Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Showers~ Chicken & Ricotta & Spinach

You Southern gals are killing us with your flowers!  It is COLD here, no blooms.  Yes, I am jealous.  By the time ours are bloomed you will be on to beach parties!

In lieu of flowers outside,   I did a very flowery table.  This cloth has lived with me for about 30 years! 

Pick a color, any color!  I couldn't so I used almost all of them!

Picture 2077

Picture 2070

Pale green plate, aqua salad, purple handled soup/mini casserole.

Picture 2081

Fresh flowers with green centers in a green pot.

Picture 2082

Aqua stem with a Purple stem for water.

Rattan chargers, a terrific sale from Pfaltzgraff .com when they have their clearance sale, under 2.00 ea., marked 20.  Who would pay 20?

Picture 2087

Picture 2081

Lime green cake ped, Pinhierro a gift from my friend Pam.  :)

Bunny salt and peppers, as nice as the ones I saw at PB outlet, .69!  PB'S?  too high!

Picture 2086

Beaded napkin rings, another bargain....25 each, seriously!

I know you may think you have seen this cloth before, but it isn't!

table 3978

The one I used today has more colors than this one I used last Spring.

Picture 2074

I tried the napkins in the glasses too, instead of the ring.

So much fun playing with dishes, LOL. 


Picture 2085

For dinner we had chicken.  Pounded filled with  fresh spinach ricotta, scallion, mozzarella, and locatelli. Pepper

How ever I serve spinach, I always add a pinch of sugar to get rid of the bitterness.

Picture 2061

Picture 2059

Roll up, dip in egg then seasoned Panko.  Refrig for an hour.

Picture 2060

Picture 2062

Brown in a small amt of oil, and finish in the oven.  Let it rest before slicing to serve, or make them smaller and serve individually.

I served it over linguine with a wine sauce.

Picture 2067

Very easy, and delicious.  May not be magazine quality  pics, no light box etc.  I cook it, we eat it!

I join Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday, and Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum.  What's on the Menu at Dining with Debbie, and Extreme Personal Measures. Thanks to our hosts!

Thank you for visiting!

Table Credits

Cloth old , Marshalls.

Purple Stems  HG     Aqua stems over 25 years old

Green flatware CTS

Rattan chargers Pfaltzgraff

Aqua salad  CTS   .84

Purple handled mini casseroles HG

Napkins old

Rings CTS

Bunnies and ceramic pot for flowers CTS


  1. Oh my goodness, how wonderful!!! That looks sooo very good!!! Such a lovely table setting! Have a grand evening! Cathy

  2. Beautiful way would I pay $20 for one rattan charger...$2, very happily, yes!
    That chicken is killing me it looks so good.

  3. Hey sorry I had to delete my posts. I am on my iPhone and my fat fingers hit post before I was done. Love your spring table and the southern gals are making me jealous too! Your dinner looks delicious!

  4. Looks like a spring table to me! Lovely. Your chicken looks so good. Thanks for sharing.


  5. It's wonderful! I love the springy colors. At first glance from the thumbnail, I though your flatware was in the shape of asparagus. LOL

    The tablecloth is so pretty and springy, too.

    BTW,I'm impressed with your bargains. I need to remember the Pfaltzgraff clearance. Note to self...

    I'm here in the south with spring flowers, but we have had rain rain rain since the azaleas bloomed. Rats.

  6. Lovin' the great colors K, very happy! Cute S&P's! That chicken looks like something I would love-enjoy:@)

  7. Not a bloom in sight here for maybe another month! Cold and dreary but your table was springlike and beautiful. I love visiting your site and seeing all the bargains that you find and putting them together in a wowsy table. This is just a breath of spring. Your chicken is to die for. What is locatelli? Especially love the rattan chargers and the tablecloth. Joni

  8. Love it! I cook it we eat it! Perfect. I'm glad you are a bargain hunter, too. I have a hard time spending full price on anything except for on avocados LOL!

  9. Great table with great bargains!!!

    I agree, Spring is taking far too long to get here. It's a good thing we can bring Spring to our tables.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Looks delicious, love that chicken! I'd even eat the asparagus now, go figure! Love that tablecloth, very pretty, the whole table!

  11. A truly lovely tablecloth.. both of them. You picked the colors so perfectly. Truly like the difference colors of dishes and the flowers, well they look like they were made for your table. Great pedestal. Your table certainly says spring, although you are still wishing it would arrive! Thanks so much for dropping in! Your comments made me smile.

  12. Kathleen, there is no need to be jealous of our southern friends - your tablescape brings the essence of spring indoors! Sweet!

  13. Kathleen, I love your table (the colors of the dishes and linens as well as those cute chargers), and I adore the food, too. Perfect!
    I'll be right over...


    Sheila :-)

  14. Good for you, using a floral tablecloth and flowers to create your very own spring! I do feel for you folks in the Frozen North this time of year. Of course, next fall, we'll still be sweltering while you're enjoying gorgeous leaves and cool breezes. Your dinner menu looked divine!

  15. No kidding I saw this exact dish being made on the food channel--maybe yesterday; not sure of the name of the chef, some young woman. It looks delicious and I will try it ...and your table looks very springy and very pretty!

  16. Well, move on down south and join in the fun down here. That way you can put me on your guest list. That chicken looks delicious. I don't cook so I would gladly come over for dinner!

    Plus, your table is beautiful. Sounds like a plan to me!

  17. Kathleen, your table is simply "blooming". I'm sorry you are still stuck in cold weather. I'd gladly send you some of our Texas warmth if I could, though we are back into some cooler temps ourself in recent days. Love that twisted handled flatware. ~ Sarah

  18. Love your tables with the spring look! Very pretty! Your chicken dish looks delicious...think I'll try that soon!

  19. What a pretty tablescape, Kathleen! Love those rattan chargers...what a great deal! I am enjoying your getting-ready-for-Easter posts...especially the desserts! What is it about desserts shaped like eggs and bunnies that makes them extra yummy? lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  20. A crocus or two here and that's it. It's been so cold! Spring hasn't sprung here either. Love the watercolor look of the tablecloth! Delicious looking meal and I love spinach - bitter and all!

  21. Kathleen!

    I just wished Tablescaper Friend warmer days ahead and from reading your blogs I know you two are pals.. wishing you warmer days ahead too! Food pics look awesome even without a light box! lol

    Will try your recipe. Beautiful tablescape! Mrs. S

  22. Well, at least it's officially Spring at your table! Marvelous colors, and I love the cloth. When I grow up, I want to be able to cook like you cook. Amazing! Cherry Kay

  23. Such a pretty table, Kathleen...all those sweet pastels! The tablecloth is the perfect backdrop!

    I am definitely going to make your stuffed chicken. Rachel Ray did something similar the other day except she tied hers up. Either way...delish!


  24. Your tables are aways beautiful and the food amazing.

    The Asparagus looks especially good to me. I looked at some the other day, but they looked too big to me. I am hoping to find the tiny little asaparagus. We should plant some at the corner of the patio.

  25. I love the softer colors of the tablecloth, Kathleen. You always do such a lovely job of accessorising your tables. I have some lovely little salt and pepper bunnies my mother gave me years ago. I cherish them.

  26. A very pretty table....I love your tablecloth!
    Your food looks amazing!

  27. I so wish that the weather was as springy as your table!

  28. Your table is so pretty but that chicken looks absolutely wonderful. I will be giving it a try soon.

  29. A gorgeous setting and delicious food!
    Everything looks wonderful!


  30. Beautiful setting, interesting details! Love the napkins in the glasses. LOVE the mini casserole dishes. And the food looks sooooo wonderful.

  31. You have the most prettiest things, Kathleen, PLUS you get such great deals! Lord knows where you keep all this stuff. Your house must be huge. Mine is so small, I could never do it, although I'd love to do so (you know how much I love the CTS too!). As for your food? Well, all I can say is that you are so damn lucky that I don't live next door to you... I'd have my face pressed up against your windows looking in at your tablescapes and begging for the delicious dinners that you set out.

  32. First, Kathleen, thank you for your well wishes for my recovery. I am feeling better today and able to sit up in bed. My husband's s-l-o-w laptop will have to suffice for now as I cannot yet comfortably walk to my office or sit in the chair for very long. I'm just happy to be reconnected with the outside world at this point! Gorgeous, gorgeous table! I agree about the original $20 price tag on the chargers, but they ARE pretty. You got an incredible buy there! I have GOT to start shopping online more! Love your purple stems, too. Have you seen the Church's Chicken commercial where the guy says, "Chicken Genius!"? That's you! This looks and sounds wonderful! I am going to try to prepare it next week when I'm up and around. My husband is lactose intolerant, but he said he'll weather that storm for this! I am regaining an appetite, and now my stomach is growling at me! Also, thanks for the tip re: the spinach. Ramon recently remarked that the spinach had a "bitter" taste to it. Now I know what to do to battle that. We can no longer find curly, mature spinach around these parts. It's all that flat baby spinach in bags which I think tastes different and does have a bitter aftertaste to it. I'm anxious to try the recipe! I hope you and yours have a fantabulous weekend!!! Take care, and thanks again!

  33. Thanks for sharing the "blooms" via your beautiful table settings! You need an award for "Savvy Shopper" of the Year. The food looks amazing. I will try that dish this weekend. xo,

  34. Oh, I am definitely salivating. That chicken looked divine with all that wonderful filling. I have never heard of the sugar trick. I will have to remember that one. Love the spring table. I agree, it is torture with all of these people and their lovely flowers and even pool parties! At least we have sunshine today!

  35. I have to get me to the Outlets. Lovely tablescape!

  36. I love your spring tablescape. It is so neat that you also showed us the table from last spring. Isn't it great how you can use the same pieces in so many ways. i am in love with the napkin rings. You have some many bargains here. What is CTS. I don't think we have one here.
    I like your chicken recipe. I use a pinch of sugar in the water when I steam broccoli and brussel sprouts for the same reason. I also use panko crumbs (plain). They don't have as much salt as the flavored and other bread crumbs.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  37. Smiling at your comment...cook it and eat it. If I had a dollar for every time I went to get my camera to snap a photo of my homemade goods I would be able to hire my own chef by now soon as I take the food out of the oven it always seems that someone has take a piece to sample:-) Your meal looks delicious and I had no idea to use sugar on the spinach???

  38. What a beautiful table! I love all the fresh spring colors! The meal looks delish, too. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Oh, my! I am going to have to try your recipe for the looks so yummy, and I am not even hungry. Your table looks very much like spring and I really admire your rattan chargers. I only wish I could find some like yours. The little mini casserole dishes are so cute, too.

  40. Kathleen, I feel the same way you do -- the only spring flowers I'm seeing these days is on my kitchen table tablecloth! Snow tomorrow? Again? A weather April Fool joke on us! LOL

    Your dinners always look so delicious! I find it hard to cook for two after all these years and make too much all the time and then we eat leftovers all week. I have to learn to cut back.

    My friend and I are going to the Cedarhurst WS outlet tomorrow ...I hope they have something worthwhile.

  41. Kathleen-You don't need a light box--this looks delicious and your table screams spring even if the weather outside doesn't! (it's not screaming spring here either-had a fire in the firplace last night) My napkins arrived and they make me very very happy :) Love 'em!!! Thank you bunches...tablescape to follow :)

  42. I have looked for years for nice rattan chargers that I can afford. Your table is great, but i am really wanting that food. My little piece of cheese toast is wearing thin!

  43. Are you kidding? This is more than magazine quality photos for me. That food looks so good. How did you learn to be such a good cook, Kathleen? The table is beautiful. At least you can have flowers on the table, lol. I cannot believe it has not stopped snowing there.

  44. Kathleen, my links were messed up, so you, Butter, and Yvonne are getting free books! Email me and let me know which Twilight Texas book you'd like. XX00

  45. Your table is just lovely, K.
    The dinner looks amazing. You just blow me away with all your fancy cooking. Bet Mr. K LOVES your dinners.:)

  46. O, and meant to say, come leave a comment for a chance to win this amazing enamel house number sign...sure would look cute out there somewhere on your outdoor shower..:)

  47. Hi Kathleen! Oh, I love your pretty Springy table. What a lovely tablecloth too. I would love to make that dish, it looks wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  48. Hi Kathleen - Don't be alarmed when I knock on your door tomorrow looking for leftovers! Man, that's one heck of a good looking meal. And I really love your tablecloth. Great deal on those chargers too. Fabulosity!!


  49. I like your pretty floral tablecloths! the first one looks very Monet-like. And I have to tell you that your chicken looks absolutely delicious! I NEED to make this recipe!!!

  50. Kathleen, this is so fresh and springy! I love using lots of color, too! Your chicken dish looks amazing! I'm ready to try it for breakfast! LOL!
    Have a beautiful weekend~
    ;-D Kathleen

  51. What a beautiful table and a beautiful meal! It looks absolutely delicious. Thank you for the tip on cooking spinach. I have never considered adding sugar to it to cut the bitterness. I will certainly do that next time!

  52. Great photo's and you have nice things. Love your recipe...... looks so delicious. Found your blog and will now follow it lots of good stuff here. Thanks for sharing and Happy Foodie Friday!!!!

  53. I don't know which I loved more the tablescape or the recipe. Yum. Great post.

  54. Thank you for your kind comments... I am thrilled about the cookware!
    Thank you for posting a table with lots of flowers, even if most of them are on the tablecloth!
    I love your chargers. I would love to have several of them myself.
    YOur chicken sounds so yummy! Thanks for the tip about the spinach. I did no know that!

  55. Those rattan chargers really do give the table and tropical warm feel. Hope your flowers start soon! Mine may be drowning, but they are trying to bloom :-) I am so glad you did a little demo of how you do your stuffed breasts. I always admire how perfect they look. Two things I would have never thought to do...refrigerate and brown then bake. I'll give it a try soon.

  56. What a great deal on those chargers! Love all the pretty flowers in the tablecloth and how you used them in your selection of dishes. Nothing wrong with your food pictures, they always make me drool!


  57. Kathleen, a couple of questions re: the chicken recipe: What oven temperature? For how long? And when you put the sugar in the spinach, did you just mix that in with the spinach/cheese mixture? I really want to try this dish. I will have to do a test run on Ramon (my personal guinea pig!) before attempting to prepare it fore guests. Let me know, please! Thanks!

  58. What a beautiful table and your chicken ricotta and spinach looks delicious.


  59. What a beautiful table cloth! Love your chargers and your chicken dinner looks heavenly!


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