Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Golden Autumn~Let’s Dish # 84~The WHITE CHALLENGE~WSONOMA Baking related give away!

Fall greetings from Long Island, where it is still pretty summery!  I’ll take it as long as possible, the cold will come, it always does!

Tonight is the all white dish Fall table.  ONLY ALL WHITE dishes can be used, no trim, borders, etc.

I know, it was hard.  A few times I had something I was going to use, and then realized it didn’t comply! 

Who made up these rules??? lol!  But it is a CHALLENGE!

  You could use one other color for your linens, utensils, glasses, etc. and charger.  Of course, clear glass and regular silverware is allowed.  Big of me!  :)

I picked GOLD and these pierced edged white dishes from Portugal.


Blog Labor 319_thumb[2]4 witches

This week’s poem dedicated to all those who are Sweet…and  Savory too! 

The saga continues!


The Witches don’t like this table

It’s white and very mild,

You know they’re into MISCHIEF

And like things pretty wild!


Their tricks are not so darling

They turned Blogland’s icing BLUE,

They left those bakers SNARLING,

What a witchy thing to do!


Some think that they are funny

Quite persuasive, that’s for sure

But when you get to know them,

Enduring  them’s a chore!



Oh, they’ll get their comeuppance

That old saying is quite true,

Only do to others

As you’d have done to you!


Some bloggers got together

They’re planning an attack,

So Witches do get ready





Table info

White Battenburg Placemat, .99 store I thought about a tablecloth…but decided I liked the contrast of the wood.  Yippee, now I didn’t have to iron!


Gold charger, CTS last year

Gold flatware, Mace’s Place years ago, by Pfaltzgraff

White pierced dinner and salad from Portugal

White porcelain lidded  pumpkin bowl, 1.99 CTS 5 years ago

White lace edged napkin, Horchow sale

Gold leaf napkin ring and leaf  name holder, WSonoma Outlet a few years ago

I sprayed a Fall leaf garland gold…had the paint.  Garland was from $ Tree .  Used that as a wreath around the bowls.

Bonus, I now have gold fingernails! I sprayed those little $ Tree pumpkins gold too.

White butter domes from CTS last month.

Gold butter spreaders , gift from The Tablescaper

Blog Labor 135

Gold trimmed etched stems from Pfaltzgraff outlet years ago. 1.96

Thin rippled water tumblers were my moms, so they are really old!

Centerpiece…gold mesh ribbon looped around a pierced compote filled with gold filigree spheres, mini white pumpkins and a gold candle, an extra gold leaf tucked in.

Leaf porcelain dishes filled with GOLD Dove candies.

My round breakfast nook table is oak and over 35 years old.  It is solid, and we bought it unfinished and dh stained and poly’d it.  He has refinished it few times.   I have been known to give it a quick sanding and coat of poly when he is gone for the day if I feel the scratches are showing!  Don’t tell him, he doesn’t trust me to do a good job!

It has a leaf, and dh made another to add in so we can fit 8 and a highchair, or 10 tight, if I use smaller chairs.  I can fit 14 at my dining room, so between them both, we are set!

I know some of you don’t like Oak, but it is staying, and I would never paint it!

It has seen much use and abuse, 5 gkids banging toys on it, markering it, etc.  It has heard lots of laughter, and tears, and good and bad news has been shared at it.  So along with my solid brass, it will stay!  :)

I must say, this  WAS a challenge, fall colors kept wanting to creep in! And the plates I was originally going to use had a trim, so I had to change.

Thanks in advance to all those who took the challenge, and those who come to look and see what people did with it!  So many creative bloggers out there!

Skillet O Rama  PART 3

What’s in the pan this week?? 

Crispy hashbrown  cheesy egg and Bacon Bake



I made hashbrowns and baked them till crisp in the pan.  Added the eggs, cheese and bacon and returned to oven till all melty and crisp.  You can see the crisp edge on the potato, yummy!

Please only link up this week if you took the challenge and followed all the rules, and mention you are doing it in your post.  That encourages others to come take a look, and see what others have  done! 

There will be a WILLIAM SONOMA  baking related giveaway this week , open to all followers who leave a comment.  Be sure to check if you are a follower, if your name is picked, and you aren’t, another name gets picked.

Can’t wait to see who was brave this week and took the ALL WHITE DISH Fall Challenge. I know not everyone had the time to do this one.

Just think, you may be dreaming of an All  white Christmas in December, LOL!  Did we do that already?  I have to go look!

Same rules, no word id, link back to this party, BLOG NAME FIRST, plenty of room to add a title too!

One table related post per week, and please visit at least 5 other entries, more if you have time!

Leave a comment if you wish to be entered into the give away!

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Gollum for Foodie Friday, Yvonne for TTT, Diann for Thrifty Things Friday

OK…White ON!






  1. Kathleen - your table setting is lovely! I love the gold and white together and you have so many special pieces. The white butter holders are wonderful. I have not seen those previously - I have some of the clear glass ones. Your mother's tumblers are so special and I would never paint that wonderful table with all of those fabulous memories!

  2. I believe this is my very favorite table of yours Kathleen! The white and gold is so pretty! And I love your witchy poem too :-) I wasn't able to accept your challenge this time, I went the opposite for our Canadian Thanksgiving table LOL! I will be back to see how everyone else competes in the challenge :-)

    1. I hope you had a good celebration, Cathe! I think out Tgiving should be in Oct. End of Nov. too close to Cmas!

  3. Kathleen, this has to be the best tablescape, at least top 3, that I have seen here. FABULOUS! I love all the economical places and economical cosmetic changes. You are so creative. Ant the skillet bake! Wow!! The centerpiece, if I saw that in a store, I would buy it. xo

  4. You did great with the colors K! Your table is very pretty and I'd like one of those skillets tomorrow morning:@)

  5. Love the white and gold color scheme, Kathleen. Lovely!

  6. White with elegant. I really like your setting!

  7. Unique white table love all the touches of gold. Maybe you starting a new style with the gold fingernails. You better watch those witches, those smiles look mischievous.
    Going now to get by post ready!

  8. Kathleen, Your table is beautiful.. It is elegant yet warm and inviting. I like all of the special touches to the place settings. The golden leaves around the lidded pumpkin bowls and the gold leaf napkin holders are lovely final touches. Those are the things that make your tables special. I knew you would do a fantastic job on the "white" challenge. Thank you for hosting. I am going to try and link up tonight for the first time here.

    1. Hi Candy,
      Welcome! We love meeting new tablescapers! Great little group here!

  9. Your table is stunning Kathleen, those pierced plates are gorgeous and your pumpkin tureens are adorable. The gold rimmed stemware is incredible too! Of course, I couldn't take my eyes off of the skillet bake, YUM! We are all going to want some of those mini skillets when you get through with your Skillet O Rama! And I LOVED your witches poem!

    1. Thanks Jenna! I am sure anything I make in the little skillets could be made in a larger one. I just have to justify buying 12! :)

  10. Very elegant tablescape, Kathleen!! Your oak table is a true family heirloom & I'm glad you're keeping it natural.
    LOVE all your gold! I hear ya' on the spray painted fingernails...LOL Now I'm saving the gloves from my hair coloring kits in the garage, near the spray cans.

    I guess I didn't read all the rules of this challenge, because I used my pumpkin plates on top of my white ones, so I won't link up. too much going on here & I'm also sick with a sore throat & cough.

    You can still come see what I did for your party, but I won't link in.

  11. White and gold make such an elegant table! The placesettings are just gorgeous -- your guests will KNOW a special treat is in store when they see such a pretty setting! I really love the gold mini pumpkins mixed in with the other centerpiece elements -- clever idea!

  12. Oh, Kathleen, what an exquisite table! It is so regal, I'd expect William and Kate to show up with little George!! I'm absolutely drooling over those white plates from Portugal. You've done a wonderful job, as always. I'll be linking up in a little while. Rosie

    1. Thanks, Rosie! I don't think William and Kate would come here, I am Irish! :)

      See you later!

  13. How did I miss those gold chargers at CTS last year? I don't think we get the same stuff at our store. Love the centerpiece and was excited to see what you did. I even mentioned your centerpieces in my blog post since you are the queen of centerpieces. It was a challenge to put a while table together. I've been scrunching through a carpet of red, yellow and orange leaves. The harvest of pumpkins, winter squash and root vegetables were dancing through my head as I set the white table. So I met your challenge and used my every day Vietri dishes. My mom comes for dinner three times a week, and they are her favorite!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I know, I found it hard too, especially since we have done a few white parties and I didn't want to repeat! The centerpiece evolved. I didn't get to the store to buy flowers, and all I have are mums, and I used them last week. I have sprayed gold hydrangea, but I have used that too! What to do!

  14. This is beautiful, Kathleen. I love the gold and those little pumpkins are wonderful!

  15. Hi Kathleen - Thanks for hosting and thanks for another fun challenge! Hugs, HOlly

  16. hahahaha I like that White on!..I have to say this challenge was just that...a challenge... and I loved every minute of it..It makes me use my brain and I appreciate your doing much fun Kathleen...and that little phrase..all white Christmas. hmmmmm can already feel the wheels turning. LOL thanks for hosting this and I can't wait to visit everybody else...
    Love, Mona

  17. Kathleen, you aced the challenge. Love the gold touches. Makes me think of Autumn's Gold. '-)
    Beautiful details with the gold chargers, the pierced edge plates, and the beautiful crystal.
    Fun challenge! ~ Sarah

  18. Oh yes I want to enter the giveaway. I'll ck if I am a follower but I know I am. Your table is very elegant with all the golds. I love your pierced plates, very pretty....Christine

  19. What a gorgeous table! The gold chargers are so pretty. Yum, pass me that skillet! Thanks for hosting this "challenging" challenge. :)

    Would love to enter the giveaway also. Pam

  20. I completely forgot about the challenge!! As usual, I went and linked up....left and pasted your link into my post and came back and egg all over my face. I deleted my link. Whew!!!!!
    Your table is truly gorgeous!!!!! Love. love. love it!!!!! I've got to pin this one. :)
    Hope your week is extraordinary!

  21. Oh wow your table setting is totally gorgeous ;)


  22. Elegant and gorgeous, Kathleen! Those pierced plates and those gold, leaf embossed chargers are beautiful! I'm so glad to see those wonderful pumpkin bowls again. What a deal you got on those! Great idea to spray paint the garland and put it around the bowls. I am laughing about your gold nails! Yum! That hashbrown dish looks delicious! Thank you for hosting and for challenging us to think outside of our normal table settings. laurie

  23. Wow! What a beautiful table! I love the gold - I think I kind of cheated (Not on purpose, of course) - I used more than one color. I should really slow down and read your instructions a little closer - sorry. While I was working on this table I kept wishing I had some stemware with some gold in it - then I looked at your table and saw your stemware!! That is exactly what I had been dreaming of - I can't believe you got those
    for $1.96!! What a deal and they are beautiful - perfect for your gorgeous table.

  24. Hi Kathleen, I'm so sorry, but I didn't get to the challenge. I was just too tired! Your table looks beautiful and you met your own challenge so well. You're getting good use out of those adorable mini iron skillets. Aren't they cute for so many things?! I hope to join in next week. xo

  25. Oh, I forgot to say... I thoroughly enjoyed the poem!

  26. Kathleen, thank you for hosting this fun challenge. I can hardly wait to get started checking out all the links! I love the china on your table, by the way. Also, shiny gold is back, so you're all set. :-)
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  27. I like the gold and white...very bold and elegant. Those pumpkin bowls are wonderful!

  28. White and gold is always fabulous!

  29. What a FUN challenge, Kathleen! I love the idea and I have to go visit a few of the links. Your table looks beautiful-as it always does- and I love your poem. I hope to get the old oak table that my father set up housekeeping with when I get back to PA. My cousin that came to visit told me she had it. I couldn't believe it. You keep that table and all those memories! xo Diana

  30. You went with a bit of elegance I see. It should make those sweet gals very happy to see how much trouble you went to for them! A change here and there and your table is good til Christmas.
    Thanks for letting us have all this fun.

  31. Pretty tablescape as always, Kathleen. And I so appreciate your poetic humor!

  32. We definitely had the same idea! I almost named mine the same! Yours is gorgeous! Love, love those pierced plates! And, yes, I had to iron that Battenburg lace tablecloth! Ugh.

    As for oak, I'll never understand why some don't like it. I love oak with the beautiful grain. I have mostly oak and it will stay!!! Those who have painted theirs will be refinishing it in a few years! LOL!

    Wish I had one of those skillets (full) for my breakfast tomorrow! Are you ever going to make some Southern cornbread in all of those 12 skillets! Serve it to your family with chili! Yum! (Can you tell I'm a Southerner!)

    Thanks for hosting, the challenges are my favorite.


  33. Kathleen, your table is just stunning! The attention to every detail is just perfect....hugs, Penny

  34. Kathleen, you should have put those mischievous witches to work ironing your tablecloth! LOL! Your poems are always so creative and reveal your talented "teacher-side"! Great job on your challenge - love the white with gold! That skillet dinner looks so yummy! I'll be back to link up next week with my Canadian Thanksgiving t'scape!


  35. I love the Portuguese reticulated plates...gorgeous! I've had the Leeds Creamware reticulated dinnerware on my list for some time...some day. Your touches of gold were the perfect balancing element for your beautiful Autumn table. Thanks for hosting us and for inviting us for a peak. Yes, please, enter me for the give-away. Cherry Kay

  36. I love your gold and white stunner; it's fun to see how we all created very different tablescapes even when using the same concept. Thanks for hosting, and I can't wait to see if I win the give-away!

  37. Wow, Kathleen! Your golden autumn table is gorgeous! All the layers just work beautifully!

  38. This is one of my favorite tablescape you have created. The white reticulated china plates are a wonderful basis for your white china pumpkins. Your container full of tiny white pumpkins are so perfect for your centerpiece. The lovely etched and gold rimmed goblets are very elegant and that is the word to describe your entire table "elegant"! I am a follower and appreciate your giveaway! Hope you have a fun fall week and I really appreciate your hosting this party!


  39. Great table...LOVE the gold! It's very did a great job! I love that stemware too, it's beautiful! Thanks for the challenge and hosting this fun party each week!

  40. Beautiful table. So lush with the gold garland around our favorite white pumpkins. The napkin rings are a wonderful touch. I don't remember seeing those plates before. Are they new?

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  41. Gorgeous table as the gold rimmed wine glasses. Of course I LOVE your poem. There's definitely a strange brew in Blogland! Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog: -)

  42. When you first announced this challenge, I immediately thought about white and gold. I absolutely love the way yours came out. It's just beautiful!

    So bummed that I couldn't get my fellow dish scapers together to do a table. I really wanted to do this one, but we let it slip up on us.

  43. One of the neatest link party challenges EVER. So clever! Wish I had seen this sooner, I'd have dug out my rusty tablescaping skills and joined in, but too late!
    LOVE that you sprayed the pumpkins gold . . . anything for the cause, eh? :-)

    We'll be out at the beach house this weekend, bringing friends before the house actually does get sold. It's listed, and some interest in it, but if it follows the trend out there, it won't be a quick sale. Which is OK with me!


  44. Hi Kathleen- Well I came in late (just got home from a short 6 day trip). I love what you came up with on your dish challenge. Those pierced plates would be a favorite of mine! All your golden touches really added some fall warmth! I kind of blew part of my challenge, but I hope you will forgive!

  45. Kathleen, I went to link up and realized that my table was not right for the challenge. I have seen quite a few gorgeous ones around blogland. Love the gold and white, and those gorgeous plates from Portugal, as well as the white pumpkins. Joni

    1. Thank you, Joni, I appreciate your consideration. Please link your table next week.

  46. Your challenges are always lots of fun! You hit this one out of the ballpark! Gorgeous. If I can get to my dishes I'm going to try to set a trayscape tomorrow!!

  47. Hi Kathleen, Do not paint that beautiful oak table! The beautiful grain should not be hidden under paint! I love the gold and white idea. You managed to do gold without making it look like Christmas and that is really hard, I think! I have a table and photos on my camera but we had internet and cable problems yesterday all day and evening so I missed the party!!! And I really had fun doing my table so I'll link it up next week! And I will start thinking for December. I think we might have done January last year. Linda

  48. I've had a chance to see some of the entries for the All White Challenge, and a lot of people really socked it to it...YOU included!!! I know it had to have been sheer torture not to include a touch of something colorful, but you did it with wonderful style! It's VERY pretty!!!! You dishes are PERFECT for this kind of color-absent challenge in that they still bring drama to the table.

    Very nice, Kathleen! I hope to be back next week to join Let's Dish! have a great weekend!!!

  49. Your table is so elegant! Thanks for hosting this challenge. It's good to think outside of the box sometimes.

  50. Love the gold...very elegant.

  51. One of your best, Kathleen! I love this elegant table...especially the mini pumpkin tureens nestled into the gold leaves.
    Toss my name into the giveaway bucket, please!
    Have a wonderful week...

  52. I agree, this is one of your best!! I LOVE it!

  53. What a gorgeous table, Kathleen. I love the gold and elegant. Your gold flatware really pushes it over the top. Every time I see those gorgeous little white covered pumpkin bowls I turn green.

  54. Stunning table with those gorgeous reticulated dishes, gold flatware and great chargers. Indeed a lovely and elegant table! Thank you so much for your visit.


  55. Love your white and gold table Kathleen~ your etched stems are beautiful and a bargain too! I'm sorry to have missed your challenge, my plate was full last week but I look forward to seeing you AND Alycia this Wednesday!

  56. love the tablescapes so cool visiting from your guest spot on anther hop I'm lorraine at have a great day

  57. You have a way of making any table look just perfect. I wouldn't have dreamed white and gold could look so "perfectly fall" but it does, at least when you do it! I have my round oak table too. My grandmother bought it for her mother (my great-grandmother) with her first paycheck. It has been refinished a few times and I also will not paint mine. It is funny how oak was the rage and not it isn't. I have a few other dark oak pieces that are family things and not a one is painted. My husband would never allow it!!

  58. You came up with THE most elegant table! How did you know that gold is very much in vogue right now? I just love everything, especially the gold flatware. I have been on the hunt for the perfect set. We have an old oak table, too, in our family room...sort of a game/homework table. You know, not everything has to be painted and this pretty lady isn't!

    I could not get my act together for this party but I am joining the one tomorrow. I didn't see a challenge so I hope mine is okay.


  59. Hi lovely lady.
    Your table is beautiful.. It is elegant yet warm and inviting. I like all of the special touches to the place settings. I hope you have a wonderful week also.
    XXOO Diane

  60. Your white and gold table is simply stunning, I loved the napkins, the napkin rings and those dishes are so beautiful...I loved the whole thing and every single touch of details, now get me a glass of wine and I am ready for a fancy dinner...yay for your table


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