Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fresh as a Daisy~Let’s Dish #59

Good evening, Ladies, welcome to our weekly dish meeting!

Last week was the challenge and mostly everyone stuck to the theme.  Even though some are still getting snow, blogland was a flutter with birds, bees, flowers and trees!

May’s theme will be  ???  Something we haven’t done yet! Ideas welcome.


Yellow and white with a pop of black graces my little table tonight.

I started with a black and white checked tablecloth sent to me by a great  gal from TX.  You can find her here each week with something she whipped up in her Kitchen and presents so prettily on some dishes from her collection.  :)

A round yellow placemat from Kohl’s, pierced charger , part of my birthday gift from Alma.


Dinner plate from PB Outlet and salad from HG clearance.  Little ramekin from Target.


Yellow napkins via PB Outlet, black and white check I forget, maybe Walmart?  I know I have them in purple too.

Watering can napkin rings are from Dansk many years ago when we had an outlet here in Southampton.  They are metal.


Black footed ribbed stem from Pfaltzgraff Clearance, years ago.

The yellow tumbler is by Anthropologie , but I got it for .99 cents in the , yep, .99 store! The little MC pail is from my friend Debbie at Mountain Breaths.

Centerpiece is a ceramic yellow pot I got at Savers filled with daisy mums.  I put it on a plate from the clearance at HG, .70. 

Pale yellow candles. White flatware is cheapo stuff from Walmart.  Don’t sneeze, it will move!  I did invest in some better ones that I used last week.



Small white tureen from Thrift Shop, and white ceramic s & p from Pfaltzgraf 1.00 sale.


Little daisy glass scatters are from the Villeroy and Boch Outlet, which also closed.  :(



I wanted to use the holders I got in HG clearance for our wraps.

Grilled chicken, carmelized onions, shredded lettuce and bacon, shredded cheddar , drizzled with blue cheese dressing.



One more thing!

Remember that roll of fabric I showed you from an outlet I go to called RuLi here on LI?


I took Alma there at the end of the summer and we both bought yards of this to use for tablecloths.  $2.00 a yard.

Here’s a little preview of it on a table…a work in progress.


Or white flatware?  Which?


The napkins match perfectly, and I am going to use all white with it.  A summer party in the making.  :)

Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate your visits and comments.

Again, thanks to all those who took the challenge. 

Same rules as always.  Remember this is a dish party, so if you show food, you have to show it in a setting. 

If you don’t know the rules, they are here.

I went  shopping Monday, so a little show and tell for  The Tablescapers Seasonal Sunday this week.

I am joining Yvonne for TTT

Gollum for Foodie Friday

Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Diann for Thrifty Friday

Jann for Share Your Cup


Time to Dish!


  1. I always see things I like here and I really enjoy the food you show that whets my appetite!

  2. The yellow and black look awesome! Love the use of the different shapes of the plates in your stack.

    I am thrilled that we found the perfect napkins for that material for, as you well know, I have many a yard myself. As far as flatware, we're going to need both sets. It's gonna be a BIG party! LOL!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  3. Oh, and I love the holders for the wraps (weren't they to be for fries?). I do believe I was with you on that shopping expedition too. The wrap looks fabulous!!!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  4. Love the black and white gingham with the yellow!

    The blue and white flatware looks wonderful with that gorgeous fabric.

    I took last week off to prepare the condo for sale, so I missed Let's Dish. I gave Let's Dish a little shout out in a post, before we left town. Now we are back, the condo is listed and maybe things will be normal a day or two. We both had good checkups at the doctor today.:-) That is a bonus!

    This week's post has a little history lesson.

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  5. Love your black and white checked cloth with your yellow and white dish stack! The scattered daisies are such a fun & festive touch! I was going to vote for blue flatware but I see above that you need both :)

  6. I love this table Kathleen, anything black & white is always my favorite and I love this pairing with sunny yellow. The napkins might just be my favorite part, the way you have paired the check with the fun print and the white watering is so so cute!
    Your wrap looks very yummy, and I love it in that holder! I am definitely going to make a version of that soon, great idea! I also LOVE that bright blue fabric, wow, can't wait to see that table! Happy Wednesday!

  7. Soooo pretty, Kathleen! Beautiful color combo and love the black and white plaid tablecloth. That fabric is so pretty too, love the aqua color and the texture too. I hope your theme for May is easy cause I will be in FL most of the month except for the first 11 days.....Christine

  8. Bee Yoo Tee Full.. I love the black and white with yellow..I just bought some black and white napkins and inspire me. and those black stemmed, love them...really nice table...and your food..well, makes my mouth water...and once again, thank you so much for hosting this party. I have met some really nice women here. :-)
    love, Mona

  9. Kathleen, Yep that Texas gal has a lot of cute things!! Very talented!! Love your yellow black and white. It's a great combination. Looks springy without being pale. The chargers are gorgeous, as are those stems and glasses. Great napkins on the tablecloth! thanks so much for hosting.. xo marlis

  10. Haha! I think that tureen is the one I donated to the thrift store before I moved last time! How did it make it all the way over from upstate to downstate? :D
    I love your fresh as a daisy tablescape. I think that it might be one of my very favorites of all. Such a delightful mixture of texture and color. You rocked it Kathleen!

    p.s. Please join me in celebrating my first blog anniversary...there's a lovely giveaway each day. ;)

  11. Love this table...gingham and polka dotted fabrics remind me of my mom. Those yellow tumblers would have been great on my table this week! Adorable napkin rings.
    Have a great week, Kathleen...

  12. Any color looks so pretty on that black and white checked cloth, Kathleen, but the yellow might be my favorite it of all!! The daisies are my favorite flowers and the little ones scattered about are so cute. Those lacy chargers from Alma are another of my faves! This TX gal wants to come for dinner and have a big bite of that delicious wrap in the cute holder!! YUM! xo.
    Thank you so much for hosting Let's Dish!

  13. Such a pretty combination of colors. I'm sorry I forgot to post my blog name. I remembered when I pulled up your post, but when I pressed send, well, it just left me :-(

    Jocelyn @

  14. Great yellow tablescape with the plaid tablecloth..such a terrific combo!! I think I like the white flatware, as it stands out; the turquoise is too much alike the cloth color. Thank you for hosting this wonderful party. Hugs,

  15. I always like the black and white with a color. It always looks so fresh. And this table fits the bill! Perfect. I am in love with the chargers and those adorable little watering can napkin rings. Just so cute. thank you for hosting!

  16. Happy May Day! I skipped dinner in favor of just dessert tonight (don't let Dianne from Dianne's Creative Tables or Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen see this!), but looking at those wraps makes me wish I hadn't. Man, those look good! And with caramelized onions?!??!! Delicious!!!!

    Your table looks really fresh and ready for Spring and Summer! (Tell that to Mother Nature, please!) I am a major, major fan of big black & white checks on the table!!! Your upcoming table looks like it's going to be a winner, too...but what else is to be expected? :-) Thank you again so much for hosting the party, and have a great week as we shiver through it and try to dodge the raindrops/snowflakes!!! :-)

  17. Such a happy table, Kathleen. I love the mixture of the b/w checks with the summery yellows. You have some of the best dishes anywhere. Those wraps look so good, and I love those containers. I look forward to seeing the turquoise table. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  18. Evening Kathleen, another great party! You are making me a fan of the black and white checkered tablecloth, and I never thought I'd like it....It showcases the gorgeous colors beautifully!

    Thanks for hosting a great party...

  19. Well, you know I like the black and white checks. Gotta find me one of those great buffalo check table cloths. The pop of yellow makes me smile even more. This is a happy table indeed! Loving the bolt of fabric. Eager to see this table. '-)
    Thanks for hosting........Sarah

  20. First of all, I love the yellow and black. So cute. So cute.

    Then I am wild over that fabric. I can't wait to see your table you do with that.



  21. Happy May Day Kathleen!! Glad to be back and yes, I am hungry after seeing your yummy wraps! The only V&B outlet I know of now is in Maine and luckily I get to stop there often! :) I like your black, white and yellow table--it just looks so happy and I've been really stressed with a big project lately. I'm looking forward to visiting all the tables tonight! Linda

  22. Happy Wednesday eve, and Happy Let's Dish, I am happy to enjoy the fruits of everyone's labors!! Such a pretty color combo, the watering pail napkin rings are really cute. The aqua and white fabric makes gorgeous table cloths, and for two bucks a yard? wow! xo

  23. I love black, white and yellow together! It really does pop!!! Cute napkin rings and all your special touches make me smile. Now that bolt of fabric is stunning and I like the colored flatware better then plain white. Depends on what else you add. Can't wait to see it!

  24. Beautiful table~just love the yellow, white and black together. Sweet watering can napkin rings and oh...those pierced chargers. They are now on my "must find" list! Your wraps look delectable.

    Love the bright & bold fabric for a tablecloth. Thanks for hosting the party Kathleen. :) Pam

  25. Those chargers could make any table look extra special. They are amazing! The yellow, black & white sings of Spring. We're expecting a hard freeze tomorrow 'bout that global warming. :-). Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for hosting us. Cherry Kay

  26. Kathleen, This is charming. I love the bright yellow and the checks large and small. I know exactly what you mean about that white flatware! I brought some home and the forks were so light and tiny they were like appetizer forks and they went right back! They look wonderful, but they aren't too practical. I saw those trays and thought about buying some for chargers, but I get so overwhelmed in IKEA that I don't get have the stuff I want. They are prefect with this bright and happy table. Dianne

  27. I love daisies. Like Kathleen Kelly for You've got mail - how said " don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" That is what I think of when I look at your table! friendly and inviting. Your table makes me smile! thanks for hosting another great party!

  28. Your table is, indeed, as fresh as a daisy. The yellow is a wonderful touch with your black and white. I would like very much to be sitting there enjoying the sunshine, chatting and laughing.

  29. Always a joy to visit here!!! Have a wonderful day! Cathy

  30. Love this table Kathleen! I am glad you are enjoying the checked herb pot. You can stick some of your beautiful roses in the little pot this summer ;-)

    Thank you for stopping by. I am feeling much better, but have a cold now ;o( Must be my resistance was down due to the fall. I haven't had a cold in years!

  31. And the roll of fabric from RuLi was a great buy! I look forward to the table. I would use all white with it. I'm interested in white flatware to go with my Vietri plates. I think your new white flatware would work so I'll be emailing you for the source.

  32. Kathleen - what a great table. I have always loved yellow and black together and I, especially, like your combination of napkins. The daisies are wonderful and all of the pieces from your china collections blend together beautifully. As always, a fabulous tablescape!

  33. That is so charming and I love the checks with the yellow!
    You always have the cutest things Kathleen.

  34. What a delightful table, Kathleen! Those colors always go together so beautifully. You have such a wonderful collection of items to mix & match. Did you know I have a small white tureen almost exactly like yours? Yep, thrift shop find, too. *smile*

    I'm sorry I didn't participate these past few weeks. Just too tired after running back & forth to my sister's. AND I'm going again tomorrow to help her. Leaving DH alone overnight...please pray that he doesn't fall or have chest pain or get into some other trouble while I'm gone? Worry~Worry~Worry!


    p.s. I bet "Kitty" was the gifter from TX.

  35. Love the yellow, black & white! Everything looks usual. :) Yellow is on my list of faves this year.

    The table in your header is outstanding too!

  36. Everything looks so fresh and perky! The darling watering can napkin rings just sent me right over the top with pleasure (or envy?)
    As far as the aqua & white table, I personally like the aqua and white flatware more than the pure white. The aqua matches so well and if you've got it, flaunt it! Anybody can do white! =)
    I just ate chicken wraps for supper tonight, but mine came from McDonald's. I wish I'd had yours...

  37. I love the yellow and black combination as it reminds me of bumblebees, which reminds me of summer! We had 8 inches of snow here yesterday, so I need to concentrate on summer, as I think spring will never!

    I've been watching my grand daughter full time during the day as my daughter went back to work, full time. It's fun but exhausting --I am out of!

  38. Love, love the black and yellow! So fresh and pretty. The watering can napkin rings are just darling. You always find such great things. I'm also loving that new tablecloth. I'd probably use the blue flatware because I like the unexpected, or you could use every other place setting with the white and the blue. Either way you can't go wrong!

  39. You may have guessed that Debbie and I would both love the black ad which check tablecloth :). I love how the white and cherry yellow play so well with the black and white.

    Lovely roll of fabric. At first look I think I like the blue flatware

    Delicious wraps! I have some of those French fry baskets that I still have not inaugurated.

  40. Sorry, I'm typing on an iPad and the auto spell check auto wronged! ;)

  41. Hi Kathleen,
    I enjoyed seeing your fabulous tablescape. The yellow looks so pretty and fresh with the black and white. I love how you did your napkins, and you probably know that I love those napkin rings! The wraps look delicious, but I'd have to substitute something for the chicken. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the turquoise fabric!

  42. I remember coveting those French Fry holders..
    And I am very fond of bumblebee yellow white and black:)
    You find such great Toronto there used to be a store called BB Bargoons~

    It could have been yours:)

  43. Just call me Late to Dinner because I'm just getting here. I was one big old whirling dervish last week.

    I love this whole table. In fact, I could copycat so much of it for my kitchen if I get tired of my pops of red. It's so happy with the brisk yellow and black.

    As for the aqua, I can't wait to see what you do with it. You never disappoint. I would probably use the white on it, but I have a feeling you could make either one work perfectly.

    I was thinking about a theme for May. (Themes really help me when I'm in a blog funk like I am now.) The only thing I could come up with that hadn't been done (that I can remember) is maybe a "My Favorite Thing(s) theme? I was thinking that it might be fun and not too difficult because you could either do one specific favorite thing (like a color or flower,etc.) or a table full of a bunch of your favorite things.

    Anyway, just a suggestion for now or the future, unless you've already done it and it was during one of my ever increasing blog absences.

    Sorry for the novel.

  44. You know I love the yellow with the black and white! Those little watering cans for napkin rings are adorable. Yummy looking food!

    Wish I could think of a theme for this month!



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