Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sailing into Labor Day~Tablescape Challenge

Hello Ladies!  Hard to believe, but it is almost Labor Day!  Here in Southampton, that marks the end of the “season” for Summer people.  For those of us who live here year round, it marks the beginning of one of the most beautiful months of summer, September!  Blue skies, warm water, and the tourists have gone home.  Back to normal for us!  Peaceful and beautiful!


I decided to go Nautical and Patriotic for the challenge.  I will still be celebrating summer, till at least the 21st, when the season changes. I almost did this bright colored scape…



That will be for another post.


The cloth is old and big enough for 2 tables, so I tied off the ends.

A white table cover from Linens N hides the folding table legs.


Cute little flip fop nautical salt and pepper shakers.


Red placemats serve as a charger.  White dinner plate via Horchow, red salad from CTS and blue speckled bowls , a gift from Alma.  The great thing about the bowls is you can put them in the oven and get them good and hot , then pour in your soup.  Hot to the very last drop!


The blue flatware is by Cambridge, from CTS.  Rounded soup spoon for our chowder from the Restaurant Supply store.  Navy cotton napkins, 20x20 were .50 from the fabric outlet.


Two small centerpieces, filled with roses, red geraniums and diamond frost from the garden with a flag tucked in.

They are flag patterned toothbrush holders I got a few years ago from CTS for .19 each.  I got them for Alma too, and she mentioned they leaked when you fill them with water.  I poured some polyurethane in and swirled it around, and let it dry.  Problem solved!



The blue stems are from Dansk.



Nautical bowls from Christmas Tree Shop. (CTS)




See our 2 little refrigerators? Very convenient to keep the summer drinks cold, and ingredients for the cook outs.  Saves trips to the kitchen!


Some patriotic beer to match the table!  This Bud is for you!IMG_9868

I know I am a little late getting this posted, but I had to tear myself away from this!



It’s Summer, ok.  No thoughts of leaves or pumpkins or any of that F_ _ L stuff here!

Please link only a NEW table that meets the challenge, Farewell to Summer.  NO FALL!  Please only link if you promise to visit at least 5 other entrants and leave a comment.  No word verification blogs permitted.  Blog name first.  THANKS! 


  1. I would love to go sailing with you Kathleen! That cloth is wonderful, what a bright and fun table to celebrate Labor Day, and there is still time for lots of summer fun! Love the pink stuff, can't wait to see what you do with that! Thanks for a very fun challenge and this special party!

  2. Kathleen, My heart bleeds Red, White, and Blue and boats! Your flip fop nautical salt and pepper shakers are too cute! What a gorgeous beach, I'm surprised you could tear yourself away. Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day :)

  3. Your nautical table is perfect for Labor Day, Kathleen. Thanks for sharing all your talents, tips and bargains with us. Your white whicker looks beautiful on your deck, along with your mini refrigerators. Thanks for hosting your monthly party. Happy Labor Day weekend to you.

  4. Replies
    1. I wish it was Memorial Day, Mary! It has been a beautiful summer!

  5. Kathleen, I like to savor each season for as long as I can too. Thanks for the farewell to summer challenge. Happy Labor Day early!

  6. Cute red, white and blue table...♥ the tablecloth. It sure is summer here, too, but no sandy beaches...95° with 82% just got done sprinkling...more like a steambath than a pleasant summer day!
    Thanks for hosting...have a wonderful week.

  7. For some reason, I was hoping that yours would be a nautical theme. I guess because of where you live, I associate that summer look with you. (It really MUST be hard to tear yourself away from that beach.) I'm so glad you did,do it and enjoyed every little patriotic detail. I love the idea of using the toothbrush holder for the flowers, and I'll remember the tip about waterproofing.

    Beside all that, I'm just glad to be joining your challenge this month. I really do love it and miss the creative outlet when I don't participate. It's so fun to me to visit the blogs and get inspired with the other tables. I can't thank you enough for hosting this and hope to be joining challenges much more regularly.

    Happy Farewell to Summer!!

  8. What a fun tablescape! I love all the nautical/patriotic touches. Thanks for hosting Kathleen and I wish you very Happy Labor Day!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. What a cute table Kathleen. I espcially like how you did the ends of the extra long tablecloth. I love nautical and I almost did mine all nautical. Your accents are all so adorable- those flip flop S & P shakers are the cutest. It was warm like that last week here but we've settled into the low 70's now. It feels like September already. I'm holding off on fall decorating too but the wave is coming! I live in a very touristy town so I know where you're coming from. The next touring will be for fall colors and the hunters. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

  10. Super cute nautical table Kathleen! I love the red, white, and navy fabric and cute sailboat pattern.

    I want you to know that yours is the first blogpost I have done in months, and I am glad it's a summer theme. I almost missed summer completely on my blog! Lots has been going on, but I hope my hand will hold up to blogging. This is the test!

    Thanks for hosting and hope all are doing well in your family!



  11. Oh my, what a fabulous patriotic Summer table Kathleen! What fun elements each ones are, I love them all! The tablecloth is awesome!
    I am back too, so that's why I haven't found your posts before.
    Thanks for this great challenge, you always make the best ones!
    Enjoy the rest of the Summer and lovely weather for a good while there too.

  12. Hey Kathleen,
    Well, I pulled out the fabric and picked the flowers and never got around to setting the table or taking pictures.. good grief what a busy summer with my big vegetable garden and flowers...maybe I can get it finished before this challenge closes..LOL always the optimist here...I love your parties..they are the best in blogland....
    Happy still summer..
    love, Mona

  13. Pretty patriotic table, Kathleen! Great idea on those toothbrush holders and what a deal! Love the plates from Horchow and the soup bowls from Alma are very practical. Thanks for hosting!....Christine

  14. Nice the photos of all of it.
    Thanks for the party.

  15. Red, white, and blue - the colors of summer to me. Your table looks so festive and definitely Summer. The sailboats on the tablecloth and the little flip-flop S&P's and so cute. I just love nautical tables. Thank you for hosting the party tonight. I am so happy to be participating.

  16. I didn't think I was going to make your challenge because I can't bear to think of summer ending. August has been so cool here that it already feels tallish and we are seeing some leaf change already. What's that about?

  17. Adorable tablescape! I love the patriotic and nautical theme for your tablecloth. The stack of red white and blue plates and bowls is the perfect combination. The beach photo tells us you have a wonderful place to play. Have a great week!


  18. Kathleen, the nautical theme always inspires me because of the red, white, and blue. Yours is full of fun! I wish I were one of the year rounders there on your beautiful island. It's hot here too, so no signs of fall on the horizon. September can be just as warm as July and August, but I keep my fingers crossed that Mother Nature will be gentle on us. She smiled on us earlier in the summer with cooler temps than normal and even some nice rain. '-)
    Thanks for hosting! Enjoy the rest of summer on that gorgeous beach……..Sarah

  19. Love your nautical - showing a bit of nautical myself this time. Fun to join in the linky this time. Thank you for hosting!

  20. You have it covered Kathleen! From the table to the beach, this speaks summer to me! I hope the nice weather continues for you. The nautical theme is perfect for your area.

    Somehow my blog name isn't showing up but the title was probably my error.

  21. I would have a hard time tearing myself away from that beach, but your table is the perfect siren to pull me away from the water. Love how you made the tablecloth fit by tying off the ends. Clever! Thanks for hosting. Dianne

  22. Hi Kathleen,

    I've always thought September was a beautiful month. My sister and I were both September babies, and it's always been one of my favorite months. :)

    I really like your nautical theme table. Love the red, white and blue tablecloth, the Horchow plates, and especially the blue speckled soup bowls from Alma. Those would be perfect for seafood chowder! ;) Such a clever idea to use the toothbrush holders to hold fresh flowers. The openings hold the flowers in place perfectly! I also love the blue and white nautical bowls and flatware from CTS. I haven't been to the one in Greensboro for several months; I think it's time for me to pay them a visit.

    Your deck looks like such a nice place to spend time in the summer. I'm just so sorry you have to have that beach right out there in your backyard. What an eyesore. :-D You know I'm just jealous! :-D

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Kathleen, and thanks so much for hosting the party!

    Big Hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  23. Such a fun summer table! Live near the water also and can never get enough nautical design. I wanted to join in, did my post, then too many internet problems. I may go use the library internet tomorrow so I can visit the blogs and enjoy their creative tables, and link mine up. Thanks for the challenge!

  24. Love the patriotic/nautical theme! Those flip-flop S&P shakers are really cute! Great idea to use the toothbrush holder! Your porch looks so inviting!

    Can't wait to see what the shocking pink will be!

    Thanks for hosting!


  25. Thanks for the great party, Kathleen! I love how you tied the ends of your table cloth. The polyurethane tip is a winner. I'll be borrowing that water-proofing. Thanks for sharing that tidbit of info. It's so neat that you used the toothbrush holder for flowers! I enjoyed your red, white, and blue scape so very much. :-)

  26. Lovin' your RW&B table K, the nautical bowls are really neat! Happy Labor Day-enjoy:@)

  27. Hi Kathleen - I've been looking forward to this challenge! Another epic party. Thanks so much for hosting and enjoy your end of summer!!! Hugs, Holly

  28. I am always sad to see summer go! I wish I lived where you do so that it would last another month. We have had rain for all of August - very rare here out in the desert but I am hoping for a beautiful September. Thanks for the fun party. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

  29. Thanks for hosting -your table looks great! I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend -Jennifer

  30. Your lively table definitely rekindled my summer mood. Love the flip flop shakers!

  31. Ha! Good job tearing yourself away from enjoying the beach in summer! Love your sailing away table.

  32. I love this table! It's perfect, considering you've been spending so much time at the beach!! The patriotic/nautical table cloth sets the tone and every element of the table is just perfect!! Those little toothbrush holder/vases are so clever, too! Thanks so much for hosting! We've just returned from a two week vacation and I may not get my post up in time to meet this challenge but I'm enjoying visiting everyone else's last summer hurrah! You know, now that I've retired from teaching, I think September is going to become one of my favorite months! Summer really can go on and on! :)

  33. Hooray for the Red/White & Blue! Such a perfect end to a wonderful summer, Kathleen...thanks for hosting the party.
    I am soooo envious of your big, beautiful yard & space for entertaining. The entire table is lovely...great finds from all your favorite haunts, too. I thought it was brilliant of you to polyurethane the inside of those toothbrush holders. I never would have thought of that.
    The S&P shakers are adorable & I WISH I had those white plates from Horchow...I have a *thing* for reticulated edges, ya' know. Even used one in my post for the party.

    I'm glad I could make it & thanks again for inviting us to join in. Now I'm off to visit as many as I can.

  34. Hard to believe Labor Day weekend is here! With the harsh winter, cold spring and rainy summer I am keeping my fingers crossed for a dry and perfect September. It sure looks beautiful there! Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Kathleen! I bet you will be happy for some peaceful walks on the beach again.

  35. I am sorry I never made it to the party!!! But I had to be sure to come visit. I love your challenges- so thanks for dragging yourself off the beach to do this for all of us!!

  36. Perfect tablescape for Labor Day! Love the nautical look and fun accessories...flip flop S&Ps and the toothbrush holder for the flowers. Sorry I didn't get to join in the tablescape challenge fun,but we were at the beach with the kids and grands. I'm still in Summer mode too, since we still have temps in the 90s.

  37. Your gorgeous tables always coordinate with your beautiful the nautical theme...and great idea to have 2 of those refrigerators out on the patio....Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  38. Your table and your porch looks great, Kathleen! I hope you are enjoying the beach. I wasn't a big beach goer while living there (as an adult) but there have been times I wish I had the option these days. Even just to smell some of that beach air! I'm sure things are a bit quieter there these days. Before they changed the helicopter routes, I used to be glad September was here just because you didn't hear them anymore! Hope all is well! : )

  39. Hi Kathleen, I missed your last party but I'm back and I hope you will be having another soon! I'll be checking back to see what your next exciting theme will be! Linda


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