Thursday, February 27, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas~ Not Always so Traditional!


table 3406

table 3394

Irish Soda Bread, large and small

table 3463

Irish Coffee

table 695

Corned Beef and Cabbage

table 2015

Sliced cabbage, bacon and onionstable 1992table 1993

St. Pat apricot Cake

table 1904

table 1905 (2)  Apple  O’ Tart

table 1947


table 1949

Kerry Chickentable 1959

table 1888

Pot O Gold Cupcakestable 1881

table 1913 (Small) (3)

table 1910

Recession Quichetable 1998

Shamrock Meatloaftable 1944

Green Pea Soup with Cheddar Shamrock table 1967

Feb 2012 003

Cabbage fritters   recipe here103



Shepherd’s Pie with Cheddar Mash099

Grilled Ruben with Shamrock Potatoes and O’Cole Slawtable 696

Shamrock Brownie

Don’t forget the 6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl here on March 12th.  Share something Irishy and join in the fun!

Thanks for stopping by, I will welcome March with open arms on Saturday!

I am joining Gollum for Foodie Friday.


  1. What a wonderful array of St. Pat's Day food ideas! I remember drooling over the scallion tater cakes last year, will you share your recipe?

    1. Jenna, I erred. They are cabbage fritters, and the recipe was posted, but I added the link. Next week I'll do the tater scallion cakes. They look the same!

  2. I am so glad I just had dinner. These are great ideas for St. Patty's Day!

  3. OMG Kathleen.....wish I went to your house for St. Pat's Day, even if I'm not Irish and even if you don't invite me! Great tradition it seems to me! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am drooling! Can you please share your apricot cake recipe with us?

  5. What tempting goodies! I just may have to go make myself an Irish coffee. '-)

  6. Everything looks so delicious! You even made a meatloaf believer out of me with the shamrock shape. Have you given that recipe for the apricot pie or cake on here? That looks really good!

  7. All of this looks fantastic. I'm always curious about what people have on the table that might be fun to make. Thanks, Kathleen!


  8. Yum! Everything looks so delicious, and festive! xo

  9. Your corned beef and cabbage looks delicious and the apple tart is just yum. Presentation A+.

  10. Kathleen, everything you make looks so delicious! It must be so wonderful to be a guest at your table!

  11. Everything looks great K! Especially the cabbage with bacon and that apricot cake! Ma's coming over tomorrow for coffee, I quickly looked at the ingredients to see if I could make it:@)

  12. Thanks for all the St. Paddy's day inspiration, Kathleen. I wish I could have a taste of all your wonderful dishes. You're family is so lucky to enjoy all your kitchen creations. Hope all is well with you. xo

  13. Kathleen!!! I follow you, but somehow I missed that you were posting, again! I feel so crazy!!! This new one appeared this morning. Now, I realize that you have been posting for a while - ugh. I love this one. All of the food is just gorgeous and your presentations are just so....Irish!!! I am looking forward to linking up for St. Patrick's Day - welcome back (a little late!), my friend!!

  14. Hi Kathleen,

    I love your header!! These pictures are all a feast for the eyes (no pun intended). Would you maybe share the recipes with us sometime? They all look delicious. :)

    I'm really looking forward to participating in your St. Paddy's Day blog crawl this year. I've already set my tablescape up and everything! I've wanted to do a tablescape for St. Pat's Day since I first began blogging, but something always seemed to interfere. Now in my fourth year, I've finally done one. Better late than never. :)

    Have a great weekend, Kathleen.

    Warm hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  15. Oh, those wonderful dishes..Yum! Looking forward to St. Patrick's Day. Love the shamrock soda bread and little butter shamrocks. Cute!

  16. What a wonderful post!! I love your table in your header, and your food looks like it should be featured in a St. Patrick's Day cookbook! (the photos are beautiful). Would you consider sharing your recipe for the cabbage, bacon and onions? Are they just thrown into a pan and fried? Everything looks YUMMY! Rosie

  17. I would love to have the recipes for all of them, if possible. Thank you.

  18. Be gone, temptress! :-) :-) :-) After Fat Tuesday, I'll be in low carb, lowfat hell. Please send someone to rescue me! :-)

  19. Love the shamrock meat loaf!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  20. Gosh I'm sitting here all hungry and that was just brutal looking at all that food! What does a blog crawl mean anyway?

  21. Looking forward to it Kathleen!


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