Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring, Where are You? Let’s Dish # 53

Good evening, Ladies, welcome to Let’s Dish!  I hear it is Spring!  No one told the weather man here, still pretty cold! 


Thank you to all who have taken part, or stopped by for a visit.

It isn’t a gigantic party, but we have such a great group of dish lovers!  You visit others, leave comments, and we have a good time.

New members are always welcome, if you know someone who shares our hobby, please invite them.  Membership requires some time to visit the entrants, and leave comments for them.

That’s how we get to know one another!

Next, I want to thank all those who entered the 5th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl!  I visited everyone, and just loved seeing all your entries.

Thanks to all those who left comments, and for all the visits you made.  Some got 90 visits!

The winner of the Home Goods gift card is Nana Diana.  Please contact me with your snail mail address.  Congratulations, and happy shopping!

The next Tablescape Challenge is April 24th

THEME is……………………………………………


Remember, it doesn’t have to be a full table.  You can show us a collection you have, or share a recent tablescape purchase.

It does have to be table related, dishes, glasses, linens, centerpiece…you get the idea.

QRA 010

My inspiration for tonight’s table is this pot of beautiful blue hydrangea I gifted myself for my birthday 2 weeks ago.

QRA 030

It has 8 beautiful blooms on it, and can be planted, if it ever warms up!

I put it in a basket, and added some baby’s breath.

QRA 014

I used a hydrangea tablecloth I have had a long time.  The little bird egg salt and pepper sits in a silver tray.

The flatware is by Cambridge and I got it at CTS years ago.

QRA 017

The stemware and blue pitcher is by Dansk.

Little silver baskets hold a votive candle.  They are by Silvestri.

QRA 013

The bird nest charger is from PB Outlet, Alma and I scooped them up last year, 2.00

The napkin ring is from World We don’t have that store here.  Napkins I have had for years.


Silver footed egg cups hold the egg with the guest’s name written on it.

The blue bowls I found in clearance at HG.  They were $1.20


QRA 026

QRA 027

The white dinner plate is a swirled pattern and coupe shaped. They almost look like a big odd shaped egg!

QRA 028

QRA 029

They were on sale a few years ago for 1.80.  I bought a stack of them, they are great for buffets, and to serve pasta with shrimp etc.

QRA 020

This is my toned down Easter table, next week the pastels will fly!


The recipe for the Beer Irish Stew I showed last week  is here.

Ladle the stew into individual ramekins.  Make mashed potatoes, add shredded cheddar cheese.  Put in a piping bag and pipe on top of the hot stew.  Bake in the oven a bit till the taters are golden.


Dig in and enjoy! 

Please make sure your word ID is off, and that your post contains a link back to this party.

Please check to see if you are a follower before linking up. I appreciate it!

Only one post a week, thanks!

Blog name first. There is no limit on the number of letters for your description.

Please leave a comment when you link up.

Let’s see what you are dishing about this week!

If I missed commenting on  your crawl post, let me know, I may have missed one.

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Yvonne for T T and Tutorials

Diann for Thrifty Things Friday

Jann for Share your Cup Thursday

The Home Girl for Friday Fiesta


  1. Oh, what pretty blues, Kathleen! I love hydrangeas but have never had any luck growing them. Guess I'll just have to keep buying them! What a deal you got on those blue bowls! And the hydrangea-print tablecloth is makes a lovely backdrop.

  2. Kathleen:

    Your toned down Easter table is very pretty. I always love blue and those deep blue bowls are gorgeous!

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Kathleen - I love your hydrangea plant. I have trouble growing them, but I have a friend who has a gorgeous bank of them in her back yard. Perfection. Your table is wonderful, especially the beautiful tablecloth. I really like the blue bowls and the blue flatware. Thanks for hosting and you are right - the St. Patrick's blog crawl was so much fun!

  4. Love the table and the stew looks wonderful!

    We are still waiting for Spring in Missouri, also. Snow is predicted, the next couple of days. Even though we Missourians are hardy folks, I may have to rethink wearing sandals to the wedding.:-)

    Thanks for hosting Let's Dish.

    1. Oh dear, your tootsies may get cold, lol. Maybe bring the sandals, and wear "sensible" shoes, lol! Hope the wedding goes off beautifully!

  5. your table is beautiful. I like the way you used your hydrangeas for the inspiration piece..
    Happy Anniversary and Happy belated Birthday..
    and many thanks for hosting this party. I had so many visitors last week..a great bunch of ladies here...

    1. Yes, Mona, they are wonderful! You see the same band of dishers visiting so many of the entrants. They really are special. So glad you joined in!

  6. Happy Birthday, a little late, dear Kathleen! I love your gift to yourself as the hydrangeas are beautiful. The flowers look perfect with your pretty tablecloth. Of course, I love the stack of dishes and all your accessories. Thanks for the recipe for the Irish Stew. I made a Guinness Irish Stew for our celebration. Thanks for hosting and big hugs sent to you.

  7. Kathleen~ Love your beautiful hydrangea and your blue accents at the table! I wish I had your Irish Stew for dinner tonight :) Thanks for hosting!

  8. I think you already know that I ♥ this table...
    Hope spring arrives soon...snow predicted for us tomorrow and again on Sunday.
    There are quite a few entrants that don't bother leaving a comment...sorry to say, but they will no longer be getting one from me.:(

    1. Marigene, you got over 90 visits last week. I know everyone doesn't leave a comment, many non bloggers visit too, I know because they email me.

      I know you are very good about visiting so many of the entrants, it is so good of you. But don't feel too badly about the ones who don't return your comments, some don't say hello to me either! I know it takes some of the fun out of it, and we all know if you want people to visit and leave comments, you have to do it too.

      Thanks for letting me know your feelings. I appreciate it.

  9. Belated Happy Birthday!!!! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. What an inspiring piece for the table. The blue accessories just sing! I love this.. so very inviting. Thanks for hosting. Happy Spring.. xo marlis

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!! I love your table, the blues are so pretty!
    I have one question, though, concerning the photo in your header...where, oh where, did you find those beautiful cabbage leaf plates? I love them, but don't know which post entry all the info is in. Would you mind sharing the info, please, or tell me the post name? Thank you!

    1. Hi Susan,
      I got them last year at the Pottery Barn Outlet. I got the large bowl that matches too.
      Hope that helps!

  11. Happy belated birthday wishes, Kathleen. I love hydrangeas, the color on these is so beautiful, love your table. I wish we did have a World Market here somewhere. I am a guest this week, no dishy post, so will be visiting around. xo

    1. We love spectators too, Barbara! What's a parade without people to cheer on the marchers, :)!

  12. Kathleen, your tablescape is just lovely! The blue is so pretty; and hydrangeas are my faves! Thanks so much for hosting! Happy Spring!

  13. Great tablecloth K, and I'm lovin' those blue tulip bowls! I'm ready for some warm weather and sunshine too! Happy Spring:@)

  14. Shoot! I just lost my comment I was typing. As a hydrangea lover, I love this table. Not only hydrangeas for a centerpiece, but in your tablecloth too. I am sooo envious of y'all's find! Those chargers are wonderful, and what a deal! You 2 must have so much fun shopping together. I wish I could go shopping with y'all. Thanks for hosting. laurie

  15. You set another beautiful table, Kathleen. I love hydrangeas, especially the blue ones and I can't seem to grow them successfully. I have one that is thriving right now and it still looks pitiful, but my azaleas are gorgeous at this time of the year. Great deals you and Alma get on a lot of tableware. I am jealous! But I am leaving for FL abd staying there for 3 weeks to decorate and just relax and HG is about 4 blocks away and lots of other stores there. Yipee!....Christine

  16. It's cold enough here that my hydrangea bushes are still just brown sticks, but I can hardly wait for them to bear their beautiful blossoms. The tablecloth melds beautifully with your white and cobalt plates...a gorgeous gentle Easter table. Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for hosting us for Let's Dish. Cherry Kay

  17. Hi Kathleen! This is a gorgeous spring table! I love those bird's nest chargers and the pier 1 plates. You scooped up some great deals!!! Congratulations on One Year of Let's Dish! Thanks for hosting such a fun party!!! =D

  18. I look forward to your dishes each week. You find things that I never see in stores. Like those beautiful blue dishes. Love the header photo too! Thanks for hosting.

  19. hi Kathleen, I can see why those hydrangeas inspired such a beautiful table, they are my favorite won't be long now until they are blooming all over the place, I can't wait! The silver footed egg cups holding the "name egg" are my favorite part of your tablescape! That is just too cute!
    Happy Birthday and Happy Blogaversary!

  20. Happy one year Kathleen! I know I have enjoyed being able to participate in your party almost every week :-) I'm not sure which deal I love best on this table so I will just choose the flowers! The hydrangeas are so pretty and are the perfect inspiration!

  21. First, CONGRATULATIONS on your 1 year anniversary! When I saw the "Let's Dish #53", I thought, "Hmmmm....53? Has it been a year? No! That HAS to be a typo!" But yes! Hallelujah! One whole year!!! Now...about those Pier 1 beauties for just $1.80!!! What a great bargain! I never saw those. Wish I would have! I like the swirly pattern on them. They would have been a great plate to have in quantity. And I remember chiding you already for the great buy on the bird nest chargers! :-) Your hydrangea is beautiful! If you plant it, I hope it can survive the harsh winters there. Mine didn't live after just 1 winter. :-( Congrats again, and thank you for hostessing with the mostest each week! :-)

  22. You DO find the best bargains! I really love the hydrangea and the addition of baby's breath is wonderful and how wonderful that it matches that beautiful tablecloth. I am heading to Pottery Barn Outlet this weekend! I hope I am as lucky as you. Thanks so much for hosting. Dianne

  23. Oh and Happy 1 year Anniversary! Dianne

  24. Oh Kathleen, I had to come back as I forgot to mention HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for LET'S DISH!

  25. You and Alma got great dishes, Kathleen..I'm swooning. Goodness, $1.80 such beautiful dishes, wow!! Wish I was there to do some shoping at Pier One!! I love your table with blue, along with the gorgeous blue hydrangeas..I've seen some pretty ones around, next time! Happy One Year of Let's Dish and thank you for hosting such exciting party, as you are a wonderful hostess! Hope we are lucky and you go on for many years, too. Have a fun rest of the week.

  26. Hi Kathleen, so happy to be joining in. I have been a follower for some time but I don't know why, but I thought your party was for recipes. I love to cook, but seldom do cooking posts. I do dish posts quite often. I will be joining in. Excited for Aprils party! I love your nest chargers. What a fantastic price too. My link party is a year old also. Fun that we have that in common. I'd love if you shared. It's Share Your Cup Thursday. It's about sharing what makes you happy. Easy to see what that is for you. lol! Thanks for hosting!

  27. Good morning, Kathleen. For a year I've enjoyed your link party and being a part of it most weeks, but for longer than that I've enjoyed getting to know you a bit through your posts. This blog world of ours does lead to interesting connection. Spring is in full bloom in Houston making it a perfect time to be here.

  28. Love this table, Kathleen. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. So sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a very happy one.

  29. I applaud you for your year..
    Don't know how you do it..but you do it very well..
    I used your rooster napkins 2 Wednesdays ago when friends came for dinner and she commented on them..use the mini burger mold all the time..I like them mini now..the reg size ones look huge to me.
    Happy Spring..we are snowed under..C'est le QC after all!

    Happy Belated birthday..

  30. A year already...amazing. Congratulations on the year and another gorgeous table and great bargains that you find!!

  31. I am so happy you started this party! I love tablescaping and visiting others who love it also. Congrats on one year! I love hydrangeas and this table is just perfect with those colors. I can't wait to get back home to my dishes so I can play again!
    hugs, Linda

  32. Kathleen,

    I love the Cambridge flatware in your beautiful setting! Really enjoy your blog.

  33. ummm, blue and stew...beautiful :)

  34. Your table is so fresh and pretty. I love those bird's nest chargers. How lucky you are to have a PB outlet nearby. Thanks for another fun party with so many inspirational tables capes!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  35. Newest follower here! I found you though the blog hop, you have a wonderful blog. I look forward to reading more. You can find me at


  36. Kathleen, I'm envious of your garden hydrangeas. I would love to have them grow successfully here in my garden, but I think it's just too hot. I had one in my hand today, ready to bring it home, then decided against it. Then again, it would last longer in a pot than many fresh flowers. May have to rethink this decision after seeing your pretty table. Lovely dish stack with the blue and white atop the grape vine charger. ~ Sarah

  37. That's the same question I keep asking...Where is Spring? It certainly looks like spring on your table at least - Beautiful!

  38. Let's face it. When you start with a gorgeous basket of hydrangea blossoms the table is just bound to be beautiful. This one definitely is, and my favorite part is the way the linens set off the flowers and the place setting. It's so springy yet not bold. I love that. I called similar colors "wispy" on another table post, and that's the words I would use to describe this table. Not pastel... wispy.

    I'm dying to play with dishes again.

  39. Hydrangeas make me happy! I love your table. We are waiting for snow again this weekend...where is spring??

  40. Oh!!! I am so thrilled. I don't know how I missed this post before- I usually catch all of yours! I am really tickled to win!!

    You table setting is as beautiful as always and I love hydrangea and I WANT that tablecloth- I can almost name the company that produced that fabric...almost. Lovely post and thank you again- xo Diana

  41. I love Hydrangeas...I tried to dry them at the end of the season and didn't do too well....I will try again this year....and I'm coming up to NY and have to make a trip to the CTS for sure.....

  42. I thought I commented on your pretty hydrangea tablescape already! Guess not, but I thought it! Lovely colors & how fun that you found egg shaped plates to use. I like your grape vine chargers, too. I just found 4 wicker ones, less rustic than yours but they'll work come summer in the Gazebo. That is, if the warm weather ever returns!
    We've got snow coming down at the rate of 1"/hr & there is already 3" on the ground now. YUCK!!!

  43. Hi Kathleen, just wanted to say; thanks for linking up to Share Your Cup. I sure had fun linking to Let's Dish and met some fun new people.

  44. Hi Kathleen! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous table at the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA! I hope you'll check back tomorrow evening because this post is going to be featured! I just love this table!!! =D Hope you're having a great week! =D

  45. Congrats Kathleen for your blogaversary. Thanks for hosting your weekly party "Let's Dish."


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