Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Time! The 4th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl Begins Now!

Hello Crawlers and Spectators!
Before we crawl, a few details.
Please be a follower!  In this instance it is a good thing. :)
You have to be a follower and have a blog to be in the crawl and prize raffle. 
Please check, last time someone won the 100 dollar gift card who wasn't a follower, and I had to pick someone else.
All followers who leave a comment are eligible .
There will be an extra drawing for those who have an entry.

Link back to this crawl, please.

Please visit as many as you can!  That's what makes it fun!

 There will be a prize for the person who visits and comments on the most blogs!  Email me with your number!

Winners will be announced  by Wed . the 21st, so do come back to see if you win!
The prizes:
25 dollar gift card,
WSonoma Cookie Pan,
Star Pie Mold, great for Memorial Day and July 4th,
2 Canal Cafe Cookbooks from WSonoma,
Cake Boss Book,
Dansk Trivet,
Waverly dish cloths 
Silver mushroom name card holders from WSonoma
and more!
March 2012 081

March 2012 080
March 2012 072 March 2012 053
March 2012 051 ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣
Please click on the sidebar if you would like some Irish music!
In the middle of March
Every year can be seen
A plethora of Shamrocks,
Feb 2012 010
And blogs showing green!
table 1943 
This year is no different
And with thanks to you all,
I hereby do start
The Fourth Annual Crawl!
table 3458
We'll start at my house
Feb 2012 039
Big Paddy lives here
He's heading the crawl,
The crowd starts to cheer!
table 3456
The shamrocks are hung
March 2012 079
They sport leaves of three
St. Pat used them to teach
My faith's  Trinity.
table 3445
Everything is decked out
Feb 2012 035
The plants wear their bows
March 2012 075
Your hostess wears green
Right down to her toes!
table 3459
The taters are cooking,
Boiled, mashed, or baked  crispy?
table 3304
Maybe some SMASHED
If you're feeling more frisky!
March 2012 020 Feb 2012 009
Feb 2012 011
I made us some lunch
Roasted white and some green
March 2012 012
Shamrock shaped stuffing
  Patty's Pig,  moist and  lean!
March 2012 077

So I can party with Marty
That cloche loving Lass,
I hereby present,
March 2012 031
Leprechaun' under glass!

How 'bout a song?
Called Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
Overalls were ingredients,
The diners yelled louder!

The overalls here
Are not filled with soup,
March 2012 030
But rather with candy
Should your energy droop!
Feb 2012 004
I've hung your caubeen
On the back of your seat,
Feb 2012 001
Irish music is playing,
table 3395
And soda bread to eat!
Feb 2012 003
Feb 2012 002
Feb 2012 005
Feb 2012 009 
Time to crawl on
Start showing your greens!

Go visit some blogs
Then dine at Kathleen's!
March 2012 062
March 2012 066
March 2012 067
March 2012 068
March 2012 060
Come on now, shoo!
Time to go lookie lookie
Here's something to go,
A fresh shortbread cookie!
March 2012 006 March 2012 035

March 2012 037
I'll be by to visit
I couldn't be surer
It make take me days
But I'll be there, Begorrah!
Thanks so much for coming to the party!
I will give the 3 new table and vignette  details on Tablescape Thursday, and the recipes on Foodie Friday's post.
March 2012 049
March 2012 047
And this is what is meant by The Map of Ireland on your face!  These sweet boyos are my nephews.


  1. everything looks lovely! I barely baked some things with mint to celebrate

  2. Wow Kathleen,
    You went all out!! So many wonderful tablescapes and details! Everything is all decked out and what a fun house yours must be! Love it all right down to your socks!! Thanks for hosting and giving us an opportunity to win such great prizes. I've been a follower for several years now! Happy St. Patrick's Day and top of the morning to ya!
    Miss Bloomers

  3. WOW let the awesome St Pat's Crawl begin!

    You are amazing- the photos, the cheer, the versus - the nephews.....all Ireland indeed!

    Thank you, this has been fun anticipating, apparently I feel quite strongly about it as I am the first link!


  4. Oh goodness me, such fab details for St. Patty's, wow! I love everything, from your yummy food and great dishes but my very fav are the white dishes with the shamrocks, simply gorgeous. Thank you for hosting and having me...sending you a kiss caz you're Irish!

  5. Kathleen,
    Great Party! Thank you for hosting.
    Love everything. Top of the Morning to ya!

  6. What splendid details! Love the shamrock shaped stuffing and delicious looking spuds! What fun...thanks for hosting! I am a new follower. There is even shamrock shaped butter? What a treat~

  7. Hi Kathleen,

    Love all the Irish!! Your pics are great -- pretty tables and wonderful shamrock-shaped food! It makes me hungry. I have that very same Belleek trinket box that's on your dinner table. It's one of my treasures. :)

    I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to link this post. It's about my trip to Ireland. I couldn't do a tablescape because we've started a kitchen renovation. Let me know if I need to remove the post. I've been wanting to participate since last year.

    Thanks for hosting, Kathleen.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. Wonderfully festive tablescapes, Kathleen! Love the shamrocks...even in the yummy food! Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbie

  9. I always love your poetry, Kathleen! You make it such fun to join your party. I'm already a follower & hope I have the luck of the Irish!!

  10. Kathleen - I do not know where to start! Your beautiful table linens, your Belleek china, your Lismore Waterford and your food - all fabulous! Happy, happy St. Pat's and thank you for hosting!

  11. Lovin' your fun poem K! That last tablecloth is beautiful and I got a big chuckle out of leprechaun under glass! Thanks for the fun party!
    PS-I'll have my potatoes crispy and a cookie for the road please:@)

  12. Happy Early St. Paddy's Day, Kathleen!!

    What wonderful gifts you've chosen to share at your party!
    I'm loving ALL your beautiful greens, especially those accents with the shamrocks...the pitcher with daffodils, that BEAUTIFUL tabletopper, the ceramic muffins (TDF) the teapot with the little sandwich plate & matching cup, then the Belleek & Waterford...SWOON!

    "Leprechaun' under glass!" LOL Only YOU!

    Thank you so much for hosting this fun party every year. I love getting ready for it & can't wait to see everyone's GREEN!


  13. Oh my goodness Kathleen, everything just looks so delicious! I do believe those potato cakes are calling my name. I cannot wait to get the details on that last tablescape, it is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the giveaway, and mostly for hosting such a wonderfully fun event! I hope you have a fabulous St. Patrick's day this weekend!!!

  14. Boy, oh boy! You didn't forget a detail. There's something for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and snacks too. And for me - a little lesson. I didn't know that an Irish beret was called a caubeen. Interesting.

    Thanks for hosting this blog crawl. My husband and I will be going to breakfast at a friend's house on the 17th and then roaming around on a pub crawl later. Sounds more like something for college students. I'm not sure how long we last!

    The overalls are a kick. Did you add the straps?

  15. Super fun, Kathleen! I am wishin' I had a pair of those green and white socks :) I'd be a-wearin' them to everyone of your St. Patrick's Day parties as I snacked on your yummy shortbread cookies while at your lovely table! I might even attempt dancing the Irish Jig should I look so dapper as you!

  16. any one not having the spirit of the irish need to come here. I am on my way to see if I have anything I can decorate with or to maybe drink a little guiness.
    love it!

  17. Hi Kathleen,
    You sure know how to throw a great party!
    From fabulous tablescapes, to cute sock and darling little boys, I love it all!
    And the food..oh my, looks so tasty!
    And I hope I win a prize cause they look wonderful!
    Happy St. Pats!

  18. Top O' The Mornin' to You~
    Leprechaun' under glass made me chuckle this morning :)

    I've never met a potato I didn't like so I'll take mine boiled, mashed, or baked crispy served on your beautiful Belleek!

    So glad I could join in the fun~ thanks for having me!

  19. Sure and take the cake...and the rainbow...and the pot o gold!

    Thanks for the fun party!

  20. Wonderful post and giveaway Kathleen.
    Thanks so much for hosting this fun annual event.

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  21. Kathleen,
    What a great post for St. Patrick's Day. Filled all loads of luscious greens!
    I just signed up as a follower when i was shocked to find out that I wasn't before. I could have sworn that I was one.So Sorry!
    Thanks so much for hosting this great party in honor of this terrific Holiday!!


  22. You have been a busy women! Not one, not two, but three new tables to celebrate the day. I think you must bleed green.

    - The Tablescaper

  23. Oh my goodness Kathleen, you are amazing! I have not a drop of Irish blood, but I would love to sit down at any one of your fantastic tables!

  24. Hello Kathleen! Visiting from Happier than a Pig in Mud. Lovely photo and those two little boys are the cutest!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  25. Thank you for again hosting this wonderful St. Patrick's Blog Crawl!!!! I look forward to it every year. But, I mostly just look forward to your blog. I also love hearing about your shopping excursions!!


  26. Always a fantastic party, Kathleen! very festive, right down to your toes :) Everything looks fantastic!

  27. Though my post is simple, so happy to be joining in your St. Patrick's Day crawl! Have your button on my blog, and I'm a new follower. Found you thru Marty's Spring Party. Thanks! Pam

  28. OMG, In my state of craziness yesterday, I forgot to come over and link up! What was I thinking? All of you tables are just amazing, Kathleen. I love the white dinnerware on that oh so pretty tablecloth. And I see you brought out the Waterford! I may do that on Saturday night- our guests are not wild and crazy so there is little chance one will be broken. Have to be selective, ya know....
    So glad to be here celebrating St. Pat's Day. Your young nephews are adorable, btw.

  29. Everything looks so Irish! I love the shape of the green glassware. Who is getting the shamrock table topper next?
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you St. Kathleen!
    Thanks for hosting this fun meme again this year.

  30. Oh my word, all of your tablescapes are gorgeous. I love them all and all of your decor. The leprechaun under the cloche is just perfect. Way too cute. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  31. Your tablescapes are beautiful, I just love all your details! I have shared Pistachio Cupcakes and Irish Soda Bread. Thank you for hosting this fun party!

  32. WOW! This is my first visit to your blog. I learned of your party and linked up my St. Patrick's Day vignettes. Thank you so much for hosting!

    I love your St. Patrick's Day decor--what fun! We're a family of redheads, so we've lots of Irish blood. St. Patrick is one of my heroes.

    Thank you for allowing me to join the party! It's lovely to meet you!

  33. Hi Kathleen!
    What, music on your blog??
    I like it a lot and I also like that hog!
    I had to join your party
    although my head is in great pain--
    Not from Irish whiskey
    but because of a migraine.
    Your dishes are very pretty and
    I'm looking forward to learning more,
    I'll take my taters baked with sour cream galore.
    Those boys are so sweet but impish,
    Clearly nephews of an Irish lass,
    Maybe they could catch me
    A leprechaun under glass!

    Thanks for the party! Linda

  34. Thank you for hosting this party, Kathleen. It is so much fun! I love your tablescape and your Irish food. Yum! Happy St. Patrick's day!...Christine

  35. That tablecloth is really pretty!! You are ALL decked out for St. Patrick's Day, and it's cool!!! The shamrock shaped are too much, woman!!! The food all looks good, though, and I know there will be lots of celebrating at your house! That striped hat in the middle of the table...that is SO you...and ME!!! I wasn't able to put together a St. Patrick's Day tablescape this year because of all the ones I'm having to do for my class, but I DID put a link to the Crawl on my post today so my readers will have a chance to join in on the fun. Enjoy!!!!!!

  36. Hi lovely lady.
    I also would like to thank you so much for hosting your St.Patrick's Day Crawl party. Your Tablescape is Beautiful for this party day with you. Im a follower on your blog and have your linky on my Blog, and your give-a-way looks great.
    I hope I win this one!!
    XXOO Diane

    XXOO Diane

  37. Well, here we are...another year together. How fun blogging really is. I'd be lost without it now.:)

    Great looks the banner on the BEAUTIFUL fireplace...
    and the prizes sound amazing.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day.

  38. Great party, Kathleen! You have been a busy Irish lass. All your new table settings are fun and oozing with green. I've been looking forward to what you would share this year. My ceramic cupcakes a wee bit compared to your pieces, but they were perfect for the baked custard. Thanks for giving me the idea to actually cook something in them. Love, love, love you sweet white plates with the little shamrocks scattered here and there ~ so pretty and delicate.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~ Sarah

  39. I will be joining the party as soon as I can get some decent light to take photos -- weather has been dreary since I got home from the beach. The table is done -- if only the sun would cooperate!

    I love your post -- especially the china with the shamrocks and the green flatware. The music is fun too -- I usually keep my computer on mute, but when I saw your selections, I turned it on. Hard to be depressed with that lively selection.

    Thanks for hosting -- four years! Where has the time gone?


  40. Glad I didn't miss your fun party, you always do a wonderful job! Thanks for hosting!


  41. Whoa...that is a lot of green! Your post is amazing! What a fun hat is off to the leader of the parade!

  42. Happy St Pat's to you Kathleen! You're off to a wonderful start!

  43. OMG this is so cute! I can't wait to see everyone's green!! I love it!

  44. I love all your wonderful Shamrocks! The dishes, the food and the drink! Looks like a fun party to me, I'm in!
    Happy Day! Hugs, Linda

  45. Didn't think I'd make it today! lol My mom has a woozy spell every time I open my laptop (she wants to explain what's going on at General Hospital). But I made it to the party! I got a kick out of your darling striped socks. I must get some! Your kitchen is a fine place, Kathleen--all of that magnificent food! Happy St. Pat's to ya!!! XX00

  46. Hi Kathleen, Both of your tablescapes as well as your tea setting are fabulous! I love your Belleek china! It's obvious that St. Patrick's Day is lots of fun at your house!
    An Irish blessing, Beth

  47. Now this is a true St. Patrick's day post! Filled with all kinds of fun things! What a great post Kathleen! Thank you for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day!

  48. Hi Kathleen-

    I've enjoyed seeing all your green and St. Patrick's Day posts over the last few weeks. Your talent in honoring a rather forgotten holiday (at least it is where I live) is amazing. I'm sure you do the Irish proud!

    Regarding the question you asked me on my blog, expect an e-mail from me soon. I'll be glad to help.

  49. Wonderful post, Kathleen. You have outdone yourself this year. I enjoyed the Irish music and all your lovely tablescapes. I had to laugh when I saw the leprechaun under glass. Did he have to give the groundhog the boot?

  50. Top of the Morning to you and God bless you too.So happy to be here to join your crawl.Oh Yum! I do wish we all could really sit together and fellowship while We eat.Your party is delightful and so generous.Thank you very much-Denise

  51. Oh've out done yourself again. What an AMAZING display of St. Patricks Day tablescapes and fun. And do you know I bought those very sox. Just so cute. Your whole post has just blown me away. Love it ALL!!

    I'm hooking up with your wonderful crawl. Just So fun. And your giveaways...well I'd love any of them. Thanks for hosting such a delightful event.

    Big Hugs,


    PS I have a sister Kathleen and a brother named Timothy. Can you say we just may have a wee bit O' Irish in us.

  52. Kathleen, If there was ever a St. Patrick's Day Parade in a post, it's yours! Yay! Love it! I keep scrolling up and down looking at everything and giggling at your poem. Your nephews are so darling all dressed up, and wearing their flat caps. Thanks for hosting a fabulous blog crawl.

  53. Happy St Patrick's Day, Kathleen!!! Thanks for hosting the blog crawl! Your little nephews are so cute! :-) Your table settings are so fun, the food delicious looking and everything just so green and IRISH!! LOVE It all!! For a second, I thought Earl had come to visit you again (or maybe been kidnapped) and then I realized it was a different pig this time. :-)

  54. Oh, Kat'leen! What a beautiful post! All of your tables are gorgeous and Lordy me!.. the food looks just scrumptious! What time is the party? I think I can be at your house in just a few hours! ;~) Thank you so much for hosting this amazing blog crawl. This is my first year participating and I hope it won't be my last. Sorry I had to post more than one link, but I couldn't fit all of the dishes into one post. If it's a problem, please just un-link what you need to and let me know, OK?

    I can't wait to get myself a cup o' tea, so I can start perusing all of the wonderful things that everyone has brought. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful tables, adorable decorations and delish food and for being such a lovely hostess! Happy St. Pat's Day! Your Irish friend to the North, Mary :~)

  55. Sitting home waiting for grandson #2 to be born so I'm glad I have the diversion of your party to keep my mind off of things!

    I knew you'd celebrate with a big bang, Kathleen! What a fun table. I love the britches :) I see some familiar faces and feet :)

    Wonderful post and what a wonderful giveaway!

  56. Hi Kathleen!
    You always do such a festive St. Patrick's Day tablescape and cook such wonderful Irish recipes for the occasion --it is a joy to visit you all the time, but never more so than this day of honor and celebration for Ireland's patron Saint! Thank you for hosting this wonderful blog event every year and spreading the love of St. Pat all through blog land and onto our readers computers. Tis a great thing ye do!


  57. Kathleen, you've outdone yourself (and that ain't easy!). Everything looks great, have a very happy and Blessed St. Paddy's Day! xoxoxo from your Eye-talian friend who came to the party and had a blast, now back to visits!

  58. Dearest CK! How AMAZING you are! Did it take you weeks to come up with that poem and match the pics or vice versa? Such talent! Your pupils of former days were so lucky! Along with enjoying the rhymes, it was also astonishing to see how many different St. Pat's tables/decor/food you've created over the past few years. It must be so fun to be at your place for this holiday! Thanks for hosting the 2012 Blog Crawl, I was so happy to get my post up in time to join in!


  59. Hi Kathleen!
    I love our plates and the potatoes look so good! Thank you for hosting!

  60. Wow! So many lovely things to see! I am drooling!!! I have the same shamrock pitcher - you have such good taste! Your nephews are darling! Thanks for hostessing!!!

  61. Kathleen, you know how to make St. Patrick's day a celebration! I saw the faux Beleek dishes at CTS and just couldn't put them in my cart, but I love how they look on your table. I'll be back to look some more. Beautiful table and celebration!

  62. With my name like Maureen O' could say I am a bit wee Irish! Kathleen, your poem was wonderful to follow along with the photos! Everything is first-class..I am only following but wow I have had fun!

  63. I have been looking forward to this fun party :) Love, as always, all of your decor! All of your CTS finds continue to make me jealous :) And the cute food? Seriously! You think of everything!

  64. Couldn't miss your fun party! Although we'll be celebrating a day late on the 18th this year --- that's OK -- we can carry over the fun!

  65. You post is completely enchanting.... I love the festive spirit of your home.... the tablescapes are marvelous and I esp love the one with the Waterford crystal...
    I simply forgot to get mine out for the occasion. Perhaps Is till have time to plan a nice tablescape with them... but I have to say... i adore your tablecloth... is it hand made..... Now I must go to the fabric shop and search out some delightful pattern ... by week's end... oh, my... I shall be a busy gal!
    God bless !

  66. Your tables are wonderful. I was lucky to get one together... The decor in your home is so charming. The sweet boys do look like they are wearing Irish! Thanks for hosting.. xo marlis

  67. Such fun! I am your newest follower and Irish party contributor!

  68. I'm so busy that I haven't even posted mine yet. UGH. I am glad you gave us until the 17th.

    As for you, you outdid yourself yet again! Hoping to be crawling by nightfall. If I make it all the way to your house, I hope the other crawlers left some shamrock taters for me.

    And I love the overalls for Mrs. Murphy's chowder. So cute!

  69. What a super post, Kathleen! Enough ideas there to keep us all busy for the next few St. Pat's! Thank you for hosting; I'm happy to join my first St. Pat's blog party. ~Zuni

  70. Kathleen, you've outdone yourself -- again! Thanks for reminding me of the crawl.

  71. What a fun post! Thanks for hosting! Your collections are beautiful as always.

  72. Thanks for hosting and I love your post! I totally linked up!

  73. Thank you for visiting my blog and inviting me. I have signed up as a follower now. I'm having trouble linking up but will do so as soon as I can. Thanks again for the visit, the invite and hosting.

  74. Your table is adorable! Love the overalls! What a fun and whimsical touch! Thanks for sharing and for hosting this blog crawl. I linked up my shamrock cupcakes.

  75. And you're a poet as well! I LOVE this post. Those shamrock shaped potato crisps look wonderful! I made some Colchannon and shaped it into shamrocks also. I'll lpst it tomorrow probably. Thanks for hosting! This is fun!


  76. Hi
    Great Party. Oh how I love all the green. I follow you and have your link on my sidebar as one of my favorite go to blogs. The Luck of the Irish Tea @ My Cozy Corner. Please stop by.

  77. Hi Kathleen,
    As always a treat!!!

  78. This is my time to link up for your celebration!
    Thank you so much for hosting!
    Very nice to meet you Kathleen:)

    Happy St.Patrick's Day!

    Irish smiles,
    Kay Ellen

  79. Kathleen everything looks so wonderful! thanks for hosting and Happy St Patricks Day :)

    also thank you for stopping by my blog

    Bridget xo

  80. Everything looks great and I really got a kick out of the socks. Thanks for the site.

  81. What a fantastic party...perfection! Love all your photos and food...favorites are the rosary and your cute little feet!!
    Thank you for hosting again...

  82. Hi Kathleen!

    I came to join the party but I guess I am too late :(

    I have such a cute story to share too...

    Thanks for having this fun party and I will visit as many other blogs as I can :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  83. Oh, looks like the linky to the party has closed. I'm a day late and a dollar short. Your tables look lovely...very festive and Irish! I especially love your cute little socks! ;-D

    Well, I will be early next year!! Have a great St. Paddy's Day! :)


  84. Oh Dear, I was too late to link up but I enjoyed your post. I have been resting a wee bit the past two weeks.
    I loved your beautiful tables. You have so many beautiful items to decorate with.
    Happ Saint Patrick's Day!

  85. I LOVE IT!! Everything looks like the start of a GREAT party. One question though, where did you get the baking pan for the shamrock shaped Irish Soda Bread? Fantastic!!!

  86. Well tis Thanksgiving tomarrow...but I hope to participate in the next
    St Patricks Day Crawl...what a fun blog, with lots of eye candy....
    Hoping your Thanksgiving is blessed...


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