Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Easing into Christmas with Holidays by Lenox

Good evening, Ladies!  Hope everyone is well.

My first table for December is featuring the Holiday Pattern by Lenox.  I get mine at the Lenox Outlet, and with a coupon it is quite reasonable for china.

The tablecloth and napkins are also from the Lenox Outlet.


I used a silver charger from Noritake, the Lenox dinner and salad with a green glass bowl.  The flatware is silver and gold.


The centerpiece is a tree in a bucket and I added fresh mums and baby’s breath.


You can see it here, unadorned.  I also added a string of battery operated lights.


You can see the lights in this picture.  I swirled a tartan ribbon at the base to mimic the ribbon in the cloth.


The napkin ring is from Kohl’s, greens, bells and pinecone.


The green glassware is by Gorham from the Lenox Outlet.  Salt and pepper trees are from Wsonoma, as well as the star mirrored coasters.


Candlesticks are by Mikassa.


Here’s how I used it last year in a more casual setting.

Dec 2012 166

In my last post I went back and gathered pictures every Christmas table I had done since 2008 when I started.  If you didn’t see it, take a scroll through if you have time.

For this weeks Seasonal Sundays I am going to do the same with the holiday recipes. 

Next week is the CHALLENGE.  To take part, you must show us your inspiration picture from a magazine or internet, and then show us how you copied it. 

As it is my  5th blogaversary, there will be a gift card giveaway .  Hope you will join in, or at least come take a look.  I can’t wait to see what people picked!

Have you started your Christmas Baking yet?


I haven’t!  I think I will start with some cookies this weekend, time is flying!

If you are linking up tonight, please remember to turn off your word id. You must  link back to this party and put your blog name first.  I hope if you link you will leave a comment too!

ONE TABLE related post , no crafts or just recipes please.  Be sure you have time to visit at least 5 entrants if you link. 

Thanks for stopping by during this busy season!  Be sure to take time to enjoy it, it only comes once a year! :0


  1. Kathleen,
    I love, love your table tonight. Could hardly believe that I did one so similar yet different...The emerald green color is my color of choice for one of my trees....and this is the first tablescape where I used some Lenox plates...great minds and all that... Lovely table..
    Love, Mona

  2. My Lenox is packed away. Not sure if I will get it out this year. Your table is beautiful, Kathleen!

  3. Kathleen, just getting back into town. I linked up my Plaid Tidings post. It features a few tabletop settings. Hope that's OK. Didn't have time to put together a table post, but hope to participate in next week's challenge. Thanks for hosting each week. Your tables offer wonderful inspiration! ~ Sarah

  4. I love your header, Kathleen, and of course all your pretty tables, too. The tree in a bucket looks so pretty all adorned with flowers and lights. That sure makes a pretty centerpiece. Thanks so much for hosting your fun party. xo

  5. Oh your table is gorgeous....but I would be trying to sneak those star coasters....I love them!!

  6. Hi Kathleen - Great minds think alike! Or tablescape alike! LOVE the Lenox! Hugs, Holly

  7. Lenox Holidays is timeless and your table looks so pretty with the emphasis on green and white. I loved seeing all your tables together in one post the other day and I'm looking forward to the challenge next week. thanks so much for the parties

  8. I cannot believe I've done it again! I'm a week early with the challenge! I may have to stop blogging, since I can't seem to keep anything straight. Your table is gorgeous. I would not have thought to put fresh flowers in the little tree. The Lenox china is so versatile, as you've shown in both the formal and the casual setting. Thank you for hosting. I probably will not link up next week, because I don't think I have another table I can try to copy. Yikes! laurie

  9. Replies
    1. Yes, he is doing better. He has to go to the doc tomorrow to see if everything is back to where it should be. Thanks so much for asking! It was a long month!

  10. Kathleen, Thank you for hosting, I am really glad to hear your husband is feeling better. I have had two horrible scares with my husband, once when his heart stopped in the car on the way to the hospital with sweating and shortness of breath, and again when his appendix ruptured. I know how terrifying it is when you are totally out of control and you have to let God and the doctors take over.

    You can delete my Let it Snow tablescape, I kind of managed to link twice., I am so Very Sorry.


  11. Happy to hear your hubby is in the mend. Your C'mas table is gorgeous with the beautiful Lenox Holiday china. Thank you for hosting for us.

  12. Love this tablescape Kathleen! It is lovely.

    And Happy 5th anniversary! I think I have enjoyed knowing you for much of that time!



  13. Love all the green glass! Your baked goods look delicious. I have been baking the last couple of days.

  14. Your table is just beautiful-but then ALL your tables are beautiful. My daughter has the Lenox china, too, and loves it. She started collecting it when she was a young teenager for her "someday" home.

    I am so glad that your hubby is doing better with the Holidays upon us. God bless- xo Diana

  15. Very pretty, Kathy. It's neat how you changed up the table with the same dishes from last year. I love everything, those neat candles really caught my eye!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today...I'm so sorry for the loss of your niece. I imagine she was young.

    Call me blonde, but is next weeks challenge a tablescape inspired by something we saw in a magazine? I was getting things confused with Seasonal Sundays.


  16. I LOVE the glasses! I also love those napkins. I almost bought a set at Tuesday Morning last year and now seeing yours, I wish I had! Thanks for hosting.

    p/s My link doesn't have a tablescape so I understand if you want to delete it.

  17. Kathleen,
    Oh, dear friend, your Lenox China and linens are exquisite!!!
    I do love the mix of silver and gold flatware and the green goblets are so elegant!
    Adorable is your Christmas Tree with fresh flowers inserted!
    I'm quite smitten with the tapers in the candlesticks!!!
    Thank you for hosting Let's Dish each week!!!

  18. Hi Kathleen! I love a challenge and will be back again next week. Your table for this week is exquisite!
    Thanks for hosting.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  19. I am so craving something sweet right this minute and your table of goodies is making my mouth water. Kathleen, it is always a treat to visit and see what you are up to and I so appreciate when you stop by my place. Wish it could be for real one of these days.

  20. Lenox Holiday is a classic pattern! And you've set a beautiful table.

  21. Such a pretty table. I love how you tuck the white mums into the long needled tree.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  22. Hi lovely lady.
    I love lenox Holiday dishes" Your tablescape is Beautiful you did a wonderful job putting this all together. Thanks so much for hosting your linky party for us and have a wonderful week with your family.

  23. Hi Kathleen! I love your dishes and lucky, lucky you to be near an outlet! I always enjoy visiting your site and joining the parties...thanks for always going the extra mile for us! See you next week!

  24. Very pretty! Lovin' your little tree centerpiece K:@)

  25. Kathleen, Love your mums tucked into your tree for a centerpiece, what a great idea! Time IS flying...your buffet of desserts is mouth watering!

  26. Hi, Kathleen,
    As always, your table is outstanding. I love your centerpiece! The mums are a wonderful addition that you wouldn't expect on a Christmas tree, and yet they are perfect! Thank you for hosting: I know this has been a crazy time for you; hope your hubby is feeling better. Rosie

  27. Sometimes I forget about using coasters on the table -- the star mirrors are perfect! Hope all is well at your house and thanks for hosting!

  28. Thank you for hosting, Kathleen. Your table looks so pretty and festive. I always love Lenox holiday pieces. And, I especially love the way you did the tree centerpiece.

  29. We are in a tailspin trying to get it together here. There has been some kind of appliance repairman or installer here nearly everyday, as my kitchen has decided to fall apart right here at Christmas! This is a really pretty table -- saving ideas for my own Christmas table when the kids get here.

  30. Such a beautiful shade of green!

  31. You KNOW I'm in love with this table, since we both have the same china! I don't have nearly as much as you do, though. I really like the emerald green bowls with it...nice touch of unexpected color. I've been eyeing the Lenox tablecloth for years now. I may have to go post-Christmas shopping for one.

    Sorry I didn't get a table done for this week, but I'm ahead for next week! LOL

    Hugs to you & Mr. M. both

  32. I love your Lenox china! I wish I had access to a Lenox outlet. Lucky you! Thanks, Kathleen, for hosting. It's a wonderful party! :-)
    Christmas blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  33. Your table is beautiful, as always.
    Hope all is good in your world. I've been so snowed under with the move, Thanksgiving and now Christmas that I haven't had time to even THINK of doing a pretty table. Just not in the cards right now, I guess.
    The challenge sounds interesting...I love copy-catting. If I can, I'd love to join you in this one.

  34. Mmmm, your baked goods look so tasty! Love your setting, especially the dishes!

  35. I don't think I will have time to find an inspiration picture for this challenge but will try!!! Love your dishes, I have a Lenox pattern too: it's called Ribbon, I think. Love your tree centerpiece! It is snowing here right now. I love having it for ONE day:) Don't like to be snowed in but glad for the one day.

  36. Girl, you don't "ease into" anything! You come in like Rambo, kickin' the door in!!! This table is totally case in point!!!!

  37. Lovely table! Lenox Holiday is such a classic pattern, and you've made it look wonderful.

  38. This Lenox pattern is truly a classic!…Hope they never discontinue it…I have some of this pattern in accessories and love it!….gorgeous table Kathleen!


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