Thursday, January 26, 2012


I love Polka Dots, any color!
I like them in Pink...Details here.
table 3141
I like them in black...
Bargains 057
And I really love them in RED!
January 2012 106

So tonight I used my red polka dot plates, and bowls.
The bowls are from CTS and were marked down to $1.00
January 2012 110
The runners are from Pottery Barn Outlet, an after Christmas bargain a few years ago. The polka dot salad plates are from PB Outlet too.
January 2012 118
I love these red square plates with a wavy edge.  I got them on line from Pfaltzgraff during one of their Dollar Day Sales,  and yes, they were $1.00.  I had bought the salad plates during the summer for 1.00, so when I saw the dinner plates,  I jumped on it!  I ordered 24, as I thought they would be great for a Christmas buffet, and July 4th.
Unfortunately, 4 of them arrived broken, and more unfortunately, Pfaltzgraff didn't reserve any to replace damages.  Not good!
January 2012 111
A white charger from Noritake, and a small white plate from the Gibson sets so many of us have.
January 2012 103
White flatware from Walmart.
A little pail filled with carnations is the centerpiece, perched on a polka dot cake stand from CTS.  It had a little missing paint which I fixed.  I paid .29 for it!
January 2012 114
These polka dot casserole dishes were one of my extreme scores at Cmas Tree Shops.  They were in clearance, just put out, 90 % off. 
Augyst and dinner dance 091
You don't want to know what I paid!   You do???  59 cents, in perfect condition.  I got squares too.
Augyst and dinner dance 094
January 2012 102
The candlesticks are by Villeroy and Boch, stems by Dansk, and bread plate hearts are from Michael's, marked down to .25
I still have another dotty table brewing.
Augyst and dinner dance 090I think I will wait for Spring for that one!

Jacqueline at Purple Chocolate posted the cutest little cupcake baked in a silicone cupcake mold that came with a saucer.  They are adorable!
I googled where to get them, but decided it was too pricey for as often as I would use it.
I thought about the cups that came with the Cambridge set, and I figured I would give it a try.
January 2012 086  Make your batter, whatever recipe you like, or even a box mix. Pour it IN the greased cup, don't fill too high, it will rise.
Bake it at 350.
After it cooled I piled fresh strawberries on top of the cake.
January 2012 089
I whipped some heavy cream, and piped it on top.
January 2012 097
DH was very happy to try my experiment!
January 2012 093
I think these would be lovely to serve at a luncheon.  Or a chicken pot pie baked in them too.
DH said he would eat it again, isn't he a sport?  :)
January 2012 098
Pick up that spoon and dig in!
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  1. Oh my, I had just done a post on polka dots yesterday. Nothing like yours of course but oh how beautiful they are. Your post is amazing and your blog is lovely.

  2. I love all of your polka dots. They are all fabulous in all of the colors. You really did find some unreal bargains. The little cake in the cup, how fun is that. Need to give that a try. Hugs, Marty

  3. I LOVE your polka dots!!! Those tablescapes are adorable, and that dessert you made is just as cute and delicious looking! I really like your blog here.

    Thanks so much for visiting my cozy kitchen and leaving me a nice comment on the bars. Hope you'll come back!

  4. I was wearing a black and white polka dot top yesterday. I would have fit right in at your table and would have happily tried your experiment too.
    The dots just make me smile and the prices you are getting make me smile even more.

  5. Ah...such a wonderful array of polka dots! Each setting is so fun and different.

    Question about the teacup cupcake, you baked the cupcake in the teacup? I wouldn't think the teacup could withstand the heat of the oven???

    - The Tablescaper

  6. oh my word you're in polka dot heaven! I love polka dots too, think it goes back to my childhood when an Aunt made me a polka dot dress LOL

  7. Love all these dots Kathleen!

  8. I love the polka dots like crazy! So much fun. I'm a little jealous of your bargains. Ok, a lot. Have a great day anyway ;)


  9. I love, love, love your polka dots. Great tables!!! I cannot believe your deal on those casseroles at CTS. WOW! Bravo to you hubby for "suffering it out" and trying your dessert!!! ;0)))

  10. Love, love, love all your dots! I am now your newest follower :) Gotta watch you to find the good sales and see all the great dotty tables! Can't wait to attempt the cupcake. So pretty, thanks for sharing.

  11. Love your polka dots (the green color is going to be gorgeous!) and that tea cup cake looks mighty good. xo

  12. Such a cheerful, happy it! You always find the BEST deals on dishes...

  13. I'm having chest pain...seriously! This is polka-dot HEAVEN!!!!!!!! I am sooooo jealous of all the wonderful bargains you find, Kathleen. Can I just give you my credit card number & have you shop for me????? Too bad shipping is so dang expensive.

    I love every single, make that DOT of this post!

  14. Too cute! Great job! Love the centerpiece! I love polka dots too but I sure never find deals like you did! What is CTS? I love you idea for the cups and cake! You did a wonderful job on those! Those are "real cupcakes" !!

  15. You put the cup in the oven?!??!?!! Seriously?!??!! And it didn't break?!!! I would NEVER have thought of that! I would just assume that it would crack or break into flames or something. Wow!!! CUTE table, and just so you know, I am going to inbox you my address so you can send me ALL the pink table stuff. I want the tablecloth and the plates and the placemats and the napkins...everything!!!

  16. Hi Kathleen,

    I adore this table!! I have always loved polka dots, even in clothes. :)

    Years ago, when I was young and slim, I had a favorite dress that I wore to work. Your tables reminded me of it. It was soft gray with pale pink polka dots with a small round collar and matching belt. My friend said it looked like an "I Love Lucy" dress. :)

    I love all the polka dot elements on your table, but for some reason, my favorite is the white napkins tied up with the red and white dotted ribbon.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  17. Kathleen, I'd be happy to sit at any of your polka-dotted tables! The red and white one is just so adorable! I also loved Jacqueline's teacup dessert -- brilliant idea to use oven-safe teacups! Your version turned out so pretty -- and sounds like it was tasty, too!

  18. Hey Kathleen...fixing one of the recipes for supper tonight....the quiche I think. I adore all your polka dots. Have always loved "dots"! And your tablescape is fabulous!! It never occurred to me to bake something in a teacup. What a fabulous idea to utilize if you are having a tea party especially for little girls. Putting that one in my files. ox

  19. This entry brought to mind a polka dot tale from my childhood. Oh, the drama, of which I'll spare you.

    As always, you continue to create beautiful tablescapes! Bringing smiles to your readers, as well as to Pfaltzgraff and other outlet stores.

  20. I love your polka dots! Nothing like fun little dots to brighten a chilly winter day. Have you seen the polka dots by Temptations on QVC...fabulous!

  21. I agree, when I saw how much the silicone cups were, I was surprised that I had paid that much, but I was on vacation! (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!) But this works just as well. I used my bakeable cups a while back for a flourless chocolate cake too. I can't believe how cute yours look! There is something magical about individual serving sizes isn't there?

    I adore the red polka dot runners and I can't believe you got the bowls for such a bargain. I love polka dots too, but don't have any red and they are fabulous!

  22. I love all your polka dots! A very happy table!
    Like the idea of baking in a luck the cup would break. lol
    Have a Happy Polka Dot Day!
    Blessings My Friend,

  23. Love Love Love the polka dots! I have a tablescape listed today with orange and white polka dot plates. So fun! Your idea of baking in the tea cup is fabulous!! Great ideas all the way around.

    Karin :)

  24. I love the polka dots!! The dessert looks yummy, too. I recently posted chocolate cups that I put in teacups. I love your CTS bargains, too.

  25. I also love polka dots...I kept scrolling thru this post over and over just to look again! EVERY on of the table settings is lovely, my favorite is the red (or maybe the pink!) Just beautiful!!

  26. Oh- I LOVE your polka dot table setting and all your pieces. You did a beautiful job and I can't wait to see your Spring green one.

    That little CUPcake is just adorable! xo Diana

  27. Your table is darling and I love seeing the past tables, especially the 1st pink one! Very cute.

    I have to try the cupcake in a teacup...I am sure hubby would love that over his nightly banana split (he thinks the banana makes it healthy!). Thanks, Kathleen!


  28. Love the Polka Dots Kathleen.I would not have passed them up either..Thank goodness that store is 3 hrs away..Or is it? I miss t:)
    The cup cake is cute cute too.

  29. so very festive! Love the cup and saucer idea!!

  30. Love the polka dot table and those cupcakes in the tea cup are adorable. You always set such a fun and pretty table. hugs, Linda

  31. Kathleen, you have the most wonderful assortment of china...the polka dots are just so fun and yet can be so elegant in the setting that you have...

    i have always been afraid to place my china in the oven..but makes sense when the temps are higher when they are produced. I am definitely going to try those teacup cupcakes..a great idea for my granddaughters upcoming tea party!!..

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  32. Dots! Oh I love dots and I love this tablescape!

  33. Lovin' all the polka dots K! My fav has to be the little cake plate-too cute! Points to hubby for being such a good taste testing sport:@)

  34. A whimsical creation with those dots. Lovin them but my favorite is the cup cake. Very creative! Aren't those hubbys just the best taste tasters?!

  35. What a great polka dot collection you have! And those dots go with everything! I love them all but my favorite is the yellow and black. You get the greatest deals at CTS. How often do you go? Do you have an "in" with the markdown people? Thanks for sharing and showing us a wonderful table done on a budget!

    Robin Flies South

  36. One set of polka dot dishes--GREAT; THREE sets?! and more--out of this world!! What a fun, fun, fun post! I immediately fell in love with the pink and I would love it best, was more beautiful fun stuff! Love it all, Kathleen! What a fun collection of dishes you have, and I love your sharing the bargain prices! My mother has always said that if people don't have nice things to set a table it's because they don't want it, not because they can't afford it--you've proven that point!! Thanks for a really fun post! And baking in the teacup?! Where, oh where do you get your ideas/nerve?! I've served dessert in teacups but would never have tried baking in them! Will now! :) Thanks! ~Zuni

  37. This is darling.. I too love polka dots.. i think Hobby Lobby has black chargers with white dots right now! You scored some treasures for 1 dollar or less. lucky you.. Great table, so fun! xo marlis

  38. I don't know which polka dot I like best, but the pink is lovely and the red is so festive! I love the dessert in a cup. It's so unique, what a fun thing to do for Valentines Day!

  39. I love polka dots! What great finds. Love those casserole dishes - what a wonderful deal you got on those!

  40. I love polka dots as you know, and my favorite is lime green with dots. Boy did you get some nice polka dot bargains! Love all your tables Kathleen.

  41. Kathleen, love seeing all your dots! I'm one who is crazy for dots, stripes, and plaids. ;-)
    I have those little cupcake cups, but wish I had thought to use a real cup. Didn't realize I could bake in one.
    Thanks for sharing these tables. Fun, fun, fun. ~ Sarah

  42. Pokla dots always remind me of spring which is a good thought! Love all of those dots!

  43. There is nothing as fun as polka dots! And, you are obviously the Queen of Polka Dots! They are all so pretty! Can't wait to see more for spring!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  44. You are in style with your polka dots. I was out and about yesterday, and I can't tell you how many things I saw that were either dots or stripes. I'm loving your red!

  45. I'm seeing spots before my eyes!!! In a good way, though! Love all those different polka dots! Of course, the black and yellow are my favorite, but the soft pink is also tugging at my heart!

    I've had those silicone cups for about two years and never did a TT with them, now two people have beat me to it! :-(

    Great job!


  46. Wow, Kathleen! You just made me a fun of DOTS! All lovely! I want some now... Thanks for the incentive to start hunting again for great plates!

  47. Did a search for your red square wavy plate...didn't find it, but I'll keep my eyes open. I've told you previously how much I adore your world of polka dots...and the cupcake in the cup is amazing! I must give that a try. DId you put the cup on a cookie sheet while it was in the oven? This is one of my favorite ideas in a long time! Thank you for inviting us to the table. Cherry Kay

  48. Wow, I just love those spots!!! When can I come shopping with you -you seem to find THE best bargains!
    Such fun,

  49. What a steal on those dotted dishes, Kathleen. I have blue and white ones but I sure paid a lot more than that. Lucky you for having CTS by you. Your tables are all so pretty. My favorite is the pink one, so sweet!...Christine

  50. I forgot to mention about the dessert. It looks so good and so pretty..Christine

  51. Forgot to mention that I love your tea cup dessert. I have the silicone ones, and my rationale for buying them was they "matched" my white Vietri dishes that Joe got me for Christmas this year.

    It's hard for me to make time to comment on Thursday evenings since you know I take my mom to choir practice. And since I work all day, I preferred being able to link up to TT on Wednesday evening and get some comments posted. I'll have to figure this out!

  52. Yes, Ma'am, you are THE Queen of Cheap Shopping, indeed. You just blow my mind with your scores.

    I've heard of cooking a little cake in a cup in the microwave but you used an oven and a tea cup?? Uhhhhh.......?Did I read it all right??

  53. WOW! and I mean WOW! What great deals you found.

    I'm looking for a few more heart shaped items (maybe salad plates) for next year, and I haven't been able to find any. I cannot believe the deal you found at Michael's. I don't think I shop enough. I am going to check them out after Valentine's this year though.

    Thank you for sharing your super adorable tables. I came by after you left a great comment on our blog. I see we did similar things to make breakfast more Valentine's-y. Great minds, right?

    We are following you now. Looking forward to more of your posts.

    Eldarose of

  54. Your post is just great, I love everything I see. I am your newest follower. So glad I found your site.

  55. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescapes are beautiful with the red and white !! I love your Gorgeous dishes and the way you have put this all together.Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my 2011 Tablescape for Valentine's day. I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. I'am going to put a new Tablescape on this Sunday for Valentine's hope you come see me.
    XXOO Diane

  56. Very clever idea! I believe your tablescape has me seeing dots and the red and white colors are perfect for Valentine's. All the different places you found your great dot dishes and accessories wow at such a bargain. We will be looking forward to the next dots this Spring for the green color. A very Happy Table and a Happy Happy Tablescape to you! Pam

  57. are killing me with these sales. I love the polka dots....and Please, pass me a cup of yumminess!!

  58. I love polka dots as well...along with checks, plaids and stripes....Your CTS buys are killing me that we don't have one here in Atlanta..ofcourse I would go broke and how many bowls do you really need....Wait, you can never have too many bowls!!
    I just saw those silicone tea cups and your right too pricey...I think they were $20 for 4....that's a bit much....I like your idea much better..have a great weekend...

  59. I'm seeing spots before my eyes!
    Love the dots, I like the color of the green for the spring, I'm sure it;ll be a lovely table. Cool cupcakes! My luck the teacups wouldn't be oven proof.

  60. Love all the refreshing polka dots in all the ways

  61. Well, isn't that just about the cheeriest table ever -- you know me and red! Love polka dots too, they just make me happy. Just want to say that you are a BRAGGART -- you get the "bestest" deals! Love the little polka dot casserole dishes and also the wavy red plates -- so fun and different and all for one dollar. Fun! Joni

  62. Absolutely love all the polka dots, you have the coolest pieces and everything melds together perfectly. Great idea of the cupcake in the cup..makes it look so much prettier for a dessert presentation.

  63. love the polka dots! So whimsical!

  64. I love polka dots now, the table looks amazing as always, I love to read your posts for inspiration

  65. Red and white polka dots are adorable! I love the entire look of this table. You were in the right place at the right time when CTS marked down those dishes, Kathleen!

    I like the cupcake in a tea cup idea for Valentine's Day or a tea party.

  66. Love your polka dots, Kathleen! And the cupcake in a cup...very yummy-looking and clever! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  67. I'm just getting here. Nothing like being late. I love this red polka dot table in a huge way, and I'm definitely going to try that teacup cake. That's a marvelous idea. I am next up to host my luncheon club so I might try it then. If not, I think I will figure out a small recipe and make it for the husband for a treat.

    Hope he'll be a sport like yours is!

  68. You are the queen of polka dots, Kathleen! I absolutely love the pink! I just don't see the big bargains at our CTS, Evah! maybe I should start weekly visits- they're next door to Tar-jay, one of my favorite stores. and I'm there often enough. LOL.
    I have a muffin recipe that I microwave in coffee mugs. Not quite as attractive as your yummy looking cupcakes, though! Ha ha

  69. I LOVE this red and white polka dot table! I have a few of the CTS polka dot casserole dishes as well. (clearanced of course!). And I would have bought those red square plates in a heart beat too! I need to check out the online Pfaltzgraff! thank you for joining TTF and have a great week!

  70. I always know when I visit you that I am in for a special treat. Today's dots are perfect, and the strawberry desert, yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  71. Kathleen, you set an excellent table. I think my comment about layers and layers works equally well for setting a table that looks this lovely. You really scored big with so many of your finds. I visit the Christmas Tree Shop at least twice a year and have never seen the polka dotted casserole dishes. ;>

    What a great idea for serving an individual strawberry shortcake!! Your husband is a sport for checking those out for us!

    You asked how I'm enjoying the oven, come and see. I've got to give up the baking that's all I can say...

  72. Hi Kathleen - you never fail to amaze me with your decorating style and your ability to find the most awesome deals!


  73. Polka dots always make me smile because they are such a happy and fun design. All your table settings are pretty, but being a pink girl, the pink table is my favorite. You got some really great deals on all your new polka dot dishes.

    I should not have looked at this post when I was hungry, because your dessert in the cup made my mouth water!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at my party. I appreciate you participating each week!

  74. Boy, that was a treat. So many beautiful tables in one post. Great eye candy for us dish addicts.
    I especially loved the red one with the wavy salad plates. BTW I wish we had a Christmas Tree Store.
    Did you actually bake the cake in the tea cup? I guess one would have to make sure it was oven proof. It turned out so pretty.
    Blessings, Ginger

  75. I'm seeing dots and I love all of them, and that dessert is beautiful with your piped cream on top! laurie


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