Monday, August 15, 2011

Those Boats Sail Again!

In my last post I showed you pictures of the centerpieces I used for a community dinner dance.

Augyst and dinner dance 040

Last  Saturday night they set sail again for a neighborhood Covered Dish Supper.

table 3717

table 3716

This is one of my favorite covered dishes, from Villeroy and Boch scooped up at a great price at a sale.

Augyst and dinner dance 155

I bought the blue and white fabric at the Duralee Outlet.  I used 2.5 yds for each 6 ft table, so each cloth cost me 6.00.  They are heavy weight fabric, and I am sure they will be used many times. 

The sailboats were on clearance for .70 cents, and I filled them with hydrangea.

The cloth napkins and stainless flatware were tied in a blue ribbon.

 Augyst and dinner dance 173

Different shaped shell votives , also from Christmas Tree Shop were .80 cents and again, will be used for other parties.

Augyst and dinner dance 172

There were over 80 adults and 15 children. 

Augyst and dinner dance 159

Three long tables held the salads, main dishes and desserts .  Each family was asked to bring a main dish enough to feed their group plus 3, and a salad or dessert.  There was plenty of food!

A fresh pear cake...

Augyst and dinner dance 108

Augyst and dinner dance 110

Pork Fried Rice   

Picture 1545

The way I make it is similar to the recipe in the newest Rachel Ray magazine.  She used pulled pork in hers, I use a loin of pork cut into chunks.  We like more pork than rice!

Here's another of hers,but I don't use ginger or peppers.

Dh made a pot of his famous chili, and I made a pot of New England Clam Chowder too.

table 1865

A wonderful summer evening in a very special place!

table 4180Thanks for visiting!

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays

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  1. Great organization!!! MAy I ask you your New England clam Chowder recipe??? I love it!!! Thanks, Flavia

  2. How fun, Kathleen! The tablecloths were a bargain and I love the little boats! Your food looks yummy as always! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. You are amazing! Do you just happen to have tables and seating for 80??? You make throwing parties so easy and you do it on such a shoe string budget! I want to be your neighbor! Fun, fun!

  4. Looks like you all had a great time K! Pork Fried Rice sounds good but I'm with Flavia, I'd love to know about the Clam Chowda... Thanks so much for joining the Cook-Along:@)

  5. Lovin the Chowda. Tablecloths are wonderful and it looks like everyone in the neighborhood was having a lip smacking good time. Thanks for the link for the RR recipe.

  6. What a great event! Looks like a movie. A good movie.

  7. Love the tablecloths and your covered casserole. You've been a busy gal this summer!
    I'd put you in charge for any event..I wouldn't have any worries!

  8. I agree it does look like a movie. Beautifully done Kathleen. You are such a pro.
    Anyone can throw tons of $$$ at a project and look great but you did a fabulous job using such economical things. Bravo.

  9. A wonderful summer evening in a very special place, for sure! I am enjoying myself just viewing the photos! You have a gift of hospitality, entertaining and creating! What a dear you are!

  10. Love the tables! What a fun event. I love potlucks, so much food!

  11. Kathleen! You are such an inspiration. I love your style and the looks of your food, too. :0)

  12. fabulous! you make me want to host a potluck, something I've never done before. Hope your summer has been going well!

  13. I've been wondering what you were up I see you were VERY busy!! Your tables look FANTASTIC with all the pretty blue & white.
    I love those boats & all the shells you've got, too.
    Hubby is going to kiss you for that pork fried rice recipe. He HATES plain white rice!

    What a talented person you are, not only decorate beautifully, you do it with fantastic bargains & then you COOK some of the best food I've even thought of. I, too, wish I was your neighbor.


  14. I am always amazed when you decorate for your community dinners, well, any dinner, actually. So very lovely!!

  15. you already know how much I love those sailboats and how happy I am for you that you got them at such a stupendous price point. Now for the fabric on those tables: WOW!!!! I love it! I am a blue & white stripe girl through and through. That fabric reminds me of what Carolyne Roehm would use. I often ask myself, "What Would Carolyne Roehm Do?" (WWCRD). You will get GREAT use out of those! I wish I could find fabric at such great prices more often. It just doesn't seem to exist here. Or maybe it's because I'm always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to the fabric stores. I don't know...! This is all so pretty! Get on down and touch the ground with your bad self! :-)

  16. Wow! This is wonderful! Your neighbors must be awe struck by you and all your talents! Not only can the girl cook, she decorates beautifully (on a shoestring!) And she's pretty to boot!

    Great job!


  17. What that at your home, Kathleen? What a beautiful setting and the tables are wonderful! You are such a great hostess. I wish we had more people like you here!

  18. The tablecloths are fantastic. And the whole affair looks like such fun. My mouth was watering looking at that pear cake. So, would love a posting for that, too!

  19. I wish I were YOUR neighbor!!!! This looks like great fun! I amy suggest we do this here! We do a progressive dinner in the winter usually. Thanks for the recipes! XO, Pinky

  20. What an event! Wow, the food is fabulous and the tables are gorgeous. How fun.

  21. What a fun time. Do you host this event every year?
    The tables look great and all the food looks delicious.

  22. You just made an outdoor picnic look more elegant than many indoor dinners. It all looks great, and I would love to be a part of your neighborhood.

    My favorite taste temptation was the chowder. It's way too hot here to even think about soup. I can't wait for chowder season.

  23. You have been busy as a beaver, Kathleen! The tables look great. Pretty fabric...the sailboats really stand out on it.

  24. This looks like it was such a fun and successful event! Everything looks beautiful and fresh. You did a lovely job Kathleen!

  25. What a wonderful event especially with you hosting and preparing. The tables look so pretty and the food look so delish! That's big group to cook for!...Christine

  26. Those little boats deserve to sail again. They're adorable and the table cloths are so pretty. You are the best shopper. It looks like everyone is having a great time. I'm saving the recipes to try... love all of those dishes.

  27. Kathleen:

    It all looks spectacular. Your tablecloths, cloth napkins, sail boats and candleholders make for an amazing feast for the eyes. I'm sure the guests were surprised - not to mention how you pulled it off at such bargain prices.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Everything looked beautiful! Are you sure you don't do weddings? :))

  29. I used to sell those signs!!! too cute!

  30. Were those sailboats at CTS too? I didn't see them or I would've scooped them up :)


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