Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Baby Shower

Yesterday I went to a Baby Shower for my dil's sister.
First came love!
Then came marriage,   I posted about her wedding in 2010  here .
Now comes baby in a baby carriage.  :)

My dil is the oldest of 4 girls, so this is the baby of the family.  They are 6 years apart.
Let's Dish 453
The cake was so pretty, chocolate filled with a raspberry cream.
Let's Dish 454
I did the centerpieces, baby pink roses and white mums and baby's breath in containers from an older sister's baby shower.
Let's Dish 463
Let's Dish 461
Some were booties, carriages etc.
Let's Dish 434I did 5 of those, and had some extra roses, so I did one in a wicker carriage I had.
Let's Dish 459 
Let's Dish 458
I love making centerpieces!  I get my flowers at Sam's Club, they are more reasonable than Costco and have a bigger selection.  If you are doing a large party, you can order on line and have them delivered.
I also did little boxes , Debbie Mumm design, and filled them with mints.
Let's Dish 470
The pink snapdragons I showed you ...
Let's Dish 368
became the favors.
Let's Dish 445 
Let's Dish 443
Swaddled in pink tissue, then  a white bag, tagged and bowed.  Ready to be planted in their gardens.  Grow baby grow!
We used the lime and white polka dot plates, pale pink tablecloths with pink napkins and pink flatware.
Let's Dish 082
My gifts were packed in this adorable , sturdy pink duffle bag.  I gave a few onesies, a ducky towel, soft pique rattle, child fork and spoon ,  a baby float and a gift check to put away for baby.
Let's Dish 442 The bag is from Pottery Barn, and was outside in bins. I couldn't believe the price! ( 2.97) So much better than packing it in a paper gift bag, I think!  They were able to pack a lot of the other gifts into the bag too.
I did some of the food too, but I will save that for Let's Dish, Wednesday at 7!  Hope you will join us with a tablescape, a dish or glass collection or some things you have found to use on your table.  We love seeing your treasures!
Thanks for visiting, if I didn't get to your post yet, I am coming!  As you can see, I had a few projects going on these past few days!

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday
Susan for Metamorphosis Monday
Marty for Tabletop Tuesday
Kathe with an E for You're Gonna Love it Tues. 
Shannon for Cozy Home Scenes Party
Beverly for Pink Saturday

Don't forget the Mother's Day Tablescape Challenge, May 9th!


  1. I am sure the new Mom-to-be was very happy with her shower! Great idea for favors, something pretty and useful! I guess she is having a girl? xo

  2. The flower arrangements look great K! Love the pretty snapdragons as party favors! I'm sure it was a great time:@)

  3. Very pretty in pink! Bet whoever cut the cake hesitated at first!
    xo Cathy

  4. Wow -- can you pack up some of that boundless energy and creativity and send it my way???

    That cake is so cute (and sounds delicious) -- and so are your centerpieces and favors, etc. Your gift is so creative! This baby girl is definitely coming into a lot of love when she makes her grand entrance.

    I get so maudlin over these things -- sorry... it's just that I don't have any one in my life anymore who is making babies. It is always nice to see that life is affirmed, and new ones are still coming.

  5. Hi Kathleen,
    What a darling baby shower. Loved all of your arrangements they were so pretty and feminine, perfect for a baby girl shower. Also loved the touches of green, and what a great gift bag idea.........sure the Mom to be loved that, I always think gift bags are a gift in a gift anyway, but that was really delightful. That was a wonderful idea for favors too, sure everyone enjoyed that too. and the cake was so cute, and sounds delicious as well..........too bad there is no emailing cake! or everyone would be asking! lol
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post, oh yea, and the wedding pics were amazing as well, those florals and the setting were just wonderful,
    and I am with you about those darling heels the girls wore, so cute!

    Blessings, nellie

  6. This was a super idea Kathleen! Your centerpieces are just talented thing you!
    And your deals or steals...just unreal!
    Love that gorgeous cake too!

  7. Congratulations to the "Happy Couple with the new little pink bundle on the way'!!! The party and all your trimmings looked SO BEAUTIFUL!
    You are SO Talented!!!
    Have a fun week,
    Big Hugs,

  8. WOW!! What a wonderful baby shower- everything is so perfect!

    You did an amazing job with your designs, what FUN!!

    Can't wait to read about the food, too!!!!


  9. Kathleen everything looks wonderful! I bet the Mother had a great time!
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  10. Cute cake and great decor for the party. Bet it was fun for all.

  11. Wow, you are amazingly creative! Love the centerpieces and the favors, the snapdragons are so cute, right down to the "grow baby grow tag". Visiting from Seasonal Sunday, see you at your next Let's Dish! Pam

  12. Everything looks so cute! What a fun day. Hugs and good wishes.

  13. Oh my gosh...that cake is adorable! You did a wonderful job on the centerpieces, you are always fabulous with flowers. I love how you wrapped your gift up in the PB bag! I HAVE to find an outlet!

    Looking forward to the next Let's Dish. Is there a theme this week?


    1. No Jane, anything tBle related. May 9 th is the Mom's table challenge.

  14. Your flower arrangements are very nice. Love that cake and what a great idea for favors.

  15. Kathleen, your floral arrangements are always so beautiful! The wicker carriage is my favorite :-) The cake is gorgeous, and I love the polka dots (of course).

  16. Looks like a great party. All of your contributions set it over the top. Your flower arrangements are fantastic. What a steal on the diaper bag!I'm sure everyone was thrilled.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. What fun, Kathleen! I love showers for brides or mom's-to-be...such happy times. You did a great job on all the flower arrangements. I can't wait for the food part...see you at Let's Dish! p.s. love the PB bargain bag, you Bargain Queen!!

  18. What a fun cake and beautiful flower arrangements. I love the pink and green and the polka dots! Such a fun event to shower with love!!

  19. Kathleen, your florals are just so pretty in pink! I like the bargain diaper bag that you filled with goodies. I need to shop this week for my god-daughter's shower. I'm going to try making a pennant for the baby's room. we'll see.....

  20. Adorable, Kathleen. You have some impressive flower arranging skills. I agree Sam's has a better selection than Costco in the floral department (and Sam's flowers have always lasted longer for me). Love your duffel bag idea too - so much nicer than a paper bag.

  21. OK, I know this is dopey, but I found myself trying to think of someone currently expecting for whom to throw a baby shower as I was reading this. I just loved every single idea from the cake (SO CUTE!) to the centerpieces to the snap dragon favors and right on down to the pink duffle to wrap the gift. This is so much up my alley. I really love it all.

    I can't think of an expectant soul so I'm just going to pin it for future reference. You are so creative!

  22. Your outdid yourself, Kathleen! What a lucky mom-to-be to have such a lovely shower. Those flower containers were perfect - I have never seen any like them. Wonderful!!

  23. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!
    toko busana muslim

  24. Beautiful shower, Kathleen, you always do a fabulous job! Great idea with the pretty pink bag, the centerpieces are lovely.

  25. Awe...what a sweet and pretty shower. love the cake and the floral pieces are so pretty! Hugs and blessings Cindy P.S. I LOVE that bag!

  26. That is the ca u tes cake I've ever seen....and it looks delicious. (remember, I'm off sugar so I just tried to lick my screen here)
    Love the flowers, too.:)

  27. You really came up with such cute centerpieces; perfect for the occasion. Baby showers are special and you made it even nicer. Wish we had Sam here.

  28. Love the snapdragon favors! Grow Baby Grow LOL! Everything is so pretty and soft, just like the soon to be baby herself. What a lovely and lively party it must have been ♥

  29. Super, super cute!!! LOVE that bag you got for such an incredible price! I tell must have some sort of pheromone that attracts sales and bargains!!!! GREAT favors, too!!! I had no idea Sam's Club's flowers were better all round than those at Costco. I know I have been repeatedly disappointed by flowers I have picked up at Costco. They seem to die very quickly. I have even opened bundles of them to discover mildew and decay. Those were PROMPTLY returned to the store which was a bit of an inconvenience since it's about 15 miles away. I have threatened to switch over to Sam's Club because it's much closer. Now that I know this I may have to do just that when my subscription is up with Costco in August!

  30. What a beautiful baby shower!! The cake was adorable. Since I'm taking cake decorating classes, I'm thinking, can I make something like that yet? Maybe! I love your centerpieces. Pink roses!!! So beautiful. I loved seeing all of this because we are my granddaughter is expecting twin girls in a few months. I asked if I could help with the shower. It's going to be so much fun. Thanks for sharing this.

  31. did a spectacular job on the centerpieces and favors....just beautiful....I do not buy flowers at Costco..have better luck at Trader Joe's in my area....The cake was magnificent!...I am sure that the guest and the "Mommy To Be" were thrilled at all the beautiful things that you did for the are way too talented!!

  32. The cake is adorable Kathleen. I love all the favors and centerpieces. Perfection.

    A new Sam's is opening about 15 minutes from home. We are thinking about joining again. Until this one, the nearest Sam's was quite a distance.

  33. So beautiful and I am assuming that they are expecting a girl.
    The centerpieces are lovely, thanks for the Sam's tip.
    Hugs, Ginger

  34. Oh my goodness, everything is so sweet my teeth are hurting! The centerpieces are just gorgeous and I love the variety of the containers. Pink snapdragons make a beautiful party favor, too.

  35. What sweet centerpieces! I love vintage baby planters. I love putting gifts into reusable containers like that bag...great find! Hugs, Linda

  36. What a beautiful shower. Good tip about the roses. Yours are so pretty in all your darling centerpieces. Love your flower favors and the nut favors. Both great ideas. And that cake!!! Oh my word that cake. Absolutely stunning. You really outdid yourself this time Kathleen! I bet everyone loved the shower!!!

  37. so very pretty and special I bet the mom to be was delighted love that cake so super cute with the pink and fluff

  38. What a beautiful baby shower. Everything looks so lovely. You did a wonderful job on the flower arrangements and your gift is fabulous. I love the cake and the pink snapdragons are perfect for a party favor. Thanks for sharing.


  39. So many pretty details, Kathleen. And coincidentally (to my post this week), your wicker bassinet/carriage is absolutely darling. Those centerpiece pieces look vintage--are they? Very cute. Love the snapdragon idea and the message on the card too. Thanks for sharing! ~Zuni

  40. Kathleen, I had to come back again to see this wonderful post. That cake is just so adorable! Visiting from the Cozy Home Party.

  41. Kathleen,

    Thanks for following. I am returning the favor. I just love the pinks for the baby shower! So beautiful!

  42. What fun! Baby showers are such happy occasions and your flower arrangements are beautiful, Kathleen. Using the pink bag from PB was a great way to pack up your gifts. How do you always find those great bargains?

  43. What a beautiful shower! The cake is gorgeous! Many, many moons ago, when I baptized my children, I gave away African violets, wrapped in the most beautiful blue foil paper, and tied with white ribbon. I scattered them all over the house - window sills, stairs, tables. The house looked like a garden. For the second child, my florist was able to get me an even greater variety of colors. Twenty some years later, I still have friends that have those violets - or offspring of the original. I love your centerpieces and those little mint boxes are wonderful!

  44. Your centerpieces are adorable! I also love the snapdragon idea with Grow, Baby, Grow - so cute and the bag you found for your gifts - another amazing bargain. Everything turned out so well - I'm sure the mother-to-be was thrilled!

  45. It all looks delightful! Love the colors they used! The cake !!!!

  46. I love baby showers,your centerpieces are lovely, and the idea of giving snap dragons as favors... superb!! And that cake beautiful and I bet delicious with the raspberry, and chocolate they go so great together!
    Thanks for sharing.

  47. What a beautiful shower! The flowers are amazing! That cake....did you make that? It is perfect!

  48. I love the pink carriage cake! Did you make that, Kathleen? Does any new Mom use a baby carriage any more? I remember being so proud of my Italian baby coach carriage. I pushed my babies all over the Brooklyn neighborhoods...good exercise for me and as I was working the night shift as an RN when they were small it helped keep me awake until the bay's nap time when I could also sleep. I hardly see a carriage anymore --everyone seems to use strollers.

  49. Very nice! I know that all the preparations and food that you provided was enjoyed and appreciated bvy the new mom-to-be. (I just co-hosted a baby shower for my "baby" daughter for her first child - and my first grandbaby! I'm so EXCITED!) Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs -

  50. Hi sorry I am late on replying. This has been a totally crazy week and I'm afraid my blog was rather neglected. I'm glad I was able to find time to see the cute baby things. I used to decorate cakes, so I love the sweet pink and white carriage cake. So creative.

    I also really like the flower arrangements in the wicker baby baskets. I used to have one of those to display a doll from my collection. However, I sold it in a yard sale. Now I wish I had kept it to use for the next baby shower I attend.

    Thanks for sharing all your sweet girlie things at my party this week!

  51. Sooo pretty! Happy Pink Saturday!

    My Pink, I am also inviting you to link up with my color Connection meme.

  52. What a lovely shower. The cake is so cute, and yummy looking. I love your centerpieces, you are talented!!

  53. Everything looks sweet and pretty!

    My Pink, have a great weekend!

  54. I love all the touches of pink!

    Happy pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Please stop by and enter my celebrate spring/moms giveaway.

  55. Kathleen, the centerpieces look beautiful! The pink snapdragons as party favors were a great idea. You did an amazing job, and the shower looked perfect. Thanks for sharing AND for shopping at Sam’s Club! – Ramona from Sam’s Club

  56. Kathleen! Your flowers look so amazing! I'm trying to find that exact rose for my upcoming wedding. I plan to order my flowers from Sam's and make the arrangements myself. Do you know the type of pink rose that was?

    Thank you!


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