Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bundts Galore! National Bundt Day Challenge

Good evening, Ladies!  Nov. 15th is National Bundt Day, and tonight I challenge you to show us your Bundt Pans, and a Bundt cake, IN a dessert table setting.
Easy, right?  A Bundt cake, plates, napkins, etc
Alma gave me the pretty cotton cloth, and tipped me off that CTS had the cotton napkins with the stripe for .34!  I got enough to use for the Pilgrims AND the Native Americans!
New members of my Bundt family are…
Nordic Ware Stained Glass Bundt® Cake Pan
The Stained Glass
The Jubilee
And the Mini Heritage…
Nordic Ware Mini Heritage Bundt® Cake Pan
I found many of mine at the WSonoma Outlet, and less than 20.00 with a coupon.  Look around on the internet, there are bargains to be found.  If that fails, ask Santa!  They last forever and can be passed down.  I still have my mom’s original Bundt pan.
Irish Soda Bread made in the Heritage Pan.  That will make the Irish Eyes smile!
For the Stained Glass Pan, I used the recipe on the wrapper, but added apples, cinnamon, etc. Here’s link to WSonomas recipes for Bundt Pans.

I had more pans to show you, but half way through, my post disappeared!  I will have to share them with you another time.
Picture 840
My favorite is the Heritage, and the mini is great too!

  I make my stuffing in a Bundt pan, and serve it on a cake plate.  Just slice and pour on your gravy!
 Let's Dish 1695

Now it is your turn!  To link up you must mention this challenge in the body of your post.  Please only link up if you have time to visit at least 5 entries and leave a comment.  Word recognition is not allowed. 
Blog name first!  Thanks!

So what is your favorite Bundt pan?
Thanks for visiting!  Next month’s challenge is in the sidebar.  It will be my 6th Blogaversary and there will be a Bundt Pan Give away to celebrate.

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Find a Christmas Table on Pinterest or a magazine and copy it. We did it last year and people liked it.
All tables have to be new, no reposts and must stick to the theme. Start thinking!


  1. OMG! many cakes in beautiful pans! I love the colors of Fall you created Kathleen with all your lovely linens. Pretty check plates and loving the Jubilee...but hey, I love them all!!! I just got back from visiting my little grands and I also got myself a couple of new Nordic Ware tins...the C'mas star, I'm showing here with cake and the Babarian style one; to also add to my big family of Bundt pan collection, I just love!
    Thank you so much for hosting yet another great challenge.
    Can't wait to see your other guests and to copy the recipes!

  2. Hi Kathleen, What a great idea to bake your stuffing in your Bundt pan, I love that idea. Your wee heritage ones are so cute too, I'm a sucker for anything in a mini version! Thanks for the fun challenge, I wrapped and froze my cake for Thanksgiving :)

    1. Hi Mary, yes, I froze some too! We are ahead on our Tgiving baking! The stuffing come out gerat, such a nice presentation! Thanks for joining in!

  3. hi Kathleen, your cakes are just gorgeous!! I just have one old tried and true standard bundt pan, but I bet after tonight I will be going shopping! I love your idea of stuffing in a bundt pan, what a great Thanksgiving idea~ I think your heritage and mini heritage pans are my favorite, the cakes are so dramatic! Thanks so much for the challenges, they are always so much fun!

    1. Yes, Jenna, you must add a new Bundt pan! They have so many great ones now!

  4. Wow! You have a great collection of bundt pans! I am still trying to get my post up, and I hope I can finish before the party is over later. Blogger seems to be having some kind of fit, so I don't know if it is going to cooperate. Thanks for the invite -- see you soon. (I hope)

    1. Yes, it must be a full moon or something. I had to redo my whole post after it disappeared. I will need to eat some cake to calm me down! :)

  5. Wow, so beautiful! These are so inspiring!! I agree with Scribbler, I hope I can participate, but if I can't, thank you for giving me some FABULOUS ideas for entertaining this holiday season!

  6. I'm crazy for all your pans. As you might guess, I'm a fool for texture. This was a very fun challenge, K.

  7. I love your collection of bundt pans, Kathleen. Too bad part of your post disappeared! I am partial to the minis and get so much use out of mine. I can freeze the little cakes and give them as gifts. I love the idea of putting the stuffing in the bundt!! I am going to try that out this year. Thanks for the wonderful idea. I enjoyed this challenge so very much. Thank you for hosting and for your inspiration.

  8. You have quite a collection of cake pans, Kathleen! I keep mine in a closet in the laundry room as they take up so much valuable storage space.
    Thanks for hosting each month...I look forward to it.
    Have a great week...stay warm, winter has arrived.

  9. Kathleen, you have a great collection of the bundt pans. Every baker should have some of these! My mom used her bundt pan almost weekly when I was growing up. I rarely make cakes because it's just the two of us. That's why I like the new cakelet pans. I have several, and find them perfect for us.
    Thanks for hosting the challenge. It was fun!

  10. Your bundt cake pans are just as pretty as your bundt cakes. I am in love with your plaid plates too. I love plaid and seeing a plaid in lovely warm fall colors is a wonderful treat in itself. My cake did not come out so well. I am trying to figure out how to salvage it but I have been laughing so hard at how ugly it is that I think it is better to wait until morning to see what I can do to make it a little more attractive. Have a wonderful evening..... Candy

  11. Wow! What a great collection of pans! I think my fav is the Heritage, but I like them all! Thanks for hosting! I almost didn't join (because of baking the cake! LOL!) but it sort of came together! We're not supposed to eat cake, but we sure are enjoying it!


  12. I never would have thought to make stuffing in a bundt pan! Great idea!!! We love the stuffing that comes out of the bird, but always need extra so I am going to try this. Hope I can find my bundt pan!!!!:):)

  13. Kathleen thank you for another fabulous challenge you inspire us all so much coming up with these ideas. I love bundt pans and actually put three in my post but like Ellen at the Squibbler, Blogger only posted half my pics the rest did not come out. what is your secret for getting the whole cake to come out in one piece instead of pieces? I use spray, butter flour spray and NEVER have mine come out as perfect as yours. Can you please share your secret with all of us?Susie

    1. Susie, I just spray them, no special trick. Maybe it is the Nordic pans? They are very slippery. I make sure I get all the spray off when I clean them, that spray can leave a sticky residue. I am so glad you enjoy the challenges!

  14. Wow you have some nice bundt cake pans! I feel bad because I didn't get around to this challenge. I'm recovering from a back issue and haven't had my head screwed on right lately! That idea about using the bundt pan for dressing is excellent!

  15. Lovin' the mini heritage K, that's such a fun shape:@)

  16. Hi Kathleen, I recalled your great idea to bake your stuffing in your Bundt pan. It sure makes a much nicer presentation when you serve something on a tray. My favorite bundt pan is the heritage and I've been thinking of adding the minis. Thanks for the fun challenge!

  17. Well, I am late to the party due after seeing all the beautiful cakes, I almost didn't come at all. I'm feeling like Cinderella without the pretty clothes in a roomful of finely dressed ladies.
    Beautiful beautiful cakes and all the pans are wonderful. Fun challenge. Thanks so much for hosting.

  18. I love your bundts, K! Love bundt cakes way too much myself. Also always seem to have a 'sticking' problem releasing them.

  19. What a bevy of beautiful bundts, Kathleen! I did make a cake but didn't realize it had to be in a "dessert table setting" Oh well. I guess I didn't read the fine print - LOL. I have a new bundt pan on the way and can't wait to use it.

  20. Too much craziness going on in my life and I didn't get a bundt cake baked. I have the Holiday trees and the Fairy Tale Castle. I really want one of the small individual bundt pans!! I'm off to visit all the entries!

  21. Oh my! Just reading your post made me full. I've always admired the Nordic bundt pans...have yet, to buy one. I'm inspired again. Great idea for a challenge and I hate to have to pass on this one. I hope to be back in action for the next one! Cherry Kay

  22. Sorry I missed this party, Kathleen--I had eye surgery and had to take it easy fro a few days. I own way too many Nordic Ware Bundt cake pans but I love each and every one! :) Your creatiuons look amazing, I never tried to make Irish soda bread in a bundt pan--I'll try that soon as we all love that bread year round!

  23. I MUST HAVE that "Jubilee" pan!!! Oh, my goodness...that is beyond beautiful! The design is just so unique, and I can only imagine how many great things one could do to embellish the cake if so inclined. I just LOVE it! I'm also on the hunt for the minis. I would like to do minis for one of the Thanksgiving desserts. We have no WS outlet anywhere around here, so I've been looking at tons of other stores. I think it's too late to get one online in time for Thanksgiving Day baking. Maybe Christmas.

    My Bundt pan doesn't get much of a workout around here anymore, but I love the idea of doing the dressing in it!!! What a great idea! Easy to slice and dole out...perfect portions!

    I can only imagine the number of Bundt pans you own. Probably somewhere right up there with the number of dishes and tablecloths!!! :-)

    Have a beautiful week, Kathleen, and a fantastic, fun, and loving Thanksgiving with your family!

  24. Oh how fun to come over to see how people answered your Bundt pan challenge! You have some beautiful ones, indeed! And I'm so glad to see your tip about cooking the stuffing (we call it dressing) in a Bundt pan! I'm definitely trying that! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kathleen!

  25. I don't participate in blog hops or challenges, but I wanted to let you know that I was here and that your photos are beautiful.

  26. Wow! Beautiful bundts, Kathleen. I never knew they made so many different shapes...Christine


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