looks delish too!!

  48. BEAUTIFUL January table!!! I LOVE the silver & white paired with the soft blue!!! Gorgeous!!! Your flatware is SO cool! I am a big fan of pot pie, and yours looks wonderful. It is the perfect cold weather meal and just makes everyone feel loved! Happy New Year! Fabulous job!

  49. Lovely Table...and to think - I passed up those skates at CTS!
    I didn't see that flatware tho..I
    love the 'icicle' look to them.
    Cute little silver sleds too. You find the neatest things.

  50. This must be one of the most creative tables I've ever seen. Just beautiful.

  51. Oh Kathleen, this is a stunning table and fun at the same time! That CTS is going to absolutely kill me. Every time I see something you bought at the CTS, I am SO jealous! Those skates are fabulous, and that flatware is gorgeous! I love the way you carried the theme out with those cutte little silver sleds and silver kisses, and silver snowflake napkin rings. Of course, your pot pie is making my mouth water. Loved this table! laurie

  52. LOVE this beautiful, snowy table!!!1 Adore the SKATES and will check out our CTS to see if they ahve some! The flatware is beautiful too. The pot pie sounds SOOOO good!!! Thanks for ALL of this! Brightened my day alot! XO, Pinky

  53. Kathleen! You never cease to amaze me. What a beautiful table and a great idea....The chicken pot pie would warm the tummy! Delicious.

  54. What a cute idea!! Just love the skates and ice blue with the white...perfect for that cold evening when you come home from skating! Just loved your chicken pot pie! I will make this easy recipe! Thank you so much....

  55. Hi Kathleen! Oh, your table is stunning and really looks icy cold! :) Those little skates are adorable as your centerpiece.
    I love chicken pot pie and yours looks so good. I like that little chicken pan too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  56. Kathleen, Your table is beautiful (you're still thinking Winter White, eh? And by the way that was a wonderful blog party!). The chicken pot pie looks good too. My daughter sent me a Harry and David's chicken pot pie - one of Oprah's Favorite Things - for Christmas. Haven't eaten it yet but looking forward to it. Kathleen, have a wonderful day and I loved this post.
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  57. Ice skates as a centerpiece! That's just too fun on a very grown up table. Chicken pot pie is one of my absolute favorite winter meals. Last summer, I replaced chicken with lobster and adjusted some of the ingredients, and that was good, in fact real good, too.

  58. I think this is one of the prettiest, perfectly seasonal tablescapes! The white and silver is elegant and evokes feelings of winter. The Ice-skates are uniquely creative and the pot-pie in the cute dish is warming and comforting.

    Ah... such a nice blog to visit :)

  59. How darling is this? Love the skates and the pot-pie looks especially delicious and warming!

  60. YOu make this look so easy and so gorgeous! I am really in the mood for chicken pie. YUMMY!

  61. I'll make this short and sweet: Beautiful Table, Beautiful Food! :)
    P.S. Love those little butter cloches!

  62. I like your new silverware from CTS. I haven't been there recently, but we are supposedly getting one two miles from my home this year :-)The skates are adorable too. The white and blue tablescape is very refreshing.

    Pass me a piece of the pot pie please!

  63. You know me I love white and winter so I won't tire of it too quickly.
    Great skates!!!

  64. Beautiful table and the pie is spectacular, Kathleen!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Hi Kathleen, I have spent some time this morning visiting with you! I wish we had a Christmas Tree Shop here, because I adore those skates. Your new flatware is awesome, and I love your cloth with the blue peaking out! Great job, your blog is an inspiration! Sorry about the above, after I read it, I noticed an error. Anyway, I am following!!

  67. Beautiful table - officially now one of my favorites!! The pot pie just puts the icing on the to speak!!

  68. Gorgeous tablescape! :) Love the pot pie too. I saw a similar chicken shaped casserole/bowl the other day but didn't know what it's for. Now, I know. ;)

  69. Girl...have I been ignoring you? it was not intentional I promise. I am way behind in my visiting. But I got to tell you, I have those napkin rings on my table right now! and you would LOVE the mirror I got after Christmas at Hobby Lobby. It is a giant snowflake. I got it 80 percent off. Now, I do not have any ice skates., I am jealous there! Your table is gorgeous!!! but no surprise!!!

  70. Beautiful table...Yummy comfort food (my favorite meal!). Ahhhhhh....
    What time is dinner?
    Jane (artfully graced)

  71. Kathleen, I so need those skates for the table I did this week! I searched for ages for a pair of skates, but of course there are none to be found here in the deep south. I'm very jealous of all you ladies who get to shop at CTS. Your table is gorgeous and I love the blue under cloth with the white over it. The sled is a cute all the attention to details. Just a beautiful table!

  72. Good morning Kathleen!
    This table is adorable. I so understand Cindy wanting those skates!!!!! All those years on the rink for her - that would so be perfect for - and get her new little princess into the skating business too!
    I always have such fun when CIndy flies out and we all get together. The 4 of us - UNSTOPPABLE! Just too fun!
    Have a wonderful weekend! I would love for you to send me some of your snow!
    :) Karen

  73. Kathleen, this table is beautiful as always. Love your skates as cp. Your new flatware is wonderful and looks lovely on here with your sleds, kisses, place card holders & chg's.

    The light blue napkins and your cut work tc with blue under cloth is so pretty with this setting. Your so good at setting fabulous tables.

  74. Pot Pie????
    Oh, I forgot, I stopped at the heading photo!!!
    Of course you knew that I would :^)
    The rest is lovely too, but red and white is always the best, and you have the loveliest reds and whites!!!!
    Thanks for posting!

  75. What a lovely tablescape. So cozy and warm.


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