Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will You BEE Joining Me?

 Augyst and dinner dance 307

I hope so!  It was a BEE utiful day, so I set a place for you out in the garden.  We'll have Brunch.

Augyst and dinner dance 326

The Bees are loving the Black Eyed Susan's!

The cloth is a piece of fabric I got for a dollar at Duralee.

I didn't hem it yet, I wasn't sure I would have enough to fit the table, but it did!

Augyst and dinner dance 343

I used the bee yellow candle holder as a vase.  The lines reminded me of a skep.

Augyst and dinner dance 338

I filled it with white pee gee hydrangea and some yellow portulaca.

You can see the BEE on the glasses, which were from CTS as were the candle holders, 1.29.

Augyst and dinner dance 320

Ruffled yellow charger, CTS, 1.69

Black and white Spode plate, from Savers.  More info HERE.

Yellow cake/salad is by Pfaltzgraff , Circle of Friends pattern.  They came 4 to a box, yellow, purple, pink and green.  Less than a dollar each, pretty edge too!

Augyst and dinner dance 317

Yellow Fiesta Flatware from Tues. Morning.

See how the bee's head pops up on the napkin ring?

Those were sent to me by sweet Diann at The Thrifty Groove.  They were from CTS.

Augyst and dinner dance 335

Solid yellow napkin with a polka dot to match the plate.

Augyst and dinner dance 305

If you have Bees, you need birds, and these Salt and Peppers are from Pier One. They are similar to the ones from Target that flew throughout blogland when Susan did a special event with them.  That was fun, something different than the same old, same old.  We should do something like that again.  Let's see, what is something most of us have and could have an adventure using?

I'll be thinking about it!

Augyst and dinner dance 341

The yellow pitcher was my mom's.  So are the Susan's.  Before we sold her house, I dug some up to plant here.  They are flourishing all over the berm in the left of the pic.

Augyst and dinner dance 315

Augyst and dinner dance 329

There's  a gorgeous breeze today!

I will enjoy it.  Yesterday the earthquake, and the weekend IRENE may hit Long Island.  :(

Augyst and dinner dance 216

I made individual cheese stratas for us.

They puff up so beautifully.

Augyst and dinner dance 214

But it will deflate so you can dig in!  I have to have ketchup on mine!

Augyst and dinner dance 220

My friend A., The Tablescaper, posted my recipe last week.   HERE 

I would just add to make sure when you cover it and place in the frig overnight, push the plastic wrap down so that all the bread is submerged in the egg, cheese mixture.

It heats up well in the microwave the next day too.

Use ham, broccoli, whatever you like!

Augyst and dinner dance 336

A little something sweet to have with our coffee...

Augyst and dinner dance 345

Some BEE hive sugar cookies.

Augyst and dinner dance 344

See the little BEE trying to get it?  :)

Don't let it sting you!

Thanks for visiting!

I am joining

Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Open House at
On Sutton Place

Diann for Thrifty Friday

Gollum for Foodie Friday


  1. You are SO creative..:)

    I love the black white and yellow..My DD is searching high and lo for black stars here for her home:)

    I made little breads today that look like your stratas:)

    Everything looks very..Mckenzie Childs:) Beau!

  2. I'll buzz right on across the nation to claim a spot at your precious table. I claim the Lord's protection for you and yours as the storm approaches. I pray that He will pour His grace over you and your home. Thanks for sharing your darling design. I love the black and white striped fabric. I keep looking for some that I think is affordable. Cherry Kay

  3. I love this,'s a perfect tablescape for outdoors surrounded by your Black Eyed Susans! The theme is so cute!

    I have to visit the Tablescaper to find this recipe, it looks terrific! But you make everything look so good!!

    Stay safe.


  4. Loved this post, the cheese stratas look so good! I have the same napkin rings from Diann too, bees and ladybugs! Birds and bees and B.'s do get along rather well.:) I am fretting too much about Irene to think of setting my table for anything....I am worried my new 3yr old really expensive Andersen Windows won't hold up in 100 mile per hour wind, considering the racket they made yesterday! xo

  5. Oh I adore this....I love the polka dot napkins...I have bee napkin rings...but your table is just adorable!

  6. Cute table K! Love the great colors and fun polka dots! Now make sure you bring everything inside before it gets blown away by Irene:@)

  7. It is all BEEautiful! (sorry, I just couldn't resist)
    Your entire table is just the cloth & all the cute accessories. I have those bee glasses in 2 sizes! :D

    I've been thinking about Hurricane Irene coming your way. Be well prepared, okay? We were without power for almost a week after Charlie in Fl & boy did we miss our electric!!! Do you have a phone that is directly connected to the wall jack & is NOT a portable? No power = no portable phone use. Charge up your cell phones, get CASH because ATMs & the electronic grocery registers won't work. Put ALL your important papers (esp. insurance!) into waterproof containers & sit them next to your radio, bottled water & First Aid kits in the basement.

    Oh & make sure your BBQ grill tank is full....we cooked on that for days, as our stove was electric. :/
    Don't forget to have a manual can opener for Soup, baked beans, etc.

    PLEASE let us all know you're okay as soon as it has passed???? We worry, ya' know.

    Hugs & Prayers,

  8. Kathleen, you have your creative juices flowing, I see! This is such a cute table!

    Those cheese stratas look so delicious.

    Hope you have an uneventful weekend as far as weather goes...

  9. After reading this I just ran down and made the Strata for tomorrow's breakfast... thank you!! Your tablescapes are beautiful also.

  10. I love it! Black eyed susans are a favorite of mine too-they are so cheerful. Love the black and white with the yellow and the bees are a perfect touch.

  11. I smiled when you said you dug up your mom's black eyed suzies. I love them too! Love the black and white with the yellow. The cheese stratas look inviting! Hope Mother Nature isn't too harsh this weekend.

  12. You've done it again Kathleen! Such a wonderful outdoor setting and your cheese stratas look delicious. Love the yellow, black and white!!

  13. You had me with the first picture! I love this table...polka dots, great colors and such darling napkin rings! It is perfect with the yellow and black flowers. This is really a fun table.

    My daughter is flying into JFK tomorrow to meet friends for a wedding this weekend. She flies back out on Monday. I'm always nervous when my kids fly anyway and between the hurricane and the earthquake, well...I'm trying to just not think about it all! Of course she lives in Florida and we thought the hurricane was going to get her on both ends of the trip!

  14. Kathleen -- I BEE loving this tablescape :)

    I get so sad I don't have CTS everytime you mention them -- man, do you get the bargains there.


  15. Wonderful tablescape! Perfect. I hope the hurricane passes you by.

  16. This is soooo cute, Kathleen! We are on the same wavelength, we even both used birds S & P shakers too! Great minds think alike, right?...Christine

  17. Bee-utiful table Kathleen. This is the second bee table I've seen this evening. Love it!

  18. First of all the tablecloth is so bold and striking -- love it. I always love a visit to your table because it always has such delicious food -- the stratas look soooo good. I am always meaning to put a bee table together -- have some elements -- would love to have your napkin rings -- arent' they the cutest things ever! I have similar wildflowers in my backyard that my husband planted -- I love them -- they are so bright and happy. Love where your table is situated too. Joni

  19. What a cute and clever table! Love the bee napkin rings and the glasses. I must say my fav are those friendship the edge on them. Great table as always!

  20. Fabulous tablescape, Kathleen. The strata looks SO good. I'll bee right there.

    I felt the earthquake yesterday, too. I hope Irene goes out to sea.

  21. Love this!! My favorite color is yellow and my favorite combination with yellow is black and white!

    I hope you are packing up all your dishes for protection during the storm! (Of course that might take days to do, huh?)

    Take care, be safe.

    Love and prayers!


  22. Oh, this table is so adorable Kathleen! All of the fabrics and plates are just perfect!

  23. There are nothing like strips and polka dots to say BEEutiful! What a happy and fun table. I just love the whimsy in this fun table. Your stratas look fabulous too. The cookies are just perfect. Cute, cute, cute!

  24. How creative you are Kathleen, thinking "Bee" when you see a black and white striped tablecloth! Everything looks perfectly themed, how nice of Dianne to send you those napkin rings! Your garden is lovely and a very inviting place to sit down and have one of those yummy looking cheese stratas and beehive cookies!


  25. Very cute! The stratas look divine -- haven't made these in a long time.

    Stay safe -- you've gotten lots of good advice, I see. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

  26. This is the Bee's Knees :-)

    Love your table set along side your Black-Eyed Susan's and Impatiens...everything is so thriving! We are crossing our fingers (& toes) that Irene doesn't slam into us in NC. We could use some rain though without the hurricane side effects of wind damage & flooding.

  27. I can't tell you how mUCH I love this table! The black and white are so pretty and the yellow accents are perfect! Love the polka dots on the fabric and plates. I am hoping Irene won't come anywhere the coast but GO OUT TO SEA!!!!!!! BEE safe:):) XO, Pinky

  28. There is something about a bees, ladybugs and butterflies that I love! Perhpas becasue they are the first insects we notice as children? Your bee thmed table is as sweet as honey, Kathleen! Yellow is so cheerful! The stratas look delicious ...I'll have to go over and get the recipe.

    The earthquake was nerve wracking ...let's hope the hurricane won't be even worse! Stay safe!

  29. I love the bee tablescape! It's so much fun.
    I'm drooling right now over that cheese strata...oh my yum!

  30. Beeutiful table! I love the stripes and the polka dots.. So happy and fun! xo marlis

  31. Oh that table is just too cute!!! I love the bees and mixture of patterns! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  32. OK, so you know I had to look up the word "skep" because I've never heard it before. I learn something new every day! This table is TOO CUTE!!! The bold black and white striped table linen really makes it stand out!!! I don't like bees in real life when they're dive bombing me, but they sure are cute on this table! No you DIDN'T show the strata with the ketchup on it, Kathleen!!! Kathleen!!!!! You are too funny! Stay safe and keep an eye to the sky...or I guess it would be to the shore in this case. At any rate, take care of yourself!

  33. Beeeeetifully done, buz buzzz right at your wonderful table.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  34. What a fun table! I have those same birds from Pier One and just love them. Your stratas look amazing!

  35. So cute! I love the Bee theme:))


    Happy Tablescape thursday!

    Kay Ellen

  36. Honey, you have been bzzzzzzy! Such Creative cross-pollination of resources going on at your hive!

    Beeeeeeeutiful table!

  37. Love LOVE your cute bee table. Those napkin rings are adorable. Good luck with Irene....we in Virginia are right there with you!

  38. Your bee napkin rings made me smile. Love the crispness of the yellow with b/w. Even the Black Eyed Susans agreed to play with.
    I live in Tidewater VA (50 miles from earthquake Mineral) and about 50 miles from the Dismal Swamp fire, so we have smoke in the air. Now the hurricane. I'm using up whatever is in the freezer for suppers this week. I don't want to have a freezer full of food & no electricity.
    Please remember to store fresh water for your pets if you're in Irene's path.

  39. Kathleen, that strata looks delicious! I just printed out your recipe. I will have to try this and I can make a separate one for myself with gluten free bread. I love everything in it, so I bet I could it a whole big one on my own! : )

    Depending on what rain we get today, after work I hope to get all the chairs and smaller things in the shed {which we just cleaned out for our move!}. I think we have until Saturday night, Sunday morning, but I do not want to be running around trying to catch things. I'll bet the supermarkets are packed from today on now.

  40. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is so Beautiful with the colors yellow,black and white one of my favorate to mix together. I also printed out your recipe. looks so yummy you are a great cook. I also would like to thank you so much for your lovely comments on my new Tablescape with my new and only Rooster.

    XXOO Diane

  41. Another great tablescape! I hope you're having a great summer!

  42. Kathleen, everything looks so nice. I love your tablescapes! Now, what in the world is CTS, and how do I get there?

    I hope Irene fizzles out!! I lived on Long Island in the 70s during Hurricane Belle... thankfully we didn't sustain any damage. I'll be thinking of you as I watch the weather reports.

  43. What a beeutiful table. Love the black and white striped cloth and the little bee trying to make it's way into the skep. You sure did well at Duralee this summer.

    You're s creative, i never would have thought to put the cheese strata in a mini dish. Love it!

    Keeping my fingers crossed about this hurricane.

    - The Tablescaper

  44. SO cute! I love the table with all the little touches - birds and bees! And those cheese stratas look wonderful and how cute are those cookies!

  45. Kathleen, Your tablescape is the "bee's knees". So darling and I love the striped tablecloth. I'm not familiar with Duralee, but I'll check to see if we have that store here. I love how you placed the table near the flowers so the bees could visit. :) I hope you'll be ok with Irene headed up your way. I'll say a prayer for you to bee safe.
    Thanks for visiting and I'm going to save the strata recipe to make. It look so delicious.

  46. Everything looks gorgeous! I adore black & white...stripes, polka dots...any pattern. The yellow is really a bright pop of color and the bees are perfect. Would love to have dined with you too...looks delish!


  47. Everything looks gorgeous! I adore black & white...stripes, polka dots...any pattern. The yellow is really a bright pop of color and the bees are perfect. Would love to have dined with you too...looks delish!


  48. I love that black and white cloth! Well done for a buck too - it's beautiful. I love the look of black, white and yellow together and your put it all together so well.

    I'm off to check out the recipe for the strata - I'm drooling.

  49. This is just adorable. No one does these cute tables quite like you.:)

    Your yard and flowers just take my breath away. Do you work in the yard or is it your hubby...or both?

    I love your little guest house ?..with the stars on the door.

    I am watching Fox news and it is saying NY is sure in for it. Will ya'll leave your house and go inland or stay and ride it out.
    Oh, dear......

  50. Sending prayers and thoughts of safety for you and beautiful Long Island.

  51. Your bee 'scape is such a delight. I love how you set the table near the beautiful black-eyed susans; they are one of my favorites. I have a few stragglers from my gardening days.

    Black, white, polka dots and bees! Wheeee! Love them all so this table was truly fun to drool over. And speaking of drooling, my mouth was watering over those stratas. I love a strata but have never made individual ones. I'll have to try your recipe. And soon!

  52. Kathleen, This tablescape is wonderful! It is all so detailed, right down to the little hive cookies...I love it! Stay safe this weekend♥

  53. I am trying to find one word to describe your beautiful tablescape, Kathleen, Spectacular!! comes to mind. I love your color scheme, and theme I adore bees. I would so enjoy dining with you in your garden.
    We are preparing for Irene, and praying it turns so far out to the east, that it doesn't it land.

  54. What a treat to see your beautiful yard and all your flowers! I love your theme and color scheme, Kathleen. Yellow, black and white make such a cheerful and bright table top. I thought of you when I saw news of the earthquake and you will be in my thoughts this weekend. I hope Irene passes by without causing injury or damage to anyone. That's got to be more than a little stressful. Hope all goes well.

  55. Oh Kathleen, I'm soooo hungry! I'm in love with the stratta, I'm copying this recipe, thanks for sharing. Your tablescape is awesome my friend, the color scheme and bees theme, love those dishes and your beautiful yard with flowers, my goodness, so gorgeous! I'll be praying nothing happens there with the Irene thing, God will keep you safe.
    Blessings. FABBY

  56. I love this post...from the adorable tablescape to your mother's black eyed susans. I think it's so wonderful that you dug them up and planted them at your house. Thank you for linking up to Open House Party. I so appreciate it. Please come back next week!

  57. Kathleen, this is adorable~!
    LOVE the bee theme, too and how appropriate for August on Long Island -- bee season!

    Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers are for you to sail thru Irene with NO problems or scares -- stay safe, stay inside!

    And stock up on good snacks.
    Hugs -- Cass

  58. Kathleen, I just realized you're in NY. Are you going to have to evacuate? I hope you will be safe and my prayers are with you and your family and others in the path of the hurricane.

  59. You always have such scrumptious-looking food! And you still have black-eyed susans. The heat got mine months ago.

  60. Your table and food always look terrific, but this time around so does your yard. Can you believe we are having to think hurricane? We moved the boat from the dock to the mooring just in case. I'll be thinking about you and hoping Irene does not drop in for a visit.

  61. Be safe, K! We are evacuating today..hope you're OK! Tara

  62. Thanks for commenting on my post....I love your table decor. What great ideas you have. Good luck with IRENE! I am now following you!

  63. Lovely Bee table Kathleen. I like the summery one below it too. go away Irene..

  64. Hi Kathleen!
    I was just thinking of you and then saw you over at Yvonne's... thought I'd stop by and wish you well during this storm. My father-in-law and Ann are hunkered down over there in S. Jamesport. I hope you all are okay. We're near Albany and hoping our basement doesn't flood!
    My apple trees are filled with apples. I hope they stay put through the storm!
    Wishing you well!
    Beeee safe!
    {love your tablescape!}

  65. Love this table scape! So sweet! And those individual stratas look delish!

  66. Everything looks bee-utiful. You are so creative and that casserole is definitely in my recipe folder now. Just perfect for the 2 of us since they are individual.

  67. Just checking in to see how you're holding up through the storm! Please let us know how you are as soon as you have power?

    Prayerfully yours,

  68. I came back to find out how you are my dear friend from LI. Are you having a good Sunday? How's over there, windy, raining, are you all safe where you are?? My prayers are with you. Lots of hugs.

  69. Oh Kathleen, what a delightful tablescape. Love the black and whites mixed with the yellow, and you have carried the "bee" theme out with incredible creativity. The napkin rings are just too cute. Yum. I'll have to go over to The Tablescapers and get that recipe. I have you and your family in my prayers. laurie

  70. Just ck'ing to see if you are flooded..hope you have many don't.
    xo bj

  71. Bee-ing late isn't proper, I know. Sorry!
    This is a darling tablescape. Love the bee theme, the black and yellow combo, and those gorgeous garden shots. Wonderful Susans!
    Hope you are well and have power. Couldn't sleep last night worrying about you all in Irene's path. ~ sarah

  72. Kathleen, just came by to check on you. I've had you in my prayers. Hope all is well with you and yours. laurie

  73. We stayed up most of Sat. night, watching that ole Irene..I just know you are without power..but I sure am anxious to hear from know that you are alright.

  74. This is my first chance to visit since last week. I had to check here because I knew that you were in the way of the storm. Hope you fared well!!

    And the bee table? It might just possibly be my favorite. It's Bee-yoo-tee-ful!

  75. Hope you had this lovely tablescape brought in before Irene. Don't let her ruin that too.

  76. Kathleen, This colorful table is just adorable and the bee theme is precious! Your yard looks so nice, too- the flowers are so abundant. The black eyed Susan's are so pretty. :-) Sue

  77. Now this is a little bit of heaven on all looks buzzingly amazing. So nice that you were able to transplant those they bring back wonderful memories for you too. I was thinking about you this past weekend with Irene coming up your way. Hope you were all OK in your town.

  78. I so love that table Kathleen!
    So cheery, so summery, so bee like too! lol.
    You get such great deals at the CTS shop, I am jealous!
    I want one of those around here!
    Hugs friend,

  79. Thinking of you ~ hoping all is well after the hurricane!
    We lost power for about 36 hrs but are okay now...
    Lots of flooding in nearby towns though.
    Take care!

  80. hello...HELLO...sure hope ya'll are alright....
    xo bj

  81. Would love to join you. Thought of you through the weekend and hope Irene left you alone. Hope all is well!

  82. Okay, it is apparent that you DON'T have any power or you would have posted by now! I'm SO sorry you have to deal with this. Know that you are being thought about & prayed for by many, many people, Kathleen.


  83. Hi Kathleen! Lovely tablescape! And I am so jealous that you found those bee glasses are such a great price! I am hoping all is OK with you and your family after Irene. Let us hear from you when you can!...hugs..Debbie


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