Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Dish # 6 Thrifty Tulip Inspired Table

First, a little business!
Thanks so much for all of you who linked up last week and left comments.
More important, thanks for visiting so many of the entrants.
As I made my rounds to all who entered, I saw so many of you had visited others!  That's what it is all about!
If I ever miss visiting you, please let me know!  Sometimes I lose my place on the list, but I don't mean to miss your post! 
Second, the TABLE SCAPE CHALLENGE May 9 th  is Mother's Day. 
Let's Dish 413
Last week, while scouting out living favors I need for a Baby Shower this week, we stopped at one of my favorite nurseries on the North Fork of Long Island, Gabrielson's.  They had pots of daffodils
Let's Dish 366
and tulips reduced to $1. 
Let's Dish 364
The flowers were still closed, and I immediately thought, "What a great centerpiece!" 
So the  the inspiration for this table, came from the color of the flowers, red and yellow!

Let's Dish 409
I used a yellow trimmed with an eyelet ruffle cloth I have had for at least 20 years.  My mom's yellow pitcher holds the tulips on a red ruffled plate. 
Red stems from CTS, Yellow flowered  tumblers by Anthropologie, marked $8.00, but I paid .99 at the .99 or less store.
Red Lions Head mini bowls from Sur la table, .50.
Square rattan chargers, 2.00 from Pfaltzgraff dollar days sale.
Let's Dish 416 Napkin rings are a silver metal chain from BBB, .99, napkins  are from World Market, a gift from my friend Susan at Savoring Time in the Kitchen.
Susan's blog is a delight, filled with beautiful pics and recipes.  She is also a clematis expert, so hop over and visit!
I used square red plates that were $1.00 from the Dollar Day sale at Pfaltzgraff, and a square yellow plate, 2.00 clearance at HG.
Red flatware by Cambridge from Cmas Tree.
Let's Dish 415
It was pouring when I took this, so sorry for the quality!
Let's Dish 411
These are the daffodils , the deer won't eat these, they love tulips, so I got 10 pots.  I hope next year I will have a bundle of daffs like Yvonne at Stone Gable had for one of her recent gorgeous tables!
Let's Dish 413
That's my table for this week's Let's Dish! 

Next week my take on Cinco De Mayo, which  I only celebrate in blogland!

Hey, I have these dishes I got for .50 cents and I have to justify keeping them!

The table is set, come and eat!

Last week the market had country style spare ribs on sale for .99 a lb.
Let's Dish 422
They aren't pretty, but they sure are tasty!
I do them low and slow in the oven for about 6 hours.
Let's Dish 424
Put them in a large baking pan, and just season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Cover with tin foil, and bake at 275.  2 hours before you plan to eat them, mix up some sauce, and brush them with it.
I use ketchup, powdered mustard, oj, apple cider vinegar, and duck sauce.  You can add what you like, or use your own recipe.
Recover and bake for another hour.  45 min before you are ready to eat, brush again, sprinkle with brown sugar,   brush again, and leave the cover off.

 Return to the oven till they are the degree of brown you want them!  I serve them with additional sauce.
We had them with cold salads last night.
Let's Dish 427
They are moist and juicy, and CHEAP!  But delicious!  Fall off the bone tender.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Can't wait to see what you bring to Let's Dish this week.
No posts with  word id please, and link back to this party by name in your post.  Thanks! 
Please use your name or the name of your blog, it helps me remember the tables I have visited.
There is enough room for a description, too, if you like. Only one link up.
Last week's entry 2 got the most clicks, Plum Perfect.
Everyone got at least 14 clicks, most in the 50's,  40's and 30's.  If you ever want to know, just email me and I will tell you. 
The early bird gets the clicks, :)
**Link opens at 7 PM
Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate your courtesy!
See you Sunday for Seasonal Sunday,    to see what I do with these.
Let's Dish 368


  1. I love your rib recipe. I am always up for a new one. I like how you add the sugar late in the baking process.

    Wonderful news about how good all the entrants are doing. I try to visit when I can- xo Diana

  2. Red and yellow are my sorority colors, and I've always had a soft spot for the combination. I continue to stand amazed at the incredible outlet sources that you have available in your area...Do they all know you by name when you walk in the door? The daffodils are the perfect crown for your design. I'm in want with your red flatware. Does CT still have that? I've tried to find access to them via the internet, but to no avail. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

    1. Cherry Kay, they haven't had them for awhile, but I will look for them for you.
      Yes,lol, when I walk into the Wsonoma Outlet i get many Hi Kathleen's , dh thinks it is embarrassing, :),

  3. Beautiful Kathleen! I LOVE when they start marking down those big pots of seasonal flower favorites... Your yellow table is most welcome this week in the gloomy cool weather. I am NOT going to complain though, "we ARE getting rains that we really NEED"! The fireplace will be in USE till further notice,hehe!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU for your recipe for the ribs. I usually simmer mine in sauce BUT I'm going to use YOUR Suggestion...Sounds SO YUMMY!
    Have a wonderful week,

  4. Kathleen, this is such a bright and cheery table! Perfect for a gloomy day. I love all the pretty elements on this table. Such fun colors. You cracked me up when you said you "had to justify the dishes". Oh how I can relate to that! LOL I will be back to link up later. Thanks for hosting!

  5. I am always amazed at your shopping finds and the prices paid. Outstanding! Love the red-yellow combo, it is caliente (just a little Cinco de Mayo humor ;-0 ). Don't think I can join this week but next week and the Challenge for sure. When you say "clicks", does that mean people visiting from your post? xo

    1. Yes, B, it shows how many went to you from this post. Interesting!

  6. Very pretty table, tulips and daffs are my favorite! Great price.

  7. I think those ribs are pretty! Yum! I love how a table comes together from one inspiration. The tulips are gorgeous and you pulled together such a wonderful mix of things to create your beautiful table. I'd love to have that flatware.

    We have been doing some cleaning, a bath redo and then a trip. I really do hope to join your dish party soon!

  8. You and your bargains!!! I just may have to relocate!!! The $2 price tag on those chargers just has me in a tizzy!!! I love the color of the tulips. I wish I had a field of tulips in all different colors! I would be such a happy little camper! But then I'd also have to have a field of daffodils, and hyacinth, and so on and so on....I'd live in a world surrounded by flowers!!!

    1. And your allergies would kill you, little flower child!

  9. I really wish I could go shopping with you! Such bargains!

    Your tablescapes are always lovely! Creating a tablescape isn't something I do very often.:(

    Would have loved to join you for ribs! They are a real Southern favorite, but also have widespread appeal, of course.:)

    1. Nellie, it doesn't always have to be a scape. we'd love to see any dish related collections, centerpieces etc.!

  10. Your bargains are amazing! and those tulips are beautiful!!! my clearance tulips lasted a couple days here...and that was in March! Just beautiful!!

  11. Hi Kathleen
    Love the ideas from today's Let's Dish!
    The recipe also, tks for sharing all with us!
    Will love to see you over!

  12. Red and yellow are such fun colors, great table K! Lovin' your new napkins they're very pretty. They had ribs on sale down here too... thinking maybe I should have picked some up:@)

  13. Your tulips are such a wonderful color combination and inspiration for a table and your gifted napkins from Susan are perfect! I'm always amazed at your bargains! Thanks for having me this week :)

  14. I love the colors of this table Kathleen! Gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for hosting.

  15. Hi Kathleen, I love your tulip inspired tablescape! I wish I could go bargain shopping with you at all your haunts. What fun that would be!! Thanks for hosting your party and commenting to all your guests. xoxo

  16. Red and yellow is just lovely. I like how those tulips opened up. So happy I've eaten already because your food looks like a plate of comfort for sure!

  17. Hello Kathleen,
    Wow! I am so pleased that my tablescape received so many clicks! I wasn't expecting that at all!! THANK YOU for hosting this fun party every week!
    I do my best to visit all the entries!

    I love your tablescape this week! The colors are so pretty together and I love your dishes and napkins. Such great deals too! The flowers are gorgeous and thank you for the recipe!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  18. So sunny & cheerful! I love this table with the red & yellow. Tulips are my favorites!

  19. Your table is incredible, but then they always are. I love the yellow and red together. The red flatware is awesome. I'd love to have something like that. The ribs look tremendously delicious. Well I linked on tonight for the first time. I hope I did it right. I will be visiting everyone that links. I'm excited to see you blogs, but honestly, when will I find all the time to follow all these wonderful people. I'm getting excited about the Mother's Day Let's Dish.

  20. I so love your gorgeous table, the vibrant colors are fabu! Lovely tulips and such a bargain, lucky you. Daffodils do well where I live, but I miss tulips, they don't. Oh, those ribs, they look so good, I'm going to have to make some soon. Thanks so much for hosting the party, such fun!

  21. Such a wonderfully vibrant and colorful table! Love it! Those napkins are magnificent and the red stems from CTS look stunning!!! Great job.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. I didn't have time to write tonight, so only photos.

    You know I love red and yellow, being a Leo -- fiery is my middle name!

    Hope all is well, and that you didn't get a lot of bad weather the last few days.

  23. Your tulips are gorgeous - as is your table. Thanks for hosting :)

  24. Oh, I definetelly want to be eating those spare-ribs on that beautiful table! Your tupips are lovely and they're perfect for your red and yerllow table..such great combo, I love it! Thanks for having me Kathleen!

  25. The tulips are lovely as is the table setting. I had a mole eat 45 of the 50 daffs I planted last year. So I battle deer, moles, squirrels, and voles. Grateful to do so however. I am as I told you a rare tablescaper so I got nothing this week. Just saying hello, hugs, olive

  26. Lovelovelove the napkins! I seem to be all about pattern lately. A great deal on the lovely napkin rings too! I Do my ribs the same way. Low and slow on the oven. Thank you so much for hosting each week. I always look forward to linking up :-)

  27. Gorgeous tulips for your lovely table. I see you are having bones for dinner! No table for me this week...still too many problems with the computer...was told it was so corrupted it will take quite awhile to transfer everything. Hopefully it will all be done by next week.

  28. The flowers are gorgeous and perfectly match your table, especially the napkins! It's been a bit busy around here. Thanks so much for hosting. Always enjoy my visit.

  29. Your yellow and red table is so pretty.. Love that combination. What a great way to do ribs. Must remember this.. much more tender than on the grill. Thanks so much for hosting and being the perfect host! xo marlis

  30. Hi Hostess, Your table is gorgeous. I love the color combo! And I can't believe you not only get the best bargains in dishes, napkins and other table goodies, but now ribs and flowers too. Most of my tulips get eaten by the deer too, either the bulb or the flower, but I try for a few every year. I think my daffodils were weak this year because they sent up shoots in January when it was warm, using up their energy. I was having severe blog trouble Sat and Sun--comments disappearing, couldn't comment, then blogger said I had no blog...hopefully all is better now. I always try to visit almost all the links as I don't post as often as others, so I have time to go back during the week. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those pink flowers! Linda

  31. I love the red with the yellow! I'm joining in again, I also have a yellow tablescape!

    The ribs look delicious!

    Thanks for hosting!


  32. Kathleen, love the tulips. Their inspiration was perfect for this table. Beautiful details. You find the best deals.Thanks for hosting each week. I was early to post, but late to link. Away from wifi. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  33. I always love hearing where people found their inspiration. Great start with those flowers and the yellow and red. You sure know how to hunt down the bargains. I love how the floral napkins soften the square edges of the dishes. I'm not even sure if they have those kind of ribs here in FL but if they do I am definitely using that recipe. My husband would love it.

    Robin Flies South

  34. Kathleen,
    Red and yellow are striking colors together. And they look so bright and cheery on your pretty table. And your bargains are unsurpassed! Where did you get a Sur la Table red lion mini bowl for 50cents? Wonderful use of square plates and very very pretty napkins! You always set such a fresh and happy table!!!
    Thanks for hosting Let's Dish!

  35. Yes, I have noticed that I get visitors from your party! So many don't even both to visit anyone so that is nice. Your tulips are stunning. Mine out front got burned by an 86 degree day. I love the color combination for the table inspired by the magnificent tulips.
    The ribs look great too

  36. Aren't flowers the best source of inspiration? Whenever I'm creatively challenged, I just look for nature's offerings. Did you really get Anthropologie tumblers for 99 cents? I want some of those!

  37. Now I'm wondering why I didn't get some of those napkins for myself! They look beautiful on that table setting, Kathleen. Love the tulips and tulip-inspired theme. Funny, I just made pork shoulder in the slow roaster last Sunday and we just finished the last of it last night. I guess pork is on sale everywhere :)

  38. I love red and yellow together! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  39. I wish I could participate in your TABLE SCAPE CHALLENGE, but I don't have teh talent for that I do love to come and see what you have to offer; always a delight.

  40. Oh, what a wonderful inspiration you had with those tulips! Great colors. I really like the way you paired the square elements like that. Sure wish we had a Christmas Tree store here. Just love that red flatware. Beautiful napkins too. Dinner looks delicious! We had pork on Sunday and have been eating it all week. Thanks for hosting.

  41. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!
    toko busana muslim

  42. I just came back for the spare rib's recipe, as hubby is going to like this for the weekend. Thanks again Kathleen. Hugs,

  43. Oh my word, Kathleen, those daffodils are just the most gorgeous colors, and your tablescape picks them up perfectly. The napkins look like they were colored to go with the daffs. This is such a bright and cheerful table that it doesn't matter that it was raining when you took the pictures. laurie

  44. Love love love your yellow and red tablescape. Beautiful! Also such gorgeous flowers at your nursery. What a wonderful selection. I just linked up as I'm now at one of my daughters...a 12 hour drive away. So I've got a lot of catching up to do tonight. And I made sure a tablecape was it in. LOL. Appreciate you doing this fun party.



  45. Can I just tell you how much I love the red and yellow tablescape. It is so beautiful. One of the best tablescapes I've ever seen!

  46. I'll have to find a day when I am home for six hours and try these ribs :-) They sound wonderful. Visiting from Foodie Friday.

    Love the colors in this tablescape Kathleen. Those tulips are gorgeous!

  47. Love your table this week. Red and yellow are so cheerful! I was traveling home and so didn't have a tablescape this week. I might try to do one today and link up. I love this party and hate to miss even one week. Going to spend a lot of the day catching up on blog posts and all the great Let's Dish entries! Hugs, Linda

  48. I am late but maybe I can still link up, can I? On second thought, I think I will wait to post it for next week, too late to get any comments. I just got back from FL but I set a table for a dinner tomorrow. John invited an Australian surgeon and his wife to dine with us. I am still in awe as to how you can buy your tableware so cheaply. I would be rich if I have those stores around me cause I tend to buy mine so high compared to you. Love your tablescape, it's very cheerful....Christine

  49. Oh darlin, your table is wonderful and those ribs look to die for. Just pass me one of those beautiful napkin's and I'll be one happy camper! Heeehehe!

    What a charmin' settin' you set sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a glorious weekend!!! :o)

  50. Love your tablescape this week, Kathleen. You have used my favorite colors in this one. Sure wish I had a WS outlet around here, but its probably just as well I don't.

  51. Hello Kathleen! I have been by to visit but haven't left a comment to say how lovely everything looks! I always want to join in but my dish selection is very limited and not at all fancy. I have a couple of ideas for a small table setting and when I can get it together I will be excited to link up :)

    Yes, those ribs look fabulous!!!

  52. Looks like it was a nice party. :) Lots of pretty settings.
    xo bj

  53. You make me chuckle Kathleen! Love your tulipy table! And I am so envious of all your great finds! So cool that you live by so many outlets!
    We have like hardly any nearby.
    Hugs friend,

  54. Although I didn't post this week --- thank you for offering another tablescaping party each week ....always such wonderful inspirations here. Love your pretty flowers and dishes. What a great tablecloth too!

  55. I just found your blog on Foodie Friday. I'll host my own party every month called My Sweet Party and I would love you to join. Please visit my blog for mor info.

    Have a nice day!


  56. Yellow/red is one of my favorite color combinations, Kathleen, so you know I have to love your tablescape! You always find the best stuff at such phenomenal prices. Love your fleurs, too. I have never prepared ribs at home, but these certainly look easy enough, since you basically just let them cook on their own. :-) May have to try them- they're a perfect cold weather meal. And it's still pretty cold here. No snow, just biting wind and dreary days.....
    ~ Sue


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