Wednesday, October 5, 2011

They're BaacK! Witches' Fly By 2011~Year 3

Blog Labor witchesHalloween is nearing

And YOU know what that means!

These witches will be flying

From their home base at Kathleen's

Blog Labor 290_thumb[5]fall porch

They've been in "BIN ernation"

Resting up for their big flight

You know they will cause havoc

From now till their big night!


They may look green and wrinkled

But these gals are feeling frisky!

Could it be that they've imbibed

In Bewitching Ghoulish Whiskey?

Blog Labor 330_thumb[2]witch front door

"We've been inside that stinkin' bin

My wart hairs are a tingle,

I am feeling mischief in my blood

It's time to mix and mingle!"


They decide to find some real men

No dumb warlock'  old crows,

They want some hunks to rock their brooms

And curl their stinky toes.

table 1195

They sit around the table

Eat cookies for some pep,

Decide to find some PIRATES,

Who look like JOHNNY DEPP!


They set a Pirate Table

Cook food meant to entice

They bake some slugs in a creamy sauce,

And spread chocolate on some mice!

table 1151


Some Pirates may be charming

But these boys were just DUDS!

They didn't want to dance or sing

Just burp, and drink their suds!

witch door

The witches split, they want some kicks

Their broomsticks lurch and hurl,

They beeline down to Philly,

And steal Lynn's pig named Earl!

words 2 002 - CopyEarl

(to be continued)

Will they want a ransom?  What is their plan?

Tune in next time !

The Pirate's Table

Augyst and dinner dance 484


Augyst and dinner dance 595

Augyst and dinner dance 485

Augyst and dinner dance 483

Augyst and dinner dance 482

Augyst and dinner dance 486

Red tablecloth old, black mats, West Elm on sale WS, white coupe plate,  sale Pier One, red square plate, Pfaltzgraff Dollar Days Sale, 1.00, black napkins Lenox, red knotted napkin rings, CTS,

Lantern, PB Outlet a few years ago, Hats, CTS

Pirate flags , had for years, attached them to big marshmallow sticks from CTS.

Everyday Dansk flatware, and fat stems I have had for years.

We ate at this table for my  little gson's bday, so I had to keep it simple. 


For Foodie Friday, Crashed Potato.

Boil small red potatoes till barely tender, don't over cook it as it is going to get cooked again.  ( I didn't have red, but I had small Yukon gold fresh from the farm)

Let cool, slightly, and then takes a heavy jar and smash it.

Season it, and brush or dip it in olive oil, making sure to get oil on the bottom as well.  Bake till it is brown and crispy on the outside.

Augyst and dinner dance 580



Augyst and dinner dance 579

Easy!  Next time I will add some shaved parm or a little bacon to the top.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope to see you this weekend.


Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Gollum for Foodie Friday

Diann for Thrifty Friday

Sherry at No Minimalist Here for Open House Thursday.

Thank you, Ladies!


  1. What a cute pirate's table. Great hats!
    Looking forward to the mischief makers. ;-)

  2. Love the table - and, have you posted the recipe for those lovely cookies?? ~ Courtney

  3. Great poem and great table. Nice to have a giggle or two!

  4. I love pirates that look like Johnny Depp! But poor Earl! xo

  5. Arrrrrrgh!!! That pirate table is fantastic!!!

    ....just like everything else here. What a fun read!!!

    God bless ya and have a spectacular ghoulish day!!! :o)

  6. Love the table and the porch and all the rest!

  7. Always amazed at your tablescapes AND poetry, and food offerings, Kathleen. And Johnny Depp? ...sigh


  8. Those little witches have so much fun every year!

  9. Oh, no! Earl is in jeopardy! Maybe the Phillies will help him :) Looking forward to the ending of the story!

    ps... I love Crashed Potato.

  10. Your food looks ghoulishious! Cute post, was looking forward to the return of the witches.

  11. Well, Earl is a real party animal! I am worried though... first they pignap Earl and now you're talking about adding bacon to the potatoes! What's next?!?!? Love these ole girls K, great fun:@)
    PS-If you find out where the Johnny Depp look alikes are, please let me know!

  12. Loved your poetry, Kathleen!! I look forward to the next segment...I need to find out what happens to Earl!!

  13. So cute! I'm sure they had a blast!

    - The Tablescaper

  14. so cute! I bet this was a great party!!! I love your porch! I need to buy my mums soon!!!

  15. Aaarrrggghhh, matey...I would swashbuckle and swab a deck for Johnny Depp any day!!! Woo hoo!!! You are SO silly! That was the cutest rhyme, and the table is SO neat!!! What a novel idea! Girl, you need to watermark these photos or they will be all over the world without any credit to your remarkable creativity in a heartbeat! I've heard the real "pirates" get really active around this time of year, especially in the international market. This is super creativity and so much fun! Super!!!

  16. MMmmmmm slugs, that is what I am dying to have! They really look like creamed slugs too! I can't believe the Pirates would steal Earl! I can just imagine the squealing that is going on with that little prank!

    Adorable table. Those hats and flags are wonderful. My 17 year old used to always have me draw pirate maps for him when he was little. He would have loved this fabulous table.

  17. your 'Witchy' poem!
    They're quite Wicked.
    When I saw your fun Pirate table, I was going to ask if the Gkids saw it...then read it was for the little one's BD..It must have been a big hit. You're so creative.

    I've got to try making those Crashed Potatos! Seems so easy and looks so good!

  18. Forgot to say that I love your header, Kathleen!

  19. Love the pirate table Kathleen! Just burp and drink some suds...sounds familiar. Have a great rest of the week Kathleen!

  20. Kathleen, thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments today! I must have outdone yourself with this post! This is sheer perfection! Great job! I love it all!

  21. Where else can you get a fun poem, a cool pirate tablescape & delicious looking food all at once? (and let us not forget a picture of Johnny Depp!) Love it!

  22. yummy potatoes.. love your witches tale.. can't wait for the sequel! Your pirate table is delightful.. love the flags and the hats on the napkins.. i bet he had a great time at the table.. so fun!! xo marlis

  23. Love your table ! Very cute! thanks for sharing,JoAnn

  24. What a great table - love the pirate theme and the delicious food! And I LOVE your witches - it wouldn't be October without them!

  25. Kathleen, I am on the edge of my seat... I LOVE this creative pirate poem and table.
    But I love Earl even more!!!!! If the witches want a ransom, I'll help and contribute! We should form a SAVE THE PIG search party! Poor Earl! Well... I need to rethink that.... Earl can probably hold his own! 'FREE EARL... FREE EARL... FREE EARL...
    So adorable!!!!! What a fun post!

  26. So much fun!! I needed some fun tonight so I loved it extra much. I loved the table with the pirate hats, and I chuckled all the way through your poem. You're so creative!

  27. I thought I saw Earl in my back yard this morning. Could those devious witches have hidden him here in the potting shed? Darling post!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  28. Fun, fun, fun! I can't wait to see what happens next! I am sure your GS loved this table as much as I did!

  29. Awww...! Fantastic setting! Everything looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  30. Wow love all your Halloween decor!!!
    But I must say your table setting is just gorgeous :)


  31. Arrrgh Matey Kathleen, your so clever and creative too! Love the fun!

  32. How fitting that you are neighbors with Beaulah and Zoulah this week!

    I love the pirate hats (even though I dislike pirates that burp). Loved the poem!

  33. The little photo caught my eye right off and I wasn't surprised to see it was you. Kathleen, you knock me out with your sense of fun. I love it. Send the gals my way. No pirates but a cute lobsterman or two can be found.

  34. Oh your poetic witches are just the best! Love your pirate table!

  35. Simpático post, un placer pasar
    por tu casa.
    feliz semana.

  36. What a great poem and post Kathleen! You really made me smile this morning!!

  37. I'm not sure which is cuter--your table or your poem! I have a thing for pirates, so I love this theme! Can't wait to try the potatos. I always find the simplest things are the best! Thanks for the merriment!!!

  38. A poet that don't know it! DARLING table! This Irish girl would love to try those potatoes. And she will when she gets home.

  39. Your creativity abounds!! I love your pirate table. And the recipes look delicious.
    Have a great day.

  40. Your house looks fantastic!! I just love all your witches. Delightful post.

  41. Those are some funny witches! And the pirates table is BEYOND awesome. I'm totally impressed.

  42. Kathleen, It sounds like the witches are going to be handful between now and Halloween. Love the pirate table and my little grandson would go crazy over this. Pirates are his thing right now! Thanks for linking to the Open House party this week.

  43. Slugs in a creamy sauce...that got my attention! Great post, Kathleen. You have a real way with words and I can't wait to read about what those frisky witches are up to.

  44. I have a not so secret crush on Earl so those witches better treat that swine fine.

    Fun post, Kathleen. I love the pirate table, especially the red plates.

  45. You are just so dang the witches. I want to share your pirate table with my daughter-in-law. She'll love it for my two grandsons. Thank you for sharing your delightful design. Cherry Kay

  46. How fun is this for your grandson!! This is so creative, cool, just adorable!! Your photography is always stunning, especially of all the delish looking food! Love it!

  47. I just love your mischievous witches...can't wait for more poetry!! You are so clever doing this and your table is adorable!! Is Captain Jack coming??????

  48. Oh oh -- I hope poor little cute Earl does not end uo on the smashed potatoes, Kathleen! Your poem was hysterical!

    I love the red abd black pirates table! I bet your grandsons loved that theme.

  49. As you said, your witches are full of mischief. Zoulah would NEVER steal someone's pet pig! I hope they let him go soon! What a cute pirare table. You are such a hoot. Love the crashed potato too. You are such a hoot! Once again thanks for the napkin rings and the Christmas cupcake stencils. I am planning a table featuring the napkin rings. Joni

  50. Total creative genius!
    LOVE the Pirate table & the antics of the witches. LOL Poor Earl!

    I'm going to be AWOL for awhile. My desktop computer got hit with a redirect virus...AGAIN! Second time.
    I'm using my laptop, which I hate & I don't want to risk getting it infected, too, so I'm not visiting very many sites. Bummer!

    Oh & DH accidentally caught a skunk in his chipmunk trap. What a story...I'll have to tell you all about it later.

    AND my stove's oven wouldn't turn off yesterday!!!!!!!!!! was at 400°, too!!

    Something is wrong with the touchpad. I've told you how much I hate that stove! Should just buy a new one instead of fixing this one.

    It has not been a good week at The Gazebo House!!

  51. How incredible! It makes ME want to have a Pirates birthday party! Love your witches...if I see them down here in Florida, I'll let you know! We sure have a lot of CROWS! heehee! ♥

  52. Fabulously fun table! I love the pirate theme. The colors really make everything pop.

  53. I love the pirate tablescape! So cute.

    I am going to try the dirt balls that you wrote about in the prior post! They look delicious and honestly the prices at that apple orchard made my hair stand on end.

  54. Oh those witches are so cute, I just love them! Your tablescape is, as always, gorgeous! I love this red and black table, goodness Kathleen, you're so imaginative and all the Pirates of the Caribean, my grands are going to die for this, I was hopping they would come this weekend so we can play, but didn't, oh well...Thanks for coming my lovely lady. Love,

  55. Oh, "sorry you're going to paint", I was so "overtired" last night I just couldn't, so I got up and went to fix stuff until 2am!, it's not ready, mind you, so I'm up and working with the cleaning, I haven't enjoyed anything yet, I'm too tired! I loved all that food, wish I had your cookies!! Love, FABBY

  56. What a super cute table! And so fun! I bet your grandson loved it!Thank you for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

  57. So funny, Kathleen! I hope your witches get their toes curled but good ;) I hope they're nice to Earl!

    Love those crashed potatoes but the baked slugs - ewww!

    Great pirate table! If Johnny Depp is coming, let me know, I'll be there too.

  58. Cuuuuuuuuuteness! Not only are you a poet extraodrinaire, but I am wild over that pirate table. My godson would just love that! Wish we had a CTS here. Very clever, my friend. Very!

    Hope you are having a good week and an even better weekend...



  59. Kathleen, Zoulah is begging you to please let Earl go! She says that witches don't know how to take care of pigs -- bats -- yes -- spiders --- yes -- black cats --- yes, but PIGS NOOOOOOOO! Zoulah is so worried for Earl ----- she says Pleeeeeaaaassseee let him go! Let her piggie gooooo! Joni


  61. oh my what a hoot. love love the witch poem and love all your cool witch deco. and the food so much fun cant wait to see what happens next. nancy at

  62. How cute!! Everything about your Halloween decor is fun and festive.

    I LOVE the table! The red square plates are just my style. I'm sure your gson had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing!


  63. Hi Kathleen,
    thats the first pignapping I saw in my life. Poor Earl and poor Lynn. But I guess, Earl makes the best out of the situation and ends up as a pirate pig captain, sailing in a pumpkin boat in a huge pot of potatoe soup. Your pirae table is fantastic. Have fun and enjoy those silly days.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  64. Oh dear..poor Earl! Those witches sure do know how to create havoc in blogland!

    Great post Kathleen. I'm glad to see you are in the Halloween spirit!

    Best wishes,

  65. Came over to check out the Earl situation and find pirates and plates and potatoes, oh my!
    Um, saying your plan to add bacon to those potatoes... that wasn't a kind of threat was it? Watch your back-bacon, Earl!

  66. Oh my gosh, I love your post and your poem. I came over from Lynn's post. this is just adorable and the pirate tablescape is awesome. Good job.
    xo, Jeanne

  67. I love every inch of this post! Such fun and so creative!
    I've made those taters....yum!

  68. OK...ransom note? I can't locate it but I sure am wondering what those wart-faced witches for the return of PIG FACE EARL....

    Altho I LOVE smashed potatoes, I would rather have JOHNNY DEPP.....


  70. Love that pirate table and your halloween decor. Also that potato looks so good. Thanks for the recipe and visiting my blog.

  71. Those trickster witches just have to let the poor piggy go...........FREE EARL, FREE EARL, FREE EARL. He's missing his home!!!!

  72. Too cute!! What work and planning went into all your decorations. I came over from Vee's blog! Lovely to meet you!

  73. I don't know what I like seeing better when I visit: your table decorations or your FOOD. :)
    Happy belated birthday to your grandson! I'm sure he went crazy over the table.

  74. So nice to hear the adventures of your witches again, Kathleen. Very entertaining. Love your pirates' table. Belated Happy bday to your grandson. I bet he loved the table..Christine

  75. Aye Matey- I wish I could imbibe some witches brew with you and all the coven! LOL Can't wait to hear what happens to them next! xo Sue

  76. Kathleen, the witches are starting out on a terror this year! Your poem had me laughing out loud. "my wart hairs are a tingle"! Great job! What a cute pirate table for your grandson. Love the hats and the red and black colors. That potato looks sooo good. I've never tried a recipe that instructs me to "smash" something. Can't wait - I can take out my frustrations AND serve a delicious dish. laurie

  77. Your crashed smashed potatoes look delicious!!! YUMMY! I'm trying this!

  78. I missed this post; I think I was in La La Lamd with you cute witches; Love it here.

  79. Glad I know how this turns out or I would be very nervous for Earl.
    Now I can enjoy the gret table setting and that fab pumpkin dish!

  80. Love the pirate table. Fun and classy at the same time.


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