Monday, March 14, 2011

♣ Third Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl ♣

table 2012

My family and I welcome you to the party!

table 3456

For those of you who would like a little Irish music ...

Do you remember Big Paddy?

He really has been through it,

He was being chased by  bad guys

And caught a rubber bullet!

table 3377 He ended up at TJ Maxx

It hurt his self esteem

To be reduced to four stinkin' bucks

And swooped up by Kathleen.

She bandaged up that little hole

A shamrock hides the spot

See that smile upon his face?

He really thinks he's hot!

He found himself a new girl too

They dance and go to shows

Maybe you have heard of her?

Her name's  Wild Irish Rose!

For those of you first timers

You're very welcome here

Meet my bunny, SPUD

Who got in to hubby's beer!

Picture 167He did real well at rehab

Saw the error of his ways 

He now promotes "hare" care

He loves this job that pays!

Picture 207


The band is tuned and ready

We start here at Kathleen's,

And crawl our way through blog land

For the showing of the greens!

Maybe you can step dance

table 3442

Or sing an Irish ditty

Bake a yummy Shepherd's Pie

Or show an Irish pretty.

Picture 1996

If you need a recipe

To make an Irish dish

table 2015

Check out this book from Marigene

Filled with foods delish!

Picture 1995

Time to crawl to your place

Can't wait to see your post,

Before you go, please have a scone

Picture 1980

From your  Irish jigging host! :)

table 3459

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

table 3338 Don't forget there will be a chance for all followers who leave a comment to win a $60 dollar gift certificate from CSN.

Winner will be announced Sunday.

If you want to join in and link up, please
♣ follow this blog so I can count you in the drawing
♣ leave a comment, I love hearing from you!
♣ link the url of your blog post and use your blog name
♣ link back to this post
♣. visit as many participants as possible and leave them a comment. That's what makes it fun!
Enjoy the crawl! I am so glad you decided to play!
You don't have to participate to be in the drawing for followers. Just leave a comment and you are in!
Come back Sunday to see if you won!

Thanks so much for visiting!
I am also joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.
St. Patrick's Day Carnival, and Jessa Irene at Holiday Haven.

table 1981


  1. "That was SO MUCH FUN Kathleen"!!! And I Really Love your green&white Jigging Socks!!!
    You are Quite the talented Poet!!!
    Hugs to you,

  2. I forget just how clever you are with your words and pictures! I really had to pull something together with my house all torn up, but I'm here! I do follow of course!

    Thanks for hosting the party once will be fun!

    Just noticed I'm not seeing a place to link up??

  3. Kathleen! I crown you queen of the green. You really know how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Love all your goodies and the food as usual looks wonderful. Let the party begin!

  4. Kathleen, I would love to see you do an Irish jig for us! I'm singing along to your music as I scroll up and down! But what is Spud doing drinking that German beer? He would prefer Guinness, I'm sure! I enjoyed putting my post together, but it does have lots of pics. I could have put in about 500 from our trips, but I controlled myself as much as I could. Can't wait to visit everyone! Happy St. Patty's Day! Linda

  5. Oh Kathleen, how cute! Loved your poem and your cute rehabed Irish bunny! You are just so much fun ~ the perfect person to host the blow crawl. I love the way you put those 3 heart plates together to make the shamrock, and what a sweet little saying on the shamrock at the end of your post. I do think there should have been a video of you do that Irish jig in your cute socks! Thanks for the fun and thanks for hosting. laurie

  6. Kathleen. I loved your poem and decorations! So glad Big Paddy hooked up this! :)
    Thanks for hosting this fun event every year! 'Tis a grand day to be Irish!
    ♣ Pat ♣

  7. I am rolling around on my chair just laughing out loud like a hyena!!! That was FUNNY!!! The rhyme (oh, PLEASE don't tell me we were supposed to read that as a RAP song?!!!!?!) and the little lush bunny droppings...TOO funny!!! You are such a hoot! You have made my night! Thanks for hosting this Blog Crawl. This is fun!

  8. Everything looks fantastic, K.
    Love all the green...really cute poem. You are so good at that. :))
    xo bj

  9. Kathleen, you write the best poems to go with your special posts and this one is perfect! I loved seeing Spud again! How clever to make a shamrock out of heart-shaped plates..I have those and could do the same now that you've shown me how! Thanks for hosting this Irish Blog Crawl! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!


  10. Thanks for hosting this fun event Kathleen!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  11. Love the socks! I couldn't help but do a few steps from my Riverdance routine when I saw them.

    Thanks for hosting.

  12. What a precious poem! You really outdid yourself with this great party! I'm so happy to be able to join you in all the festivities! Thanks so much for hostessing this. Can't wait to visit everyone!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  13. Your poem was fantastic!

    While I love corned beef and cabbage, it always tastes so much better on St. Patrick's Day, I think.

    Thanks for the giveaway chance too!
    shel704 at aol dot com

  14. Your post is so much fun and so cute, Kathleen! Thanks for iniviting us over and hosting this fabulous party. Love the neew header too!...Christine

  15. How much fun is this?!? I love all of the pictures, but the socks have to be my favorite. Think I can get some by tomorrow? Wishing you the best - thanks for hosting such a fun blog party!

  16. Kathleen,

    Wonderful post. Love the poem and the pictures. Have a wonderful week and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  17. Your table looks great K! Any chance that cabbage recipe will be posted for Foodie Friday, looks like something I'd like to make! Thanks for the fun party, gonna go see what everyone else is up to:@)

  18. What fun, Kathleen! And it will be more fun checking all the links!
    Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

  19. I always enjoy your eye candy, but it's your little poems to go along with it that are my favorite part.

  20. Dear Irish Lass,
    You should be a nurse...patching up Big Paddy,
    taking Spud to rehab - you are so kind. May St.Peter bless you on this fine morn....Now,
    get back to your jigging :o)
    p.s. Thanks for inviting us all in your fun !

  21. Thanks for hosting the blog crawl! Your introduction was just charming!

  22. What a lovely green family you have! Glad to see that Spud is back. Great post. Winning. DUH!

    The food looks amazing, so does the table. Always a fantastic party at your place, Kathleen! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family!

  23. Would love to see the rest of the outfit that goes with those socks :)

  24. Big Paddy is a hoot, Kathleen~ I take it he came by way of Belfast to the Maxx? Spud looks adorable and your Beleek is enviable! I'm cooking the Americanized cabbage and corned beef tomorrow because we have the day off. Your tootsies look quite fancy, BTW. ~ Wish I could join ya for a jig and a drink. I'd be having a Murphy's, though. Happy St. Paddy's Day, my friend!! xo Sue

  25. This is such a fun post and linky party. I won't be able to link-up until St. Patrick's Day because we always have a special breakfast. I hope that's OK!

    Ricki Jill

  26. What a fabulous post to get us all in the mood for St Patricks Day.
    Loved it all especially the poem, or is it a Limerick, I'm never sure what the difference is!
    It's good to be green.

  27. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you Kathleen! Your post is really put a smile on my face :) I had to chuckle a bit when I found out the story behind your Big Patty and Mr. really know how to tell a story and I love it. All of your green's are beautiful and so is the plaque with the poem. Thanks for hosting this party, I'm joining in on the fun :)
    Big hugs,

  28. You have outdone yourself - what a super post. One of these days I'm going to see you do the jig in those striped socks!!
    Everything looks delicious..and am jealous of all your pieces...happy to see Spud made it bacl!

  29. You are too funny! Love the adaptation of the shamrock egg plate. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you my dear.

    - The Tablescaper

  30. What a wondeful party you are having. Everything looks so pretty. Happy St. Paddys Day.

  31. Love the jigging socks! You do know how to have fun, Kathleen. Cute little poem to take us through your post full of Irish goodness. Thanks for the scone, I think I'll take another while I'm off to party at the others.
    Thanks for hosting and Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~ sarah

  32. Hi Kathleen!

    I'm thrilled that you've decided to let us all celebrate St. Patrick's Day with you!!! You always come up with such original & wonderful ideas. LOVE those legs...LOL!!!

    I had to use last years post as I'm over my head with preparations for company arriving on Friday. I said all my decorations & food are exactly the same anyway.

    Thanks for hosting & thanks for being such a wonderfully inspiring & creative blogger. I just ♥ everything you come up with.

    Mega hugs,

  33. Kathleen - you never disappoint! From the tablescape, to all the accents, the food, Paddy, and of course, the poem!!!! And let's not forget the striped socks! I had a wonderful time at your St. Pat's party :-) xo,

  34. What a fun party!! Love all the photos and especially the green faces and green striped socks. Happy St. Pat's Day to all.

  35. You are having so much fun! Love all of your photos. Your party was a ball...thank you for hosting!

  36. Kathleen,
    This looks wonderful! Love your poem and the tea and cookbook are fantastic. Thanks for having us.

  37. Kathleen, I love Big Paddy! Love your bunny with the bow and hat too - super cute. And the family with green that was creative and funny! Thanks so much for hosting this blog crawl. I've been to several of the posts and am really enjoying it, plus picking up some great recipes!
    Blessings to you, Beth

  38. Kathleen quero deixar para você a minha admiração e reconhecimento, pelo seu trabalho. Seu blog é fantástico! Você, tem muito bom gosto na arte de por uma mesa. Estou seguindo seu blog e fico maravilhada com a sua criatividade. Querida te desejo felicidades e uma ótima tarde. Beijinho

  39. Love the story! Everything is so pretty and food looks delicious! Thanks for hosting this fun party!


  40. What a lovely story you told in your rhyme! I loved it.. Fun post and I'm glad you are having this party! slainte mhath

  41. I loved your poem - Irish limmerick? Adorable! I love this party as well - thank you for hosting. I am your newest follower and enjoying it very much!

  42. Whoo Hoo I'm dancin' a jig!...So excited to link up this St Patty's Day celebration. I love it!!
    I'm your newest follower.
    This party "rocks"!!!

  43. What fun it is to visit here!! Will travel more when I get home from work! Well done! Cathy

  44. Oh wow! I just found you via another blog playing in the blog crawl! What fun... love all your stuff (and their stories too!). Hope it's okay to join in on the fun :)

  45. This is just such an amazing and inspirational blog. Glad I found it, have just linked my Irish Cream recipe :-)

  46. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Kathleen! Thank you for hosting such a fun party.

  47. Thanks for hosting this blog crawl. I love your poem and pictures too. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  48. Cute post, Kathleen! The food looks delicious, can I pick the raisins out of the scones, though?

  49. I'm a little late but I always thought when you said March 15 you meant March 15!

    Oops, I also didn't read the rules about leaving my blog name to enter your contest so Susan's Irish Feast means me :)

    I was hoping there would be some poetry included in your post and you didn't disappoint! I'm happy Spud was here to celebrate too.

    What a great turnout you already have!

  50. What a cute St. Patty's post Kathleen!! I love that shamrock china too. I can't believe I had something to link up, but didn't want to miss! Thanks for hosting!!

  51. Thank you very much for hosting!! I always love to read your blog!

  52. I am green with envy for your family picture! So funny! Love the little ditty -- you are quite talented in that way. Thanks for hosting such a fun party. I love seeing all the deals that you get and how you put everything together -- the leprchaun is a steal! Joni

  53. Yer the best of the best Lassie!!!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful story and smile!

  54. Thanks for hosting again this year!! Your scones look delicious!! So does the cabbage! Love the green faces! :-) Happy St. Patrick's day to you!!

  55. Thank you for hosting Kathleen, I just join in the fun, since I'm a fairly new blogger, since last Oct. I loved your poem and all the wonderful things you! Darling bunny, big daddy, and the lace like plates with the beautiful tea pot, I adore! You're also a master chef, I always take your recipes. Thank you so much for everything.
    Have a very happy St. Patrick's Day.

  56. Love those socks jigging host, and glad you included some poetry! I am a follower :-)
    What a beautiful book from Marigene. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  57. Happy St. Patricks day!


  58. Looks like a lot of fun going on around here! I love your I'm a follower, too! Hugs! ♥

  59. Love your blog. Love love love it! I found you through Queenies Vintage Finds and treasures! And - side note - love the name Kathleen - It's my oldest daughter's name. :)

  60. I couldn't stay away!!!! now I'm even more hungry. Is that fried cabbage? That's one of my favorites. Haven't made it in forever but with the low price of cabbage I may stock up.
    Happy St Patties!

  61. Thanks for hosting! Lots of great St. Patty's Day recipes. Have a great day!

  62. I must say I love your Irish poem! Makes me smile!

  63. Thanks for the chance. I follow on gfc

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  64. So fun, what a great party, I can't wait to go check out some St. Patty's Day ideas! Thanks for inviting me, I am your newest follower!


  65. Didn't have time to make any Irish food or table settings so I can't link up. But I did name one of my daughters Erin so that's pretty IRish, right. Great blog and fun blog hop.

  66. I've such a great time with this "crawl". Cinco de Mayo?!! I'm already planning!!!
    Ladybug Creek

  67. It's 11pm and we just got to our hotel. I saw your comment and told my daughter that we might try to see the CTS and she looked it up on her IPod and we are less than a mile from it. I am sooo excited to be going...also to Pottery Barn and Wm.S. I know I woon't sleep a wink tonight..too excited. Thanks bunches for reminding me. Oh, and Ikea....
    Your party is a HUGE success...just as I knew it would be.
    See ya later, alligator.
    xoxo bj

  68. Thanks so much for your comment, wanted to make sure I wasn't a party crasher! lol. Your party is such fun! The socks are still my favorite, but the Irish girl is now a close second. The heart plates are just genius. And everything is so beautiful! Can't wait to visit more links.

  69. CERTIFIED IRISH FOOD LOVER. Can't wait for Saint Patty i want to have some good tasting pasta. - Dont miss this (Saint Patricks Day Greeting Cards

  70. Hi Kathleen: What a wonderful post. I am a follower of your blog and I would love to win! Blessings, Martha

  71. Loved the new ditty and your socks!! I bet the grandkids would love to see you in those. Thanks for hosting my friend. It was fun!

  72. What a fun really are something! Thanks so much for hosting the blog crawl yet another year!! And Happy St. Paddy's Day!


  73. Kathleen, I'm late to the party as usual, but better late than never! Big Paddy is wonderful and I loved seeing all your decorations. Love the socks! I think I'll have a scone before I begin my blog crawl.

  74. What a perfect party! Love your socks. I just joined the festivities.

  75. Thank you for a wonderful party! I am so glad I got to participate this year. Those socks are just to die for! I think you might have been the hardest working blogger this ST Patrick's Day! Your decor is WONDERFUL!

  76. What a delightful post, I'm digging into all the links! (The bunny with his pellets and beer is hilarious!)

  77. Being an Irish gal myself, I love St. Patrick's Day! However, I've been so busy these past few weeks that I have not had time to bring any of my items out of storage :(

    I love all your cute things. You always crack me up :)

    Off to read others posts now too.

    I'm going to be back to blogging more this coming week. Things are finally settling down here.

  78. Thanks for sharing all the green goodies!

    Thanks for joining in and linking up to my St Patrick's Blogging Carnival.

    Happy St Patricks Day from N Ireland.

  79. what a fun hop, thanks for hosting, newest follower too.
    suprised how many st pat's ideas I have and am only irish by marriage:)

  80. I am soooo late...but I was at Doctor's all day it is linked up now! Looks like a fun party...can't wait to visit all!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  81. Kathleen, I'm late to yer party, girl, but I wanted to drop in and wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Erin Go Bragh, my friend, and I love your postie!


    Sheila :-)

    (who will be visiting everyone as I can... computer server issues this evening)

  82. What a fun post. So glad I could join the party. Good wishes and blessings for St. Patrick's Day!

  83. So sorry I missed your party-what fun! I loved the poems and the decor, but those socks were the best!

  84. Oh, I wish I'd known about this event sooner, Kathleen!! I would love to have set a pretty table...easy for me to do being Irish born to begin with. Next year, I'm definitely playing along!!

    I did do an Irish post, though it doesn't fit for your party...if you get a chance to have a look, I'd much appreciate it. And the socks did rock!!!

    See you next March, for sure...:)

    Imagination Lane

  85. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Hopping through Blogs on this day is so much more fun than heading out to Pubs! I love it.

  86. You have such a fun blog! I'm glad I found it and follow you. Thanks!

  87. We loved YOUR Blog so much we featured you in OUR Blog — — "Visit Cuisine Kathleen’s 3rd Annual St. Patty’s Day Blog Crawl — She’s chock full of Irish humor! The table’s set and she’s ready to Party!"

    We really enjoyed the festivities! Happy St. Patty's Day!

  88. Here's the URL so you can read your feature:, and click on Blogs / Erin Goes Blog, Blog, Blog

  89. Loved seeing your St. Paddy's Day table. I just found you and am your newest follower! I can't wait to crawl through the other blogs for my St. Paddy's day fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! ~Delores

  90. Thanks so much for hosting this event, your Post was so much fun , too ! :)

  91. Wow! I finally got my post up & joined in! Better late then never, right?! I already checked out a bunch of the blogs the other day & off to check out some more! Thanks for hosting this party! Oh yeah, enter my name in your giveaway too please! Hope you like my post! Have a great day my fellow Irish friend! XO Allison

  92. That was just so creative and so Irish Kathleen!
    You are one creative gal! I feel sad that I didn't have time to participate this year.
    I still hope I win!

  93. I'm a follower & I just loved this post! It was fun looking at all of these links on St. Patty's Day :) Thanks!

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  94. So sorry I didn't get to link up with the crawl. I have had my two daughters and their families as house guests since last Friday. Everyone is in bed now after a day of celebrating. We started with the parade and it went on from there.
    I will be back next week sharing all of out antics. Loved your table and the scones look awesome. Sunday, after everyone leaves I will be checking out all the links. Thanks for providing the forum. Happy St Pat's. Ginger

  95. What a fun post - well done! And awesome St. Patrick's Day linky party! I'm your newest follower. I added a link to your post at the Living Montesori Now Community at’s-day.html

  96. I feel so bad that I missed the blog crawl. It looks like a great group of posts. You have taken St. Pat's tablescaping to a state of the art level. Thanks for sharing your wonderful design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  97. Hey K:

    Your blog is so has grown and grown and looks fabulous...I'll be crawling along all weekend as my little one has stomach flu, thanks for the entertainment!

    My kitchen is being gutted as we speak and I aspire--when it's done--to have table settings like you, my dear! :0) Tara

  98. You are a winner :) Get in touch to claim your prize from Ireland!


Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate your visit!


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